Donald Trump Must Apologize for Birther Conspiracy Theories

Target: Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Nominee

Goal: Demand that Donald Trump apologize for delegitimizing our nation’s first African-American president.

For years, Donald Trump insisted that President Barack Obama was not born in America, and therefore unqualified to be president. He spread “birther” claims, arguing that the president was born in Kenya, and even allegedly sending his own private investigators to Hawaii to discredit the president’s birth certificate.

However, now that Trump is running for president and seeking to garner votes in the general election against Hilary Clinton, he claims to have come to the belief that President Obama was in fact born in Hawaii. He has went on to accuse Clinton of starting the birther movement, not he. He has ended it, he argued.

If Trump thinks that the issue will come to an abrupt end, he is wrong. For years he tried to delegitimize our nation’s first African-American president. Based on racism and bigotry, Trump believed that our president could not be American, simply due to the color of his skin. He led millions of Americans to believe this ludicrous conspiracy theory. Now, not only has he not apologized for his rhetoric, he has claimed to have believed that our president is American all along. He has pushed the blame onto his opponent as a means of painting her as a racist and bigot.

Donald Trump must apologize for his severely harmful rhetoric. He has built his campaign upon the argument that President Obama has divided our nation along racial lines. It is instead Donald Trump who has divided our nation, who has painted a man as un-American simply because of the color of his skin. As Hillary Clinton states, this kind of rhetoric is not something that the American people should stand for. It is not only false, but damaging and divisive. Sign the petition to demand that Trump apologize to our president.


Dear Mr. Trump,

For years, you spread the false rumor that President Barack Obama was not born in America. Instead, you claimed (without any support or sources to back up your conspiracy) that he was born in Kenya. You demanded his birth certificate and argued against it even when it was presented.

A majority of intelligent Americans know that you only questioned President Obama’s country of birth because of the color of his skin; because he did not look like the other presidents our nation has seen in its short history. How can you be President of the United States if you refuse to see men and women who don’t look like you as Americans? Though you may not like it, our nation is a diverse melting pot of people with different cultures, skin colors, religions, and sexual orientations. These people can go on to become teachers, bankers, doctors, and even President of the United States. I demand that you apologize to President Obama, and consequently all Americans, for your embarrassing and horrible rhetoric.


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. The source of the birther idea originated from Hillary’s people during the 2007 Democratic primaries because she was losing to Obama. Move on. There’s more important issues at stake now.

  2. After Obama leaves office, we’ll find out he wasn’t born in Hawaii, and is really not Christian. Heaven forbid another eight years of Obama2.0

  3. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    obama was born in hawaii! youre a jerk!

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