Dog Duct Taped and Abandoned on Road to Die – Take Action

Target: Devon Anderson, Harris County District Attorney

Goal: Capture person who abandoned duct taped dog by the side of the road.

A dog was found abandoned on the side of a Texas road with duct tape across her eyes and face and puncture wounds across her body. She had to be put to sleep due to the extent of her injuries. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Authorities are calling it a clear case of animal cruelty. A deputy found the female German Shepherd along a road. Duct tape surrounded her face and she was covered in open wounds. The Houston SPCA veterinary team discovered that she also had head trauma and punctured tumors throughout her body. The dog suffered greatly from her injuries and had to be put down.

The Houston SPCA is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who can identify the person responsible for this heinous act of cruelty. Sign below to demand maximum efforts to find and punish the criminal responsible for this abuse.


Dear District Attorney Anderson,

A dog was discovered along the side of a road, her muzzle duct taped shut. The person responsible is still at large. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.

Sgt. Christine Kendrick of the Houston SPCA stated that duct tape “really causes an extensive amount of damage to the skin and the tissue of the dog.” It also prevented the female German Shepherd from breathing properly in the hot weather. Several open wounds and multiple punctured tumors only added to the dog’s suffering. She was humanely put to sleep due to the severity of her injuries.

The Houston SPCA is searching for the person responsible for this abuse. Take a stand against animal cruelty and seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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Photo Credit: Houston SPCA

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  1. Punish to the fullest extent of the law….nothing less will do…..a lesson must be learned…….Animal abuse MUST END..and the only that will happen is serious punishment.


  3. No offense, but full extent of the law JUST ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH!!! Our laws suck the big one and suck it good!!! Such vile and fiendish pieces of fucking shit should be made to suffer MUCH MORE than the poor INNOCENT DOG (or whatever animal got hurt/died) did, because THEY ARE GUILTY!!! I would love to personally draw and quarter ALL OF THE INBRED TRASH WHO COMMIT SUCH DISGUSTING ACTS AGAINST INNOCENT ANIMALS!!!!

  4. An eye for an eye…such suffering inflicted…why? soulless, heartless,, inhumane. shall the law exact the same injuries upon the scum who did this? might that stop you? Prosecute to the full extent of the law and make animal torture punishbly by death…recognise it for what it is.

  5. Carol Brandt says:

    Such a beautiful animal… I only pray that someone was hugging and stroking her as she was put to sleep. And I pray that justice beyond our meager laws is done. Lord, please let this person be found.

  6. So many hateful, cruel excuses for humans in this world. I will never understand how some people can be so cruel to innocent animals who can’t defend themselves. All I can think is that they are cowardly brutes who would be terrified to pick on someone their own size.

  7. Horrifying.

  8. These stories make my heart so heavy and it shames me that the person who is capable of doing this to a defenseless animal that trusted him and loved him and cared for is a fellow “human.” I can’t begin to imagine what this gentle soul endured and how long she suffered before being found. I wonder how the abuser could look into his devoted companion’s eyes as he did these horrible things to her. I’ve volunteered in rescue, fostering and rehabilitation for many years, and every time I think I’ve seen it all I discover I haven’t. Some terrible Hannibal Lecter person finds a way to justify what they did. The worst part is court systems just give wrist slaps for this unacceptable behavior. Maybe DA Anderson Can make a difference this time and give this dog’s life mean something.

  9. Rot in hell forever

  10. Brent Bellingham says:

    That horrifying picture of the helpless soul will haunt me for some time. The only treatment for the cocksucker who did this is force the POS to put a revolver in his or her mouth and pull the trigger. Karma is in the works for this slime.

  11. Dolores Proubasta says:

    We see horrible pictures those of us who sign petititions seeking justice for the voiceless … but the picture of this noblest of creatures abused and dessacrated is tragedy incarnate. It pierces my heart.

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