Pedals the Bear Killed by Hunters – Take Action

Target: Bob Martin, New Jersey Commissioner of Environmental Protection

Goal: Protect black bears from hunting in the wake of internet star Pedals’ tragic death.

A famous New Jersey black bear, nicknamed Pedals for his tendency to walk upright on his hind legs, may have been shot and killed by hunters. Pedals had developed a devoted following amongst New Jersey locals who noticed him roaming through their neighborhoods, resembling a man in a bear costume. In fact, activists had previously campaigned to get Pedals relocated to a wildlife preserve – a movement which garnered over 300,000 signatures and $22,000 in donations. Still, it was unsuccessful.

Concerned parties believe that Pedals was one of nearly 500 bears killed by hunters during New Jersey’s recent five-day black bear hunting season. The hunt was already controversial, as this season marked the first time hunters could legally use a bow and arrow in New Jersey since the 1960s.

The Department of Environmental Protection has stated that it is impossible to identify a bear that has not been tagged, or had a DNA sample taken in the past. They are unsure that Pedals was one of the victims of hunting season – nevertheless, the bipedal bear’s online following has already begun to mourn. One bereft fan tweeted that “Pedals the bear being gunned down by mercenaries is the icing on the cake that is 2016,” and Gothamist went so far as to say that Pedals had been “assassinated.” While the death of this one unique bear is certainly tragic to some, there is one aspect of the online outcry which exposes a broader problem: fans have accused the New Jersey authorities of failing to protect the bears.

Black bears in New Jersey have been expanding in both population and range since the 1980s, with confirmed bear sightings now in all 21 of the Garden State’s counties. Given that New Jersey is also the state most densely populated with people, it becomes especially important to adopt smart bear practices, for the safety and well-being of both species. To avoid more sad stories, the Department of Environmental Protection must adopt more stringent protection measures, and encourage bear safety practices amongst all New Jersey residents.


Dear Commissioner Martin,

As I’m sure you have heard, Pedals the bear was believed to have been shot and killed by hunters during New Jersey’s recent black bear hunting season. This comes as a tragic shock to many, who had grown fond of the bear for his unusual upright walking habit. Some of Pedals’ fans are expressing great outrage that bows and arrows were unleashed on bears who have never harmed anyone, and that state authorities are not doing enough to protect the bears.

Black bear populations and range have been expanding in New Jersey in the past several decades, and in such a densely populated state, it becomes especially important for authorities to enforce conservation measures and bear safety practices.

Recreational bear hunting should not be permitted – it leads only to sorrow, as with the likely death of Pedals. Hunting should be used only in dire circumstances, for population control or if a bear becomes aggressive. Instead, you should promote bear protection, and educate the public on safe bear practices, such as securing garbage cans.

Please do your part to ensure that bear and human residents in the Garden State are able to coexist peacefully.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Lisa Ragoobir

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  1. Daniela Bress says:

    Wow, what a brave guy that was – he murdered a disabled bear with a weapon.

    I really wonder what those sociopaths will next call “sport” – shooting people depending on a wheelchair?

    When will this stupid human society learn that it is breeding its’ own worthless trash by its’ life-despising way of existence, its’ laws and ordinances, its’ selfish exploitation of animals, … ?

  2. The individual/s that murdered – not killed – but MURDERED this bear cannot in anyway be labeled as a Hunter. Whether you are pro or con on the issue of hunting, the name (in it’s truest form) implies a trained and properly equipped person who is respectful of the process and of the creature of his/her focus. The goal is to mercifully end the suffering of an animal, or to sustainably cull for the purpose of procuring meat.

    I fear that the time has come for well-intentioned people to stop posting photos or videos (that many have shared for the sheer joy of letting others witness) of animals that are rare, unique or demonstrate a behavior that manifests their sentience, as these videos are creating a targeting of the vulnerable and an ‘Open Season” mentality for those who manifest a sociopathic desire to destroy and acquire questionable ‘trophies’ and deplorable ‘bragging rights’.

    What are the processes and actions that need to be taken to prevent this tragedy from happening again ? Publicly identifying and shaming of the killer? (Or would that merely feed their need for notoriety?)
    Here, where I live in the California Sierras, we are quite familiar with bear/human inter-contact, and with very, very rare exception, it is the human/s who create the problem. We lost Sunny, a very loved fixture well-known at Lake Tahoe, who was murdered and her body left on one of our beaches.(Pretty sure we know who did it too. Hmmmm.)

    Pedals was a bear – a black bear. And yes, there are no shortages of black bears in this country, but that is not a point of consideration here. Pedals was a known individual in the community who had overcome physical impediment to find his own way to survive in an increasingly difficult environment. His job was to find food. Period. He was not a threat, and likely would not have become a threat had he been left alone. An IGNORANT AND CRUEL BASTARD murdered that bear. Short and simple.

