Ban Cruel “Turkey Drop” Event

Target: Shawn Lane, Mayor of Yellville, Arkansas

Goal: Ban the cruel “Turkey Drop” event at the annual Turkey Trot festival.

Every year, Yellville, Arkansas hosts the Turkey Trot festival. During this festival, turkeys are taken into a plane and dropped into an open field where people can charge at them as they land. This cruel event needs to be stopped.

Turkeys are only able to fly short distances and never fly above 100 feet. However, during the “turkey drop,” turkeys are taken much higher than 100 feet and carelessly tossed out the side of a plane. As they are plummeting to the ground, festival-goers race to the field to grab the turkeys to take pictures with them. The event causes terrible mental stress and can easily lead to serious physical injuries and even death.

Sign this petition and demand the “turkey drop” is put to an end. This is not entertainment, but a barbaric event.


Dear Mayor Lane,

Every year at the Turkey Trot festival, the “turkey drop” takes place. During this event, turkeys are dropped from a plane into an open field for festival-goers to chase after the terrified animals. This event is barbaric and cruel.

In the wild, turkeys only fly short distances and never fly higher than 100 feet but for this event, they are taken much higher than 100 feet and are thoughtlessly tossed out. As if this forced plummet is not already terrifying enough, when the animals land, festival-goers chase the turkeys for photos.

Please consider putting an end to this event. The “turkey drop” causes unimaginable mental stress to these animals and can cause serious physical injury, or even death. Turkeys are living, breathing, feeling beings, not objects, and should be treated as such.


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Photo credit: elljay

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  1. Why is it they can't fly aid to people but can stupidly stuff turkeys on a plane and cruelly kick the out IDIOTS! says:

    Why is it they can’t fly aid to people without being paid, but can stupidly stuff turkeys on a plane and cruelly kick them out for free. IDIOTS! Absolute cruelty and idiocy. Why is idiocy normal and accepted these days? Everyone who participates is an ignorant idiot.

  2. you people need to be dropped to the pits of hell now for abusing and killing these turkeys now.

  3. At first I thought this was a satire a la “WKRP in Cincinnati” but it’s true: and it’s still going on…:

  4. Aren’t there some stupid examples of subhumanity in Arkansas? If it’s such fun go up and do it yourselves-don’t waste fuel on turkeys! Otherwise spend it on some thing sensible that would benefit man or beast!

  5. How can ANY person think this is a fun event. It is out and out cruelty AND MUST BE STOPPED!

    What does this tell one about the mentality of the people of
    Arkansas. Are people there so poor that they have to debase them-selves to get a free turkey? Give them the slaughtered turkey free, closer to Thanksgiving, so they can have a meal that
    does not mean they have to grovel.

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