Justice for Puppy Thrown in Creek and Left to Die

Target: Mike Baird, Premier of New South Wales

Goal: Find and severely punish man who allegedly threw puppy in creek and left her to die.

A 14-week old French bulldog puppy named Prada was reportedly thrown into a creek and left to die. Thankfully, Prada’s owners arrived home and discovered the incident on their surveillance camera. The footage showed a young man walking around their property before stopping and calling poor Prada. He then picks her up and cruelly flings her into the creek.

The puppy’s owners say that two of their other dogs went missing under suspicious circumstances just months ago. The way the man carelessly picks the innocent dog up and throws her before walking off is alarming. This kind of person, who commits animal cruelty for no reason, is a danger to society and there’s no telling how many other animals he may have harmed.

Prada’s owners say they reported the incident to the RSPCA, but have yet to hear back. Please sign this petition to demand that authorities make it a top priority to find and severely punish the person who did this.


Dear Premier Baird,

A puppy was cruelly tossed in a creek and left to die by an unidentified man. According to the puppy’s owners, their home surveillance caught the horrific act and the puppy was saved.

The cruel man who is seen committing this disgusting, senseless crime is still on the loose. We urge you to find the man who nearly killed the innocent puppy and ensure that he’s brought to justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Alexi Ueltzen

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  1. This mindless lowlife needs needs his tiny brain examined. What was his reason for this stupidity? What did he hope to achieve? Hopefully the powers that be can give him a painful and memorable lesson.

  2. This mindless lowlife needs his tiny brain examined. What was the reason for this stupidity? What did he hope to achieve? Hopefully the powers that be can give him a painful and memorable lesson.

  3. I like to donate a 9mm cartridge for this son of a bitch

  4. This twisted sycophant didn’t ‘hope to achieve’ anything, he just wanted to cause horrific pain and suffering to a defenceless animal.
    He must be caught and made to pay for this appalling cruelty – lock him up and throw away the key.

  5. KatWrangler says:

    Dog-nappings and drownings. Cat slaughters. What the heck is going on there? I know Aussies’ are rugged individuals, but don’t you teach respect for living things?
    I expected better from you.

    Now, find this POS and hit him with every law you can.
    Someone knows who this monster is.

  6. drown this puppy abuser now .

  7. No wonder there is so much shit going on everywhere, if these kind of bored psychos are allowed to parasite on the world without any punishment. A nice death sentence would straight things up and this parasite would certainly not be any loss in this world – just the opposite.

  8. Lajeanne Leveton says:

    In one place in the article it says the puppy died, in another it says he survived, which is it?

  9. Yes, we get it, we get it!

    MEANWHILE this article is about needless abuse to a puppy and two other nameless dogs who went missing…….

  10. Very well said, Ahimsa. We also scream bloody murder when a child is abused or neglected (as we should) but never stop to think about the thousands of baby animals we kill when we clear land for our homes and “human progress.”

  11. Says so much about the ‘macho’ man of Oz.

  12. The low life needs to be arrested then tied up with a heavy rock around him.
    Then thrown into a deep river.Never to be seen again.Seriously,this psycho
    path needs to be put in solitary confinement for the rest of his life.No con-
    tact with the outside,no phone,books,news paper,t.v.,or visitors.Just let him
    sit in a cell day and night.Give him 1 hr of outdoor time.He has to take his
    meals in his cell,give him a bucket for a toilet,a hosing down for a bath.One
    pr of clothes a month.Just give him enough food and water to keep him

  13. Omg- seriously? This is the WRONG place for your vegan platform. Stop stepping on “individual calls” for action against animal cruelty. This has nothing to do with animals ranking in value. GO START A PETITION ON BEHALF OF ALL ANIMALS. We do respect that. But do respect the importance of this one HERE.

  14. Track and kill, these subjects do not deserve to live
    So much sick in the head you have to exterminate

  15. Abuser: Ideal shark food!

  16. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Piece of sh!t bastard❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

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