Allow All U.S. Citizens to Vote by Mail

Target: Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator

Goal: Allow all citizens the right to vote by mail by amending the Voting Rights Act.

States that utilize vote-by-mail systems have higher voter participation and see more change than states that make it difficult to vote by mail. Bernie Sanders has been an advocate for voter rights since he started campaigning for office, and as a Senator, he is in a position to make it a law that every citizen have the right to vote in this way. While many states make it easy to attain vote-by-mail ballots, which can be filled out at the voter’s leisure and returned any time before Election Day, the states that do not make it difficult for millions of Americans to vote.

Officials and other critics who have opposed this system have weak excuses for doing so. They claim that their citizens prefer the tradition of voting in person and that filling it out at home allows peers and family members to influence their votes.

The other critique is the cost of printing ballots, but the money states would save from eliminating some voting places and workers could make up for that cost. Also, not everyone enjoys the tradition of the polls, especially as most people have jobs, kids, and other things in their lives that make going to the polls and standing in long lines a hassle.

The reasons for utilizing a system like this are numerous. The imminence of hacked votes would be reduced because you can’t hack paper. Signatures and other notoriety prevent fraud. If an attempt at hacking does occur, it can only affect individual votes rather than entire databases. In case of a recount, there would be a paper trail. Vote-by-mail would eliminate the need for an ID and the involvement of the transportation department. Consequently, it would make the USPS more relevant.

Citizens from states that vote by mail are happy with the system and generally happier with the decisions made in their state, since more people were able to have their say. Voters can take the time to research the candidates and propositions that appear on their ballots and make more informed decisions. States like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, which use only vote-by-mail systems, report the highest rates of voter participation in the country.

There is no good reason why any person should not be allowed to vote in this way. Sign this petition to ask Sanders to fight for our right to a vote-by-mail system.


Dear Senator Sanders,

Due to your advocacy for voter rights and position as a Senator, I am writing to ask that you fight for all citizens to be allowed to vote by mail. Those with the opportunity to vote by mail are more likely to participate in elections, don’t need IDs, and are less susceptible to having their votes hacked.

You once tweeted that, “When the vote of the poor and minorities is suppressed, it becomes that much easier for the ruling class to further rig the system.” Utilizing vote-by-mail systems would allow everyone to access a ballot and hopefully begin to eliminate the problem of only the ruling class getting to influence politics. I and the undersigned ask that you push for an amendment to the Voting Rights Act that allows every U.S. citizen the right to vote by mail.


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  1. I strongly disagree with allowing people to vote without ID’s. Voter fraud is already rampant in states that do not require id’s. Its ridiculous to believe getting an iD is any kind of hardship. if you were born here…you can get an ID at minimal costs so anyone who says they can’t vote because they can’t get an ID is either lying, trying to vote illegally, or just too lazy to get one.

  2. Seriously ? vote by mail without any ID.. That’s a perfect situation for voter fraud.. If your a citizen you shouldn’t have any problem showing an ID proving who you are and verify that you are registered to vote. Voting is very important and should be protected.

  3. The earlier comments prove only how little so-called “citizens” know about our voting process and the fact that successful “voter fraud” is actually so rare as to be non-existent. But the tiny number of cases per election (generally countable on one hand) lets the genie out of the bottle, ready-made for over-exaggeration by political profiteers.

    A little research would help Charla & Pet realize they are falling for the false boogeyman created by primarily GOP propagandists to:

    #1 Cast doubt on our elections system (which IS working).
    The worst exception is the despicable attempts by the GOP to PREVENT citizens from voting by **demanding they pay for expensive (& UNCONSTITUTIONAL) IDs**.
    For example, these voting blockers particularly love to target poorer citizens in the South, demanding they have to come up with varying forms of ID — the required types change at the whim of the (Republican) election authorities. You show the one required at the last election? Nope, it’s not the ID that’s required for THIS election and it will cost you $$ to get one, with a 6-week waiting period. (MAKING F-ING SURE YOU *CAN’T* VOTE)

    Look it up: these ‘Voter ID’ demands occur ONLY where the voters affected are low-income citizens, not WHITE and ESPECIALLY if they might vote D.

    Also look up the definition of “poll tax” and you’ll understand why We the People should NEVER agree to have to PAY to vote, i.e. for an I.D. OUR Constitution forbids it. But those trying to keep you in doubt and NOT voting are counting on you not knowing your rights.

    #2 If the voter ID propagandists (liars) can get you NOT to vote (or to agree that other citizens should be robbed of THEIR rights to cast their ballot, **NONE of you will be able to vote for bettering your own situations**.

    Then you can’t vote for: higher taxes on the rich, a higher minimum wage, better health care & insurance, better infrastructure (roads, fire departments, schools), better education programs, etc.

    FYI: As an American living abroad, I MUST vote by mail or e-mail. I’ve voted absentee for decades, with no problem. (I’m a registered Democrat and my county auditor in my home state of Iowa is a Republican. But I vote for her every election, b/c she busts her butt to make sure I can and do vote!)
    The ONLY way I can do that is PROVE my identity before they send me my ballot (again, either by mail or e-mail) by providing either a driver’s license # or my SSN.

    Just like any other American anywhere else, those are our primary IDs. NO OTHER IDs are necessary OR CONSTITUTIONAL. Our electoral system is in place and it WORKS. Is it being threatened by un-American criminals jockeying for political power? Yes — but it’s NOT being threatened by the voters themselves.

    Anybody who so willingly forgets those facts must be a FUXX Noise watcher and/or a Zombie 4 tRump …

  4. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    why mail in the votes? this is outragous to vote cause i dont vote plus i am against gov so i never voted for anybody except i agree with good people!

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