Justice for Dog Found With Leg Cut Off

Target: Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Goal: Increase animal cruelty punishments in order to ensure justice for animals who suffer extreme suffering.

A dog was found with its leg cut off, a deep gash in its shoulder, and one eye popping out of its head, likely due to an extremely hard blow to the head. The dog was one of many stray dogs that roam the streets of many major cities in India. Witnesses at the scene claimed that they saw someone attacking the severely mutilated dog with a machete-like weapon. The dog was left for dead in a fish market, but was fortunately found and rushed to a veterinary clinic.

Veterinarians were able to stitch up the bulging eye and treat the open wounds on the dog’s body. Unfortunately, not much else could be done due to the dog’s weak state. The dog is recovering at the Thane Society for Protection of Cruelty to Animals, but will likely require further treatment and possible surgery, which will be postponed until her fragile condition is improved. It remains unknown whether the dog will survive.

India’s lax animal cruelty laws have resulted in the rampant abuse, mutilation, and killing of animals all over the country. An animal welfare officer with Animal Welfare Board of India has seen 40 such cases in only one week. Recent notable cases from across India include dogs being thrown from roofs, burned alive, and beaten with metal rods.

In order to end this horrendous cruelty, the perpetrators of these crimes must be given punishments proportionate to their actions. Until India’s animal protection laws are toughened, these offenders will continue to get off with small fines. Sign the petition below to demand that animal cruelty punishments are increased so that officials can finally start treating crimes against animals seriously.


Dear Mr. Modi,

A stray dog was recently found mutilated and near death on the streets of Mumbai. The dog had part of its leg cut off, a huge gash in its shoulder, and a bulging eye, likely due to a blow of extreme force to its head. Unfortunately, incidents like these have become commonplace in India because of lax animal protection laws.

Until India starts taking these crimes seriously, animals will continue to suffer this type of extreme cruelty. We, the undersigned, demand that animal cruelty laws are stiffened in order to ensure that those who abuse animals are properly punished.


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Photo credit: Pebble101

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  1. Lynette bates says:

    I will never ever spend my money on anything that says made in india , travel to yr hell hole of a barbaric slum of country and i will shout it from the roof tops what yr country does to dogs and elepants and cows yr supposidly sacred animal

  2. Mr. Ghandi appears to have been the only light in India’s pit! India’s government should bury their faces in shame. No respect for females, much lesser respect for animals.
    Why do all male-dominated countries that cling fiercely onto dated traditional views reflect the same social issues of cruelty and injustice? Western politicians are to weak to take a stand against fearing their “positive” image, and so-with say yes to all abuse
    Hope that cruel SOB will experience same!

  3. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    OMG❗️? This is sooo horrible❗️?
    I want the prick(s) to rot in hell for doing this to these poor dogs❗️?
    Signed & Shared?

  4. The person who did this should be punished immediately. India first needs to change the animal abuse laws and make it very strict and effective. Only then will people think twice before abusing animals. I must say that there are millions of stray animals in India and very few shelters to accommodate them. Most animals are not treated so cruelly

  5. HOW these dogs MUST suffer — FIND these monster-idiots and throw them in prison — crimes against animals MUST be taken seriously — Why are we allowing these imbeciles to get away with their abuse to animals!! — we MUST hold these individuals accountable — mete out severe punishments OR whatever it takes to ensure they do NOT repeat their demented abuses — LENGTHY prison terms — along with slapping them with hefty fines — we want NO repeats of abuse to and killings of animals, EVER !

  6. India must tighten up on the law for the protection of these animals and while your at it please consider having a spay and neuter day in your country.
    Something must be done….it’s a problem for humanity AND the animals….not healthy!! Maybe compensation to the Vets who are willing to devoting a day per month to spaying and neutering …..food for thought!!!!

  7. this sick degenerate country is just one of many over there that thrive on cruelty to animals someone should go in there and all the other sick asian dog and cat eating countries and drop a bomb on them we have so many of these sickos living in Canada now thanks to our stupid PM Trudeau that we can hardly breath because of them god help the poor animals that have to live in these horrible countries may they all burn in hell

  8. Carol Brandt says:

    What the heck is wrong with Asia? It is truly a mass of ____ – holes. Everywhere on Earth where humans are is a bane to animals, but Asia seems to lead the pack.

  9. I don’t believe that a Hindu did this. What religion hates dogs and considers them unclean?

  10. What barbarians would do such an horrendous act? These cruel humans should be sentenced to life in prison with no parole. This act of disgusting behaviour needs to stop with new laws protecting animals from abuse. Listen up Indian government, set an example for the world to notice you care about the most vulnerable.

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