Stop Cruel Plan to Kill Wild Horses

Target: Neil Kornze, Director of the Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Demand that excess wild horses are not euthanized.

Wild horse populations in the U.S. have been growing for years, and in a new attempt to control the population increase, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has recommended that authorities euthanize “excess” horses. This is a cruel and unacceptable solution to dealing with this problem. If Congress passes this recommendation, many of these wild horses will be destroyed in 2017.

Currently, BLM facilities are underfunded and overrun with over 45,000 surplus wild horses. They have tried to alleviate this crisis by enabling them to be adopted free of charge to those willing to take the animals, but not many people have taken advantage of this offer. This new recommendation calls for euthanasia to be used as a way of dealing with the unwanted horses.

Wild horses are not a native species to the Americas. When there are too many, they can overgraze and make life difficult for native species. Allowing for the overpopulation of the species or for the horses to overtake the land is dangerous. But is killing the horses really the best solution that BLM can develop?

They were introduced by humans and they are a problem that we should address humanely. Attempts could be made to further promote the crisis and the adoption program that is already in place. BLM could also take measures to prevent current horses from reproducing.

For a long time, these horses have been the symbol of the wild, untamable American spirit. These animals deserve more than to be callously disposed of. Sign this petition to tell BLM to retract its current recommendation and help save these animals from being killed.


Dear Director Kornze,

The Bureau of Land Management’s recent recommendation to use euthanasia as a means to control the overflow of wild horses is a poor solution that condemns many horses to death. There are other ways to control this overpopulation crisis, such as increasing grazing land for the horses or controlling the number of horses that reproduce. Killing should not be the answer to this complex problem.

Wild horses do pose a threat to native species and to the environment, but they are a man-made problem that we have the responsibility to fix in a humane manner. Please withdraw this recommendation and find a less cruel way to solve this problem.


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Photo Credit: JB Stran

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  1. Euthanasia IS better than some of the practices that were used before… like shooting them or hauling them to slaughter.
    So I have mixed feelings about signing this petition.
    I do think that today there is the ability to decrease the numbers thru birth control.

  2. michelle lewis says:

    i adopted a wild mustage last year. apacheejust turned one year old he is a great gentle horse. hes still young but we are learning together.when we first got him oct 2015 he had so must fear in his eyes,and would not let us near him. he now such a peoples horse.i love apachee so much that no matter what i wont give him up for NO ONE! i wish i could get more they are such a joy to have.

    • Angela Rabon says:

      Thank you Michelle!! Thanks for what you are doing. I wish I could afford to do the same. I love horses, and all animals. They are beautiful.

  3. let the great wild horses live and thrive now.

  4. Wild horse populations are the lowest ever. There is no over population and the National Academy of Science said so. The Feds are always misleading the public so they may continue to steal wild horse land after removing them. Their lands are being over run with Fracking platforms and flexible pipes. Waste pools that stink. Gold mines that create huge pits and more large sediment ponds that smell horrible. Our water is being used and polluted by all of these wild horse competitors as well as the ranchers who are very successful at getting good wild horses removed from their homes and places in constant jeapardy in mans’ unpredicable world. If we can learn anything from the terrible loss of life at a sanctuary recently, it is that the wild horses must be in the wild just as NAS requested BLM to manage on the range. The fact that a judge just decided for the wild horses of the checkerboard HMAs also tells us that our public lands are not to be used and abused as private lands.

    • Rosslyn Osborne says:

      Marilyn, I have heard this also, and much comes from the ‘cattlemen’ over stocking and then pushing their stock into public lands, everywhere. National Parks,Sanctuaries, Reserves and then cry for help because the wildlife attack the stock?
      And these people always win, native animals are trapped, shot, murdered with poisons… all for these cattle people. It must be stopped.
      If you or I put our animals on parklands in our towns we would be sued and summoned, jailed and the like… so what’s the difference?
      Easy! Money, money, money, talks.

  5. I have a very strong view on the BLM adoption law and what a terrible thing when the laws are not upheld. People, under the guise of Wild Horse Sanctuary, have 65 horses and 5 burros, that are kept in what amounts to jail cells for horses. They have formed a nonprofit organization, they profit from selling feed donated, etc.
    These horses haven’t had their hooves trimmed in years and their health care such as teeth floated and shots have not been done in years. This is where “The Powers that Be”, really dropped the ball.

  6. If the mustangs and burros were managed CORRECTLY years ago they would be managable today says:

    Why in the world, was there not a catch, castrate, and release management done?

    No viable stallions equal, no breeding, and no foals=no population increase.

    Just collar the ones you’ve done, so you don’t waste time on those again. Adopt out all the foals. If the male foals aren’t adopted out, tag them with a color, so they can easily be found next year, and caught, castrated and released.

    They do NOT have to do invasive birth control on the mares!

    DUH, just catch, and separate them from the stallions.

    Ok, how many adult, breeding stallions are there? That’s easy! They are the ones with harems of mares. Dart the stallion, castrate, COLLAR, and release him. See a new stallion with that herd, with no collar? Then do the same to him.

    The whole point is, wild horses don’t make money, or very little.

    Land can make steady money, if it’s leased out.

    They want ALL the wild horses, and burros gone, so they don’t have to do their jobs and manage them. If they’re gone, there’s nothing to manage, except lease accounts.

    They’ll just sit on their butts, and collect money, by leasing out “protected” land.

    Land that general citizens, can no longer use, for sightseeing, recreation, or to live on.

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