Stop Selling Endangered Baby Animals for Food or Pets

Target: Minister of Environment of Peru, Elsa Patricia Galarza Contreras

Goal: Stop people from openly selling wild animals as pets and serving dishes made from endangered species.

Peru must enforce its ban on selling wild meat and its ban on selling living fauna. These bans mean nothing without stern enforcement, as the town of Belén has demonstrated.

Here you can easily purchase a slab of meat from the endangered South American tapir or you can watch yellow footed tortoises (an animal listed as vulnerable rather than endangered) die while they are boiling in the pot. Another vulnerable animal that is served for ingesting is the Amazon river turtle. This is all done openly in brazen defiance of the bans. The markets in this town don’t just stop at the consumption of wild animals.

At the market baby pygmy marmosets are sold as pets. While these may not be endangered, they are suffering from a population decrease. To gain access to the babies, the mothers are often killed. Most people who purchase these marmosets as pets don’t know how to properly care for them, so they die within weeks of being purchased. These animals should be kept in the wild where they have the chance to live and thrive.

The Guardian reports that according to Yovana Murillo of the Wildlife Conservation Society Peru, not a single person has ever been jailed for wildlife trafficking in Peru. It is time that those who commit wildlife crimes in Peru are punished for their crimes. The rich biodiversity of Peru must be protected from people seeking to profit from the cruelty inflicted on these animals. Sign this petition to convince the government of Peru to crack down on people who butcher endangered species for food and sell wild animals as pets.


Dear Minister Contreras,

Peru must be more vigilant in protecting its rich biodiversity by strictly enforcing its bans on the sale of wild game and the sale of wild animals as pets. The town of Belén reportedly sells endangered South American tapir meat. They sell animals that have been classified as vulnerable, the yellow footed tortoise and the Amazon river turtle, for consumption. The markets in this town apparently have a blatant disregard for authority, because they do this openly.

It is unacceptable that Peru has never jailed anyone for wildlife trafficking. This crime should no longer go unpunished. You have the power to help keep the beautiful rainforest ecosystem intact.  Act now by sternly enforcing the bans on selling wild game and on selling wild fauna as pets, before it is too late for some species.


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Photo Credit: Kitty Terwolbeck

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  1. Jean Bakowycz says:

    Please enforce the law, YOUR law. I am NOT going to be traveling to Peru in the future. I choose to spend my money elsewhere where compassion and a civilized mentality is the norm.

  2. Disfgracefil disgusting ignorant countries. Shame on them all

  3. Barbara H. Vinson says:

    There seems to be no end to human cruelty. It’s as though one set of humans vies with another as to who can think of the cruelest acts against animals. I, for one, firmly believe we are all as one on this planet and should at least stand up for each other. If an animal is carnivorous, this is natural to that animal, but the way humans go about it, it turns into a sick sport and/or horrors unimaginable. The same can be said for human vs. human. One day, we will pay for all this. I don’t know how or when, but there will come a time when the perpetrators of evil like this will get what they deserve.

  4. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Time to be responsible and improve the lives of animals as their lives matter very much. The sale of baby animals is cruel and subhuman.

  5. Stop sellling the nature. Or we are going to perish.

  6. A BAN IS NOTHING WITHOUT ENFORCEMENT…perfectly demonstrated by the town of Belén. And why the unnecessary and unacceptable cruelty…”vulnerable-species” yellow-footed tortoises boiled alive, the Amazon river turtle, and slabs of “endangered-species” South American tapir meat sold…in defiance of the ban.
    Pygmy marmosets, suffering from a population decrease, sold as pets, the mothers often killed in order to obtain the babies… Selfish, selfish…selfish. And not a single person jailed for wildlife trafficking.
    Enough. In the eyes of the larger world-community, it is time the biodiversity of Peru is protected from people seeking to profit from the cruelty inflicted on these animals, butchering endangered species for food and selling HAPLESS wild animals as pets. …Respect for Peru has now fallen to zero.

  7. Go VEGAN -PLANT BASED DIET and these places will shut down the more vegans the less cruel animal industries says:

    I totally agree!

    The more vegan/plant based diet eaters, the less animal cruelty will exist in the world.

    Most, if not all vegans, do not use or buy ANY animal based product.

    Vegans, also tend to be much more compassionate, and self sacrificing humans. They try to bring peace into the world.

    Whereas, most omnivores are ignorant, choose to be ignorant, or lack empathy, and compassion.

    They are the “hunters”, killers, abusers, and dead flesh eaters.

    That’s what “meat” is, a corpse. The flesh of a dead animal.

    So, in essence, omnivores are human zombies, blindly eating dead things.

    Vegans eat life, celebrate life, and try to save lives.

    Does it make sense, to save a kitten, then go home and eat veal (BABY male calf).

    Baby calves are hung up by a leg, then their throat is slit, and they die in agony, amid the din of other calves crying out.

    These calves, are the male children of dairy cows. They’re considered a useless by product. They’ll be ground up for dog food.

    Dairy, is the cruelest animal industry. Mother cows are raped (artificial insemination) to bear a calf (useless by product) that is taken away to solitary confinement (female) or death (male), to produce milk for human consumption.

    Adult mammals, do not need milk.

    The mother cows mourn their calves, and call for them, while being forced onto a milking platform, to be treated like a faucet.

    The mother cows lose calf after calf, after calf, year after year.

    Then the mother is sent to slaughter, when her production goes down, she fails to conceive, or she gets injured. This is usually around age 5 or sooner.

    The horn buds, are burned off the female calves, with no pain meds.

    Also, if you like cheese, the “enzyme” in the cheese, is most likely extracted from dead CALF stomachs. Even rennet free cheese, or cheese with microbial rennet, still enslaves mother cows, and they still lose their calves, for the mother to produce milk for the cheese.

    All of this can disappear, if people start eating a plant based diet.

    Field Roast “Original” flavor Chao vegan sliced cheese, tastes like Provalone cheese.

    Daiya block “Cheddar” vegan cheese, is a good facsimile.

    Please try to eat without an animal having to die, or be enslaved.

    If you do, slowly these horror houses will close.

    Also, there’s almond, oat, rice, soy, coconut, hemp, flax, hazelnut beverages, to drink, put on cereal and cook with.

    Ground flax seeds, Chia seeds, or applesauce make good egg substitutes in baking, as does tripling the called for baking powder, and ommiting the eggs and milk.

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    P. O. S. Asswipes❗️?
    Signed & Shared?


  10. WOW WHAT VILE SUBHUMAN BEINGS!!! THEY ACT ALL INNOCENT AND NICE SO THAT PEOPLE FROM OTHER NATIONS WILL VISIT THEIRS, BUT THEY ARE CRUEL AND DISGUSTING ASSHOLES!!! I’ve wanted to visit this nation for a long time, but LIKE HELL I’LL GO THERE NOW!!! Something MUST be done and NOW! What is wrong with such lack of governance, are the leaders MORONS, too??!!! Rhetorical question. I HOPE THEY ALL BURN IN HELL ON EARTH!

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