Stop the Dehorning of Rhinos

Target: Azzedine Downes, CEO of the International Fund for Animal Welfare

Goal: Stop amputating a large body part from rhinos to “protect” them from poachers.

A group of animal advocates in Africa have been removing the horns from rhinos with a chainsaw, supposedly to protect them from poachers. One might think this is simply a well-meaning but misguided gesture, but it is just as unethical as poaching the animals for their horns. The rhinos are drugged with tranquilizers and blindfolded before their horns are cut off and the stumps filed down. The process has been compared to trimming down a horse’s hooves.

This practice is supposed to lessen the appeal of hunting rhinos by taking away what the poachers are after. Unfortunately, this practice comes across as cruel and inhumane. The rhinos are forcibly drugged into having a part of their body removed. These people are not much better than the poachers.

Dehorning is essentially the same as declawing a cat. It is the amputation of a body part that will cause the animal pain before the long, grueling healing process is over. Rhinos do not deserve to suffer more than they already have. Sign this petition to stop this unethical practice.


Dear Mr. Downes,

Animal advocates in Africa are attempting to protect the rhino population by knocking them out and removing their horns while they sleep. This may seem like a well-meaning attempt to discourage poachers, but the ends do not justify the means when it involves forcibly removing body parts from animals. Poaching bans should simply be enforced and perpetrators punished severely–the rhinos themselves should not have to have their horns taken away because the advocates think it will protect them.

Please put a stop to this cruel and unethical practice and strengthen the ban against poaching. There are plenty of humane ways to protect an endangered species without them having to be harmed further than they already have.


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Photo credit: tracyhammond

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    IF painless dehorning saves the life of ONE rhino from those looking to fill the insatiable “need” in the Asian world for folk remedy medicine, which is how the horns are used, it is worth it.

    Its not like the rhino can DEFEND himself against poachers with his horn!

    OF course its not “natural” but neither is driving an entire species to extinction due to the bizarre beliefs of millions of people in Asia!

  2. If this is the only way to protect the Rhino and save it from extinction then so be it. The next thing will be to de-tusk elephants to save their lives

  3. Are you a complete lunatic?????? dehorning is the only way to maybe protect the remaining rhinos in the manner mst are left in their natural habitat READ Dangerous areas with high levels of poverty and political strife warfare and corruption. Personally, i feel critically endangred animals should be removed from those areas into a secured habatat set up continents away from the ongoing trouble and issues.

  4. Malcolm Edge says:

    I totally agree – this is a Stupid petition , and completely counter productive to the ongoing efforts to save the Rhino from being poached to extinction.

    Look at the bigger picture.

  5. Beverley Paton says:

    This is an illogical petition which I certainly won’t sign – these animals are critically endangered – what would you prefer a butchered dead rhino or a rhino going through some discomfort in order to protect it – I presume you are aware of the horrific way poachers remove rhinos’ horns – do some real research this is not helpful!

  6. Elsa Campuzano says:

    I´d rather see the rhinos dehorned while under anesthetic that killed!

  7. Glad so many others agree…..the rhino’s horn is a form of cuticle, i.e., related to our fingernails and toenails in make-up… much do WE suffer having those removed, under local anesthesia, to save our lives?

    The petition writer has lost all sense of proportion if a dehorned rhino to her, is WORSE than a dead rhino.

  8. Sarah Belton says:

    This is a silly petition – dehorning under anesthesia and supervision or being killed. Those are the options. It’s a safe, protective measure.

  9. Ria Barnhoorn says:

    I hope you are sober again, please don’t do such stupid things, you must have been very very drunk to start this petition. Try to use your brain, There’s a reason you’ve got it. Or are you a poacher yourself trying to get your profit back?

  10. heather langford says:

    The person that created this petition is a moron.
    Yes they are tranquilized and their horns are removed but, it is painless and saves the animal from being killed for that very horn. Rather a hornless rhino than yet another dead rhino!!

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