Fire Cops Accused of Sodomizing Man With Screwdriver

Target: Eddie T. Johnson, Chicago Superintendent of Police

Goal: Remove police officers accused of sodomized a man with a screwdriver.

Two Chicago police officers were found liable of forcing a screwdriver into a man’s rectum under the pretense of searching him, causing internal injuries. However, these officers faced virtually no consequences for their actions, and are still serving on the force with just as much power and responsibility, earning salaries that approach six figures.

What these officers are accused of doing was a brutal abuse of their power. It would also be illegal — a sexual assault. The officers claimed that they witnessed their victim, a young black man who worked as a hotel security guard, in a drug deal. They proceeded to handcuff him, drive him to an alley, and strip-search him. When his pants were down, Officer Scott Korhonen reportedly sodomized him with a screwdriver, while his partner, Officer Gerald Lodwich, stood by.

Coprez Coffie, the victim of this horrible crime, has fought long and hard for justice. While he and his attorneys struggled to bring the case to trial, the Chicago Police Department stonewalled and did not so much as discipline the officers. When the trial finally happened, the officers were found liable, as the screwdriver was reportedly found in their glove compartment along with traces of human fecal matter.

These police officers have apparently broken multiple laws and sexually brutalized a citizen. Sign below to demand their immediate removal from the force.


Dear Superintendent Johnson,

Police swear an oath to protect and to serve, and it is unacceptable for any officer to disregard that oath and not face any consequences. Officers Scott Korhonen and Gerald Lodwich were found liable of inappropriate, illegal, and brutal conduct toward a citizen. They have not been held accountable for their alleged crimes, but they must be. I urge you to fire these men immediately.

Officer Korhonen is accused of jamming a screwdriver into Coprez Coffie’s rectum in an alley, causing internal injuries. He and his partner denied these actions even though there was apparently evidence of the screwdriver and human fecal matter in the glove compartment of their car and documentation of Coffie’s injuries. This cost the city of Chicago millions of dollars for the settlement, and should have resulted in a criminal prosecution against the officers and a loss of their jobs. These do not appear to be men who can be trusted to keep their community safe, and they must be removed from the force.


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  1. I am appalled by the gross malfeasance and betrayal of their duties and responsibilities. These are the actions of criminals, perverts and thugs. They should be prosecuted criminally as such and so should those who potected them. It requires an external investigation and “housecleaning” to rid this police dept of its criminal elements. What is this–A third world nation where one could possibly expect such brutality?

  2. This has to be the absolute sickest story I’ve heard! This is okay? No wonder people are scared to death of them, I would not call police if I were sick and dying, they can’t be trusted.

  3. Some british police are bad enough but not as bad as usa, it seems from the press stories you have some of the worse police in the world, it seems they are given freedom to do what they want ,they can randomly kill people mainly black, seems these degenerates must get kicks doing these acts but there is no come back

  4. Really this is an issue regarding these abusive police how are they still employed they shame any police force. How do things such as these happen are these officers of the law morons or trained moral humans with integrity. They do not belong on any force anywhere

  5. Stick the screwdriver up their filthy arses and see how they like it. These vile and sadistic cops must be sacked immediately. Because the helpless Guy was an African American these fucking cops think they can do what ever they want and not face any charges whatsoever. Jail the fucks and make sure they suffer.

  6. This kind of gross misuse of power needs to be stopped and the officers removed from duty. This is a crime and they need to be held accountable. The Chicago police force should be ashamed of protecting and defending these officers. Their actions do not show they can be trusted to serve and PROTECT the public. What is wrong with these men?!

  7. My father was a dedicated, fair police officer for years. He has since passed but if he read this he would be appalled as well as I am. I am sure there are still some good policemen, at least I hope so. It is just harder every day that you hear all that is going on, to believe it. Very, very sad. They are suppose to protect us.

  8. If the person tortured & murdered Children or Animals then he deserved it!!! if not then these officers should be shot!!!!!!!!

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