Justice for Beloved Horse Killed With Arrow

Target: Police Chief Andrew Marceau

Goal: Find and bring to justice the person who shot a horse in the ribcage.

Bunny, a 23-year-old mare, was found in her backyard pasture after slowly bleeding to death from a bow shot to the ribcage. The horse was well known in the equestrian community for helping to teach people how to ride horses. The police believe that Bunny was intentionally shot. This kind of cruelty against any animal is wrong and it deserves swift and harsh punishment.

Bunny was unlikely to be shot accidentally, because her size and color would have made it very hard to mistake her for a deer. She was also penned in an area that would be improbable for hunters to be seeking their prey.  Bow hunters are also not allowed to be out hunting during the evening hours, which is when the incident is thought to have occurred. The police are convinced that this act was done deliberately.

The owner, who had the horse for over fifteen years, is heartbroken over the loss of the animal. This loss is made infinitely worse by the horrible manner in which the horse was killed.

This beloved Quarter horse should not have been cruelly killed and deserves justice. It is very unfortunate that the barbaric treatment of animals so often goes unpunished. The person responsible should be charged with aggravated animal cruelty. Sign this petition to urge the police in Barre, Vermont to step up their investigation and quickly find the culprit of this heinous crime.


Dear Chief Marceau,

Bunny, a 23-year-old mare, was deliberately shot with an arrow in the ribcage while in her backyard pasture on Tuesday night. This wound resulted in the horse slowly bleeding to death. The horse could not have been mistaken for a deer because of its size, color and the location of its enclosure. The incident is also thought to have occurred at a time in which bow hunting is not permitted.

This horse had helped many people in the community learn how to ride horses. It was an ideal animal for this kind of work because it had such a sweet disposition. The owner is now heartbroken to have lost his beloved animal in such a horrible way.

There is no excuse for this horrible act of animal abuse. Please increase your efforts to find the culprit for this crime and bring them to justice swiftly.


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Photo credit: johnrp

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  1. I can’t imagine the horror both the horse endured, and the continuing horror that remains for its owner.

    We all need to speak up against this.

  2. Horses are gentle, loving animals…..WHY would someone shoot one, especially a well known one in the community who did good things???

  3. what a sick coward, a helpless animal, it just makes me wonder about the human race, lets hope who ever gets caught and is made to pay dearly, that poor poor horse, a beautiful animal.

  4. OMG……….WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH PEOPLE TODAY??….I can not image the grief and pain that the owners are dealing with right now. I send my condolences and sympathy to you and I hope and pray that the monster who did this is caught and severely punished. Someone knows who did this because the monster bragged to someone because that is what kind of creep they are they have to brag. This is so sick. Bunny suffered so much and this was so horrific that I hope the whole community unites and make sure this monster is caught. Once the monster is caught I would get a top notch attorney to make sure that they are put under the jail to rot so they can never do this to someone else’s beloved pet again.


  5. This POS animal murderer must be exterminted.Oh YES! When leasdt expercted!

  6. That inhumane person should be shit with an arrow & suffer the same way…hopefully karma will take care of him!!

  7. immediate death to this horses killer now by me . find it now to kill .

  8. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    RIP Bunny… you died alone when and no-one was there to protect you, little girl. Your beloved owner and family in the community are all crying for your suffering. May God bless them and comfort them through this horror.
    Please pull out all stops to find this callous lame-brained murderer and make them serve jail time coupled with massive fines (even if it means selling the house and car). Then they must be placed on the Animal Abuse Registry to never owning or associating with any animals ever. Ban the weapons of every description as well. Nothing less for this Heinous crime, please.

  9. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    this is not medieval era where u shoot anybody else! this is 21st century and u dont need arrows! u need peace not violence!

  10. That is why banning of arms is essential. You dont see other people shooting around in other countries with guns.Peace is most needed in a world full of problems.

  11. Special candle for you ? my friend
    Nature treats back now ?
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now ?
    Higher Justice works now ?

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