Stop Burning Rainforests for Greedy Corporation

Target: Muhammad Yunus, Indonesia’s Environment Ministry’s Law Enforcement Director

Goal: Stop burning Indonesia’s rainforests for palm oil.

A South Korean-based company is destroying Indonesia’s rainforests in order to plant trees for palm oil. The company, Korindo Group, has already cleared 193 square miles of tropical forest. Hundreds of more square miles are at risk of being burned so the popular oil that is used in soaps and various foods can be grown. Such an act is against Indonesian law, authorities say. Companies that burn land can face legal fees as high as $735,000, while executives may face up to a decade in jail.

Clearing the land is detrimental to both the environment and the villages that call the forest home. Burning forests causes greenhouse gases to form, which are a leading contributor to global warming. Entire habitats are being displaced and lost. Villages, which once depended on the forests for food and income, have lost their resources.

The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has already passed a moratorium on land clearing for the purposes of large palm oil plantations. Sign the petition to demand that the company stop this damaging practice. If it continues, it will have cleared more Indonesian land than any other company. The actions of the company have resulted in an increase in global warming and a decrease in resources available to the people who call the rainforest home.


Dear Mr. Yunus,

The beautiful and diverse rainforests of your nation have come under attack recently. The South Korean-based company Korindo has burned nearly two hundred square miles of land and has placed hundreds of more square miles in harm’s way, all for palm oil plantations.

Burning land is understandably illegal in Indonesia. It creates greenhouse gases that pollute the air and lead to global warming. Land clearing also robs the rainforest of its diverse ecosystem because the unique animals that call it home lose their habitats. Clearing the land of its valuable resources will also harm your fellow citizens who once depended on the rainforest for food and a reliable source of income.

Korindo should be held responsible for its actions. In Indonesia, companies caught burning land are fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, while executives are jailed. However, Korindo has not officially been charged and has yet to face the penalties that come with burning land. I ask you to punish the company for its harmful actions to the environment. Should the company continue to burn, your nation’s rainforests may be lost forever.


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Photo Credit: Dave Kimble

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  2. these dumb people who are burning the forest for palm oil must be hanged for crimes against nature now.

  3. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    no more deforetation! burning the forest was illegal in parts of united states like oregon and washington

  4. Who exactly is going to punish these large mafia owned corporations? The Indonesian government who has had at least a couple of years to do something about it but hasn’t, simply because these same corporations line the government’s pockets?

    • I agree. The Indonesian Government has the power but it’s all about money. When their country and wildlife is totally destroyed what will they do then – they can’t see further than the end of their noses – ignorant bastards. I don’t buy anything with palm oil in it, I urge others to do the same.

  5. Nick Percival says:

    The destruction of rainforest is a far greater environmental problem than the alleged CO2 problem. Besides being destructive to the local and global environment, it also entails killing and burning alive countless numbers of animals.

  6. The destruction of rainforest is a far greater environmental problem than the alleged CO2 problem. Besides being destructive to the local and global environment, it also entails killing and burning alive countless numbers of animals.

  7. Money truly is the root of all evil !!!!

  8. What is it with these greedy fecks determined to kill the planet whilst enhancing their bank balances?
    Can’t eat you money CockWombles!


  10. Is anyone actually trying to stop this or are you just standing by doing nothing. Our Planet is being destroyed by humans how get away with vile acts just when will the law try to really stop this

  11. Cecelia Nelson says:

    God & Mother Nature must be SO ANGRY with us…

  12. Burning the rain forest will cause the death of animals who live and get their food there. When these animals are dead humans will be next, because once the circle of life has been disrupted there is no turning back.

  13. Tina shurtleff says:

    It’s against God and Nature to burn these valuable rain forests. Orangutans are endangered. These peaceful
    Beautiful animals do not deserve to be burned alive for Palm oil. Tragic and disgusting

  14. Greedy immoral Asian coutnries who don’t care what they destroy as long as they make a $. They never fail to disgust me.

  15. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    “When the last tree is cut down,
    The last river is poisoned,
    The last fish caught,
    Then only will man discover
    That he cannot eat money”
    Cree Indian wisdom……. I don’t need to say anything else now, do I?

  16. Maria Mahyorova says:

    They have no respect to aniy life at home, now they want spread it to the whole world. One day you’ll wake up in one huge god-eating Korean Globe.

  17. Adrian Shiva says:

    As if South Korea’s and Indonesia’s rampant dog and cat meat torture trade wasn’t atrocious enough, now a South Korean company is being allowed to burn down Indonesia’s rainforests for palm oil — even after Indonesia passed a moratorium. Indonesia, take real action and actually put a halt to Korindo Group’s reckless and gluttonous destruction. They are not welcome.

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