End Barbaric Goat Slaughtering Festival

Target: Gabino Cue, Governor of Oaxaca, Mexico

Goal: Ban the cruel festival that senselessly tortures and kills thousands of goats annually.

Thousands of goats are needlessly tortured and killed for entertainment every October and November. In Oaxaca, Mexico, around 5,000 to 7,000 goats are killed annually in front of a large, jeering crowd that is filled with people of all ages.

These thousands of goats endure terrible pain and die a slow death. They are forced to face this terrible ordeal while hoards of people look on. These goats can feel pain and experience fear just like us and this cruelty needs to stop.

Sign this petition and demand that this cruel form of “entertainment” is banned. These innocent animals do not deserve to be treated with such contempt any longer.


Dear Governor Cue,

Every year during the months of October and November, thousands of goats are senselessly slaughtered for entertainment. Killing an animal is not entertaining, but barbaric. The crowd watching this cruel tradition contains people of all ages, including children. Exposing children to such violence and deeming it normal is not good for their mental health.

Goats can feel pain and experience fear just like us. The 5,000 to 7,000 goats killed annually endure terrible pain and die a slow death. These innocent animals do not deserve to be treated so terribly and killed so viciously.

Please consider banning this cruel tradition and sparing countless lives from unnecessary pain and death. Some traditions are not meant to continue in today’s world and this barbaric event is one of them.


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Photo credit: Carlos PC

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  1. michelle colhoun says:

    This is so horrendous ! They have no compassion.

  2. Nena Miller says:

    This is so heinous. What a terrible thing to do. I cannot fathom any person thinking this is ok at any level. Mob mentality and ignorance prevails in this city. What a sad existence for the people who are clearly steeped in ignorance. The whole lot of them sound like crazy sociopaths.

  3. Ican’t believe we live in a world that allows this barberic treatment of another living feeling creature. I sure hope these people rot in hell! This makes me sick and angry.

  4. This must stop Now ! This is wrong on so many levels. The torture of poor, innocent, animals is beyond cruel. Animals feel pain just as humans do. I’m certain you took biology or zoology 101 in college and would understand this !

    Also desensitizes the people who are watching. this is not OK. This is horrible !
    This must stop… Now ! If you want tourism in Mexico this is NOT the way to do it. Please show your compassion instead.

  5. Why are religiously obsessed people always need to kill animals? There is something wrong! These acts are demonic and evil! Who is truly their God? That mob needs an exorcism!

  6. Michael Tekel says:

    Why don’t “religious ” people( a/k/a) stupid assholes not sacrifice themselves , or their children, mothers, fathers, relatives to worship their self created god, and not INNOCENT ANIMALS

  7. Reading around on this subject I find there’s no religious affiliation and no obvious enjoyment concerning this event- it is a round up of goats who are then (primitively) slaughtered quickly one after another. I hate animal killing. This event isn’t the sick glamorous indulgent killing torture fest that this petition article makes it out to be.

  8. no exploitation, abuse, torment and murder more.
    hideous people
    hideous characters
    hideous did
    hideous law
    hideous men domination – pooh – pooh – pooh

  9. TruthSeeker says:

    Evil is as evil does. Judgement Day is coming, and these stupid sick people are allowed to come into this country, and do as they please, as well as all the atrocities they commit in their own damned country. These people deserve to be slaughtered themselves.

  10. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Complete savages❗️?I rank them with ALL the scum cretins who torture & eat dogs & cats❗️?
    Signed & Shared.

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