Trump Adviser Who Supports Animal Torture Must Be Dropped


Target: U.S. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Goal: Stop taking advice from anti-animal welfare member of your inner-circle.

Rampant animal abuse and de-regulation of the meat industry could be in America’s future if Forrest Lucas is allowed to remain on Donald Trump’s Agricultural Advisory Committee. This is the man who founded an organization called Protect the Harvest, which is considered an anti-animal welfare group dedicated to fighting the Humane Society.

Lucas’ organization stuffs money into the pockets of big agriculture companies by working to deregulate the meat, dairy, and egg industries, and to reverse any progress made to protect cows, chickens, pigs, and other farm animals from horrific living conditions, cruel methods of slaughter, and outright abuse. It also fights to protect the “right” of circuses to exploit animals like elephants, forcing them to live in cages and perform unnatural acts for human entertainment.

Additionally, the group Lucas founded has tried to stop animal rights activists from establishing felony-level punishments for deliberate and hateful cruelty to dogs, cats, and horses. It has even fought against regulating puppy mills.

The profits of companies should not be put before the basic rights of living beings. Not only does Forrest Lucas seem to want to maintain the suffering that so many animals endure on a daily basis for the benefit or entertainment of humans, his actions seem to actually increase the abuse. Now, he’s been handpicked by Donald Trump to advise him on issues of agriculture and animals through the campaign and beyond, if Trump becomes President. Sign our petition to demand that Trump stop taking advice from this anti-animal welfare activist.


Dear Mr. Trump,

Your decision to include Forrest Lucas in your Agricultural Advisory Committee is completely unacceptable. There are plenty of ways to be “pro-business” without promoting the exploitation and horrific suffering of living beings. This is what Mr. Lucas has done through his organization Protect the Harvest.

Lucas and his organization are dedicated to fighting efforts to protect helpless animals from being abused, forced to live in horrible conditions, and made to perform unnatural tricks for human amusement. He fights regulations on the meat, dairy, and egg industries, circuses that use animal acts, and even puppy mills that cram massive numbers of dogs into unsanitary wire cages and force dogs to become pregnant and give birth over and over.

Regardless of political affiliation, people across the U.S. are overwhelmingly for reasonable regulations that protect animals from avoidable suffering. As a voter, I demand that you stop taking advice on animals from Forrest Lucas.


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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Is ANYONE surprised at this?

    Ever seen the pix of the Trump’s sons killing (trophy hunting) endangered animals in Africa? And PROUD of it, and Trump says he is PROUD of them for doing it……..

    This is a man whose family has NEVER had a pet, apparently……so how could he or they “feel” anything for animals?

    Oh, yes, and remember in the debate with Hillary Clinton, he was, again, PROUD of himself for benefitting from the 2008 “crash” which lost millions of people their jobs, homes, life savings…..”that’s business” he said.

    • This donald trump is a devil who will not triumph! He is not even fit to be eligible for the U.S. Presidential Election at all. Dishonest, greedy, talks crap, can’t even imagine a president like that!!!

    • Trump is a sociopath. Voting for him only proves that the ignorant are just as steadfast in their beliefs as the intelligent.

  2. michael guest says:

    Totally unacceptable! This is cruel and abusive. Animals don’t deserve to be tortured or killed in bad ways like this. We won’t stand for this cruelty. Fire this person take him away now!

  3. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Trump is the devil! If he is our next President, people and animals are doomed 🙁

  4. this sounds like some one who should be fired straight away, nobody should be proud of torturing or killing any animals.

  5. Nick Percival says:

    I have signed this petition, however, to be effective one must be even handed. We were hopeful for “Change” from Obama, but it was change for the worse when Obama brought in anti-animal people for Secretary of Agriculture (Tom Vilsack) and for Secretary of the Interior. Vilsack’s tenure was aggressively anti-animal and pro corporations’ (large contributors) mistreatment of animals and he has been an enemy of animals at each step of his advancement. Hillary has done virtually nothing for animals in decades of power positions in Washington and it’s very telling that the Washington Post reported that anti-animal Vilsack was on Hillary Clinton’s two-person shortlist to be her running mate – as corporate abusers are big contributors to her. Most recently Harry Reid blocked the swift passage of the anti-torture act for animals – see . We need to get both parties with aggressive pro-animal agendas.

  6. Trump and his associates are vile,repulsive deranged,animal hating scumbags.


  8. no vote from me for supporting animal cruelty .

  9. Anyone who thinks it’s acceptable to kill animals for fun is not fit to be in society,let alone president.His latest rant about women is just another clue to his disgusting character,get rid of him NOW!!
    The man is a maniac.

  10. Lilian Caughlin says:

    What type of person can’t extend mercy to the ones that can’t speak but suffer greatly due to lack of respect, thoughtlessness and pure evil. It’s mindboggling. Disrespecting women is one thing at least they can talk back or grab an offender by the ba$$s if so inclined. Why should the male species be the only ones allowed to grab and demoralize. Equal rights.

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