  3. Gene Sengstake says:

    I’d like to take “real” action against these God-Damned bastards !!! Really – what else can you call them???

  4. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Makes me sick to my stomach❗️?
    Signed & Shared.?

  5. Kill the fucks who murdered innocent and defenceless Pedals.
    RIP Pedals. The monsters will find out what it is like to die in agony. Payback for their evil and sadistic sadism.
    These vile and sadistic hunters enjoy murdering the Wildlife as well as all innocent animals. Psychopathic monsters from hell.

    • We as a society are all responsible. Scum like the sadistic animal killer who murdered pedals will face no punishment because “it’s not my family” “let’s bury heads in the sand” “I’m only 1 person I can’t do anything” and last but. Not least- I’m so busy and don’t know how to help” so no laws enacting rights for animals and no punishments are enacted. We as a society need to lobby for humane treatment of all animals including industrial farming of pigs which sing to their babies–no joke, they hum to their babies, they are equal intelligence to at least a 5 yr old human child-( think of that next slab of some piglets flesh obtained by tearing, hacking with machetes for “fun” to separate the days old piglets off the teats of their horrified mother while she squeals–no Screams with shrieks of desperation unable to stop the heinous barbarity upon her babies as she is splattered with their blood screaming their last breaths being butchered alive” yeah this is no exaggeration just google FEARMAN SLAUGHTER HOUSE CANADA–you can see it for yourself. After many undercover videos were recorded by animal rights activists and released to public, the laws did change, The industrial meat farmers were protected by new law AGAINST RECORDING THE HORRIFIC ATROCITIES PERPETRATED BY THE “DELIVERANCE LIKE MONSTROUS BIRTH DEFECTS WORKING AT THESE KILLING FIELDS & FARMS” we let evil win because we are scared and complacent. Get involved with PETA AND LOCAL HUMANE SOCIETIES AND ASK IF THEY HAVE ANY ACTIONS TO SUPPORT PETITION’s to OUR REPRESENTATIVES to PROPOSE LEGISLATION FOR BETTER PROTECTION AND PROSECUTION LAWS REGARDING ANIMAL RIGHTS AND ABUSE. You may be thinking someone else will do stuff-right? WRONG–YOU ARE NEEDED-EACH PERSON WITH COMPASSION IS NEEDED-look how ” letting someone else do it” has not worked and we end up here. Even if you set aside 1hour a week to get online and join CHANGE.ORG, PETA, HUMANE
      SOCIETY ETC, IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. So will doing nothing it will get more depraved and the torture and bloody barbarism will be even more rampant, now you know…

  6. How anyone can kill another life is beyond me.It simply murder..

  7. Who ever gunned down this sweet, gentle Bear must also need to be punished while giving the same treatment in return. Nothing less or nothing more. This gentle Bear had given so much happiness and fascination to the neighbors and on lookers. What is this scumbags gave to the society is the unhappiness and grief with anger. This Poacher must be poached.

    • Here’s an idea—real sport would. be letting death row prisoners be hunted in “canned hunts” at least they would be outside in sun and nature before the “skilled hunter” with his guide and chauffeur while tracking prisoner prey by gps installed in prey’s microchip till the guide and scummy loser of a wanna be hunter stealthily sneaks up on his prey in the Chauffeur driven jeep after roughing it safari style –well at least after leaving their air conditioned tent / RV they “rough it” and finally with the skill of a blind, spastic, imbecile shoots the prisoner–hell they can televise on pay per view and satisfy human blood lust and take in a fortune! Next reality show maybe just after keeping up with the cartoon characteristic Beverly hill Billy’s?
      Sounds like a win win to me!! How bout it Mr. Seacrest???
      And to Manel –I Love & thank You???????????????????✌?

  8. I did NOT SIGN this petition — Let’s begin to consider the lives of our bears — think of our delicate eco-system — there are many ways to manage the bear population — slaughtering them is NOT the answer — your killings are doing WAY MORE cruel and unconscionable damage — BAN BEAR HUNTING — for those who call themselves HUNTERS, you can keep your guns & rifles BUT find another target for your practice — LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE and LET THEM LIVE!

    • ABSOLUTELY!!!! You are spot on!
      Thank You, luv you, keep talking sense it’s music to the ears of my heart and soul and a voice for the voiceless, if there is a God, may he. Less you & all you love????????????????AMEN????????

  9. Nature treats back now ? Monsters
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Take responsibility for your Being on Earth ?
    Live your hell ? now
    Higher Justice works now ?
    Pedals will follow you
    Every minute of your senseless life
    Hear his crying. .ffeel his touch
    Until end of you. .Garbage

  10. Adrian Ridgway says:

    I’m sure a reward for information would encourage someone at the weigh station to identify the SOB. Then we’ll see how funny he finds the murder of Pedals then!

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