Stop Selling Cruelly-Sourced Fur and Angora

Target: Jason Goldberg, CEO of Fab

Goal: Stop online retailer, Fab, from selling products that contain fur and angora wool.

Online retailer Fab sells products that use fur and angora wool, which comes from the bodies of tortured animals. Despite knowing the horrors these animals face, Fab continues to sell products using fur and angora wool.

Animals in fur farms are typically held in small, dirty cages, where they have limited access to food and water. After a short, miserable life, these animals are killed in whatever way is cheapest. Fur farms typically kill their animals by anal electrocution, poisoning, strangulation, or by breaking their neck.

Angora rabbits have their fur ripped out every three months, all while still conscious. They also typically live in small, dirty cages with limited access to food and water. After a few years of torture, these rabbits are killed and tossed away.

Sign this petition and demand Fab stop selling products that contain fur and angora wool. It is cruel to continue torturing these animals for clothing.


Dear Mr. Goldberg,

Despite knowing the horrors that happen at fur farms, your company continues to sell products that contain fur and angora wool.  Animals in fur farms and angora wool farms typically live in small, dirty cages. It is common for food and water to be limited and these animals are often severely neglected.

Angora rabbits have their hair ripped from their bodies every three months, all while still conscious. After a few years of pain and neglect, these rabbits are crudely killed. Animals on fur farms are killed in the cheapest ways possible. Common ways are anal electrocution, strangulation, neck-breaking, poisoning and suffocation.

Please consider ending your sale of products that contain fur and angora wool. Animals should not be tortured and killed for clothing.


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Photo credit: Flavio Brandani

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  1. This is so barbaric,when will human beings realise fur only looks good on beautifull animals not on souless vile humans what kinds of brain do these people have that buy fur products,the images of these beautifull animals having there fur ripped out should be in wvery ewspaper & billboard so everyone can see also people need to look on ebay to find chinese sellers that are advertising real fur products & send them emails telling them what you think,also people need to write or email the advertising authority on ebay expressing their disgust that these products are for sale from china,it should be made illegal

  2. Angie GIDLEY says:

    This is sick

  3. michelle colhoun says:

    This is Horrendous!Please Stop this cruelty.

  4. i say make some fur out these people now who sell and skin these great animals now.

  5. Angela Rabon says:

    I had this “discussion” with Lululemon today on Facebook. They kept giving a canned response of how they used responsibly sourced fur and down. I informed that there is no such thing as responsibly sourced fur and down. Animals will either die, or lose their fur or feathers while they are alive. Either way is cruel. If they die it is cruel, even if it is a byproduct of the food industry, that is the most cruel industry. If an animal loses their fur or feathers, of course that is cruel and many will die from that alone! I cannot believe a major corporation would spread such a lie!

  6. FAB is another die hard company that continues to promote this abuse. They will learn…the public is good at facebook, twitter, you name it! Their sales WILL BOTTOM OUT! BOYCOTT FAB!


  8. Everybody boycott this disgraceful company. They know the facts yet choose money making over compassion. There are many companies who have boycotted these abuses in the name of fashion, patronise them and hope that FAB gets what it deserves-failure.

  9. It is pathetic how one can operate at this time with brutal method of animal farms and there are far too many superficial asshole giving the fur bear.

    Cursed killer pack. You should hang up

  10. Jason – I urge you to sign on to youtube and take a look at how fur animals are processed. Many are skinned alive. With the availability of faux fur, which looks and feels like real fur, why would you not use your position and power to put an end to this barbaric practice? The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth and they have just as much a right as you and I do to live their lives on this planet, free from torture and murder at the hands of humans. They were here long before we were and their purpose is not to be skinned alive for the sake of fashion. I sincerely believe in Karma and I really don’t understand how you sleep at night dude. No one needs a Mink coat except a Mink…

  11. Maria Mahyorova says:

    I don’t buy fur (except fake) and wool anyway, but I avoid and boycott places where those items are sold – be it online sites or offline shops.
    To the author – thanks for telling about this one. I’ll add to my boycott list.

  12. People who do this hope they fucking die.

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