Punish Farm Workers Accused of Murdering Pregnant Pigs

Target: Isabel García Tejerina, Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment

Goal: Reform animal protection laws to ensure that the perpetrators of animal torture are properly punished.

Four employees of a Spanish pig farm are currently on trial after being accused of beating and even killing pregnant pigs. Shocking footage reportedly taken at the El Escobar pig farm in Murcia, Spain shows workers laughing as they inflict unimaginable pain on innocent animals, including hitting their heads with iron rods. Employees were caught on video pressing swords repeatedly into the sides of pregnant pigs, killing them, before removing piglets from the dead animals’ stomachs.

The shocking footage sees the men playing to the camera and flexing their muscles while writhing animals die below them. This disturbing footage led to the arrest of the four men who are currently on trial, facing several counts of animal cruelty. If convicted, each man could face up to a year in prison as well as a three-year ban on working with animals. While the prosecutor is seeking the harshest possible sentence, Spain’s tendency to suspend sentences under two years for first time offenders means that these men will likely never see the inside of a jail cell.

This unimaginable cruelty must be appropriately punished not only to ensure justice for these innocent animals, but to help deter potential abusers in the future. Lax punishments such as these will only serve to perpetuate the apparent notion that crimes against animals are not a big deal. Sign the petition below to ask that animal welfare laws in Spain are reformed in order to protect innocent animals from similar abuse in the future.


Dear Mrs. Tejerina,

Four factory farm workers are currently on trial after allegedly being caught on camera beating pigs with iron bars and stabbing them with swords. Video taken from a farm in Murcia shows the man laughing as they torture the pigs, even cutting a dead sow open to remove the live piglets inside her belly.

Because of Spanish laws, it’s likely that these men will receive a suspended sentence if convicted, meaning that they will never see the inside of a jail cell. In order to protect animals from this shocking abuse, it is imperative that animal welfare laws are reformed. We, the undersigned, demand that laws are changed to include harsher punishments for those who deliberately and maliciously torture animals.


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Photo credit: Nick Saltmarsh

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  1. May Grouchy de Vornez says:

    Again Spain???

  2. The reproduction farms of any animals must stop.
    Become aware. Be vegaratian

  3. Nothing worse than grown men picking on something weaker, and defenseless, and then acting like big shots, flexing their muscles…they are nothing more than useless filth and pond scum. May God curse them. They need to be taught a lesson. This severe, malicious and deliberate torture begs for the harshest sentence possible…a year in prison by your laws, which is laughable considering what the pregnant animals went through, and a LIFELONG ban on working with animals — no suspension of sentence for “first time offenders” here, NONE OF THAT (you can be sure this is not the first time these deviants have tortured animals, it’s just that, until now, they haven’t been caught). I, myself, would prefer to see them hanged. These types graduate to women and children unless stopped, though I’m sure they have already left a long, hidden trail of abuse behind them.
    Isabel García Tejerina, Minister, take them out of society and put them behind bars where they belong. MORE years in prison in relation to the severity of the violence…it has affected people. I resent them forcing this atrocity on myself and the world. Mandated psychiatric treatment and monitoring until they are in their graves…and, at that point, good riddance…

  4. They need to go to prison for a long time and not be allowed to have any animals ever again.

  5. Gerald Bowman says:

    There is something wrong with that justice system that allows monsters go go free.


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