Don’t Slaughter Two-Thirds of Norway’s Wolves

Target: Vidar Helgesen, Norway Minister of Climate and Environment

Goal: Reverse decision to kill two-thirds of Norway’s last 68 wolves because they kill a tiny percentage of the nation’s sheep.

Norway is about to kill off 47 of its wolves, which is about 67 percent of the total of this critically endangered population. The country came to this decision because the wolves have been preying on domesticated sheep. However, conservation organizations have pointed out that the 117 sheep killed by wolves last summer are only a tiny percentage of the 110,000 sheep that simply go missing every year.

Conservationists also speculate that this decision has a lot to do with Norway’s hunting community. Hunting is a very popular pastime in this country, and many hunters consider wolves to be “competition” for moose. Of course, this is ridiculous considering the fact that there are only 68 wolves in the entire nation and they kill moose to survive, not for fun.

Wolves have long been made scapegoats by humans, demonized because they hunt our domesticated animals. However, they are essential for a healthy ecosystem as apex predators and there are much better ways to protect sheep than by slaughtering innocent wolf packs that are just trying to survive after humans invaded their habitats.

The Friends of the Earth and World Wildlife Fund have said that the organizations will file appeals to the decision to go ahead with this massive cull, but unfortunately, leaders of the groups have predicted that they will only be able to reduce the amount killed by a few animals. Saving these innocent wolves will require a massive outcry and support from animal lovers everywhere. Sign our petition to demand that Norway leave these wolves at peace and find better ways to protect their domesticated sheep.


Dear Minister Helgesen,

I understand that the Norwegian government is planning on culling two-thirds of its critically endangered wolf population–47 out of 68 of these animals. This decision apparently came about because the wolves are preying on domesticated sheep, even though far, far more sheep go missing each year than have ever been killed by predators.

This is clearly a poor excuse to kill innocent animals. Wolves have done nothing wrong–they are only trying to survive in an area that has been invaded by humans that can’t seem to share the space. Apparently, hunters are angry at wolves for following their instincts and killing moose for food, leaving fewer for hunters to kill for fun and bragging rights.

Wolves are apex predators that are essential to a healthy ecosystem. More importantly, they are innocent living creatures who don’t deserve to be murdered for convenience. Please reconsider this entire cull and let your nation’s wolves live out their lives in peace.


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Photo credit: Mas3cf

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  1. norway protect the sacred wolves today.

  2. Norway, just like China – hasn’t evolved one little bit. Slaughter anything and everything just because they can. Just like China and Korea, Norway should be nuked out of existence.

  3. Are you kidding me? What the he’ll is wrong with the people in this world……this is almost to insane to believe!!!!

  4. Elena Latici says:

    68 wolves and Norway wants to kill 47 of them. This isn’t about killing sheep, it’s about money and sick hunters. Last years 11,000 hunters applied to kill 16 wolves. As for the sheep, we shouldn’t be eating them anyway. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change. Norway: another country that will never get a tourist cent from me. No better than China and Asia.

  5. 68 wolves in the whole country? Just the same amount of people that fits in a bus in working hours. 68 is nothing. 20 will be even less than nothing.
    Don’t be absurd. Killing those wolves is a heinous crime, there are no excuses. Just tell farmers to stop lying and oversizing reality, and pay them for the sheeps. AND LEAVE THOSE WOLVES IN PEACE!!!

  6. These farmers need guard dogs to protect their animals…the Akbash dog,the Serbian guard dog would end the problem..get the dog,DON’T kill the wolves!!!!! Way too much killing!!! DON’T have to annihilate wolves or any apex predator.There are other solutions!Christ I hate people!!!!!!

  7. Just when I thought Norway was a civilized country that appreciated it’s precious wildlife ….. ???

  8. Killing animals as a form of recreation is a travesty.

  9. 68 wolves is not enough for a viable population as it is. LEAVE THEM ALONE!! They have as much right to be on the planet as humans. In some cases maybe more!

  10. So very true – could not agree more.

  11. What a disgusting situation. Stop demonising and using wolves as scapegoats so some knuckle-dragger can murder a moose and act like a big man. There are only 68 in the whole country for f**k sake! Norway this is unacceptable, as is your continued slaughter of whales because “its tradition”. Time to evolve.

  12. The human species again killing and murdering the innocent. Norway you are an absolute disgrace and as vile and evil as China, Korean and other Asian countries that will torture and murder all innocent and defenceless animals to death.

  13. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared

  14. Morons rule the world! Make better choices when voting. Animal Rights and Protection must become a larger political issue!

  15. I’m assuming CORRECTLY that norway is still a backward, barbaric nation and that they should feel shame down to the pith of their being for this outrageous and disgusting deed against NATURE HERSELF! How about you just kill yourselves or each other. That’s what you and all other nations like yourself (only the guilty parties mind you) should do, and that includes the US!!! We are not guilt free in this nation!

  16. I really fucking DESPISE norwegians! They not only MURDER WOLVES, they MURDER WHALES!! THEY ARE VILE AND EVIL!!!

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