Bring Driver Who Dragged Horse Behind Truck to Justice

Target: Terrence Hackett, Police Chief Superintendent of Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, England

Goal: Find and punish driver who tied horse to a truck and cruelly dragged it down the road.

A mare was tied to the back of a pickup and dragged down busy roads. Witnesses say the driver was speeding, making it almost impossible for the mare to follow along. Video footage makes it clear that the animal is in distress as she struggles to keep up with the truck and at one point, tries getting free from the tethers. Unfortunately, animal cruelty like this goes unpunished far too often.

The driver’s behavior was abusive and disgusting. This is no way to transport an animal as it could’ve easily killed the poor mare. An RSPCA spokesperson has asked for witnesses or people who recognize the driver to get in touch with them. Please add your signature to this petition demanding that the driver be found and punished for this incredibly cruel and reckless abuse.


Dear Chief Hackett,

A mare was dragged through busy traffic after being tied to the back of a truck. Witnesses say the mare was nearly hit by a car and that the driver was speeding, causing her to struggle to keep up. Video footage shows the mare, clearly distressed, trying to break free from the tethers.

This is an unethical and dangerous way to transport an animal, especially during busy traffic hours. This careless behavior puts the animal and other drivers at risk. We urge you to see to it that the driver faces repercussions for this cruel behavior.


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  1. Cynthia Gannon says:

    Sick bastards

    • It’s time a Law was brought in for animal abuse that the punishment will fit the crime. A cancer curse on this/these low life morons. I wonder how much energy the Police and RSPCA are putting in to find this bastard? !!!!! That is the question!

  2. Janis Hargreaves says:

    Total pieces of useless shit!!! What amazes me is that no one has the guts to stop and challenge these people and remove the poor animals from them. Is everyone too scared to stand up to people who are cruel. Where are the police when any of this takes place???

  3. Tie that bastard to the back of a truck and watch him keep up. What a piece of shit!

  4. Wendy Morrison says:

    Tie this idiot to the rear of a truck and speed all over the town down busy roads and see how well this idiot keeps up.

  5. This vile piece of excrement needs to be locked up for a very long time.

  6. The driver of the truck should be easy to be found. Many witnesses. Severe punishment for this evil person is in order. He really needs to go to jail and get some jail justice.

  7. Surely one of the useless bystanders got the truck number? I think we can be pretty sure it was some scumbag gypsy in any case and that’s where the police should be looking first.

  8. Alexandre Engelen says:

    Many call for scandal but do nothing. And the police? Like always too busy with police reports and traffic violations.
    I don’t like this world!

  9. Robin Harrigan says:

    omg omg omg why didn’t anyone stop this?!!! that poor horse!

    • Rosslyn Osborne says:

      Why don’t they make mention that she had a small foal also trying to keep up?
      All that traffic and no-one took the drivers licence plate, even though the Toyota stopped a couple of times?
      More horrifically nobody, not one other person in all that traffic called the police?
      Nobody tried to block the vehicle,… what kind of a world are we living in? The authorities really need to get this idiot, and throw the book at him/her.

  10. There should not have to be a Petition for this terrible situation this captive horse was placed in. Police and RSPCA should be after this lazy, horrible horse owner. This horse should be removed from this human scumbag and any more animals that he owns should be checked on. Hope he cops more than a little “slap on the wrist” after what he put that horse through, and the psychological distress for those that witnessed it.

  11. Annabel McEune says:

    I have to agree with all said and especially the comment about , why did no one stop and intervene . They should have called the police right at that moment .
    They are likely to be untaxed and in a stolen car , scum like that always are . Imagine what a miserable life that poor animal has .

  12. Jaime Perez says:

    What a disgusting piece of filth this monster is. He deserves the same treatment. And I agree with others, why didn’t someone intervene to help the poor horse? I hope she is okay!

  13. The mare nearly hit by a car… The witnesses… Nothing. Even though they say they believe in individuality, people are often afraid, don’t want to stand out, conforming to the rest of the crowd, doing nothing, as in this instance…too busy to suffer inconvenience, or waiting for someone else to do something. And this is why things don’t change…
    As opposed to human “absence”, human presence has to step up, re-awaken and re-emerge…

  14. Lilian Caughlin says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand why the law is so lax on animal abusers. They need to be culled and fed to sharks.
    This planet is overrun by whackos and cretins time to get rid of them.

  15. simon rickman says:

    Pikey morons everywhere

  16. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Drag his sorry ass behind a truck❗️? P. O. S.
    Signed & Shared?

  17. I am totally opposed to animal cruelty and I am a vegan by choice. There are many who are equally opposed to animal cruelty who have to eat what is put on their plate and do not have the luxury of choice. I am always appalled at the moral tone taken by said vegans and their dictats. My way of thinking and understanding tells me that almost everyone who cares that deeply about animals is also vegan or at least vegetarian. Why reduce the horror of an incident involving a horse in the street, dragged along the road by a cart, to the usual and common concerns of us all – that of farmyard cruelty. Stick to the point; which was all about a horse and the treacherous practice put out by some of these ‘trap’ riders.

  18. I honestly can’t believe just how STUPID some humans are ?!?!?! This MORON needs to be found and punished for animal cruelty. May I suggest tying him to the back of a truck and dragging his heartless arse down the street …. just for starters …

  19. It’s time for our elected officials to wake up and take action against such cruelty.

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