Stop Killing Endangered Wolves for Rancher Using Public Lands

Target: Jim Unsworth, Director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Goal: Prevent any future slaughter of wolves on public land.

In August of this year, Len and Bill McIrven led their cattle onto public land and into the Profanity Peak wolf pack’s territory. At least five cattle were killed. In response, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife ordered the culling of the pack, which they did by tracking two radio-collared members of the pack and shooting from a helicopter, according to the department’s own press release. At least six wolves were killed according to the Seattle Times.

The rancher whose cattle were killed has a history of not abiding by wolf conservation protocol, and this is not the first time the WDFW has stepped in after this rancher’s cattle were targeted by wolves. “McIrvin also is not a signatory to the state’s voluntary agreements with ranchers to adopt certain tactics to avoid wolf conflicts or compensation agreements,” the Seattle Times reports.

The most concerning element of this is that this is all happening on public land – land designated for public use and rented by ranchers at well below market value, according to multiple sources, including the Center for Biological Diversity. If that land – away from private property and rancher-owned territory – is not safe for wolves, where exactly are these animals safe to continue their role in an increasingly fragile ecosystem?

We propose that by renting public land for grazing, ranchers agree that they forfeit the state’s protection from natural predators. By signing the petition below, you will help urge the WDFW to halt the slaughter and reconsider who they’re protecting – an ecosystem, or a wealthy family’s economic interests.


Dear Director Unsworth,

After the public relations nightmare of the killing of the Profanity Peak wolf pack, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife needs to reconsider its policy regarding wolf protection in its state. While the need for communicating with and considering the needs of all parties, including ranchers, is, of course, important to a thoughtful approach to this issue, we feel that in this case the ranchers’ voice is louder than everyone else’s.

By using public land that is part of the wolves’ territory, ranchers accept the risk that they are leading their cattle into a predatory area, and that risk is something they knowingly take by paying below-market value to use public land instead of the higher cost of renting private land to graze on.

We feel that by renting public land to graze, ranchers should enter a contract that protects the wolves from being punished for their natural instincts. By allowing ranchers to use public land at below-market value, a practice that has been happening in Washington for as long as the use of public land has existed, the cost of the loss of cattle is built in. There is no need to cull the numbers of wolves further, especially for the sake of a family that has no history of cooperating with wolf avoidance policies.


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Photo credit: Katerina Hlvata

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  2. Renate Ingelsheim says:

    That FILTHY RANCHERS are STEALING the land, their home, from the wolves !! Fuck you, thieves !! Go back to your own city.

  3. Typical fat ranchers think they own the land and can put their cattle whereever they want mo wonder other Countries think highly of your Country

  4. Marsha Squibb says:

    S.O.B ranchers!!!!! Share the fucking land with the wolves…. protect your cattle with guard dogs!!!!

  5. Michael Alloway says:

    IF indeed these ranchers did purposely lead their livestock into the wolf packs hunting ground then THEY are responsible for the deaths of their livestock and not the wolves .

  6. It is not enough to say the forfeit government protection for their livestock. They will simply take matters into their own hands and slaughter the wolves themselves. The land is PUBLIC land. That means you and I own it. We are the public. It is our land. Therefore we should have a day in who is using it and how. And it should never be used in such a way as any of the natural inhabitants are placed in danger.

    The ranchers are putting their cattle in harm’s way. They should be charged with crimes against animals by allowing their livestock to be hurt in this manner. And all animals living in MY land should be protected. I believe We the People should file a class action lawsuit against the agency that allows ranchers to graze on our land and then destroys our wolves because they behaved exactly as they are supposed to. We need to have a lawsuit that holds these agency’s accountable.

  7. Stop & pursue this deformity  –  instantly!

  8. Linda Cummings says:

    Another great reason to become a vegetarian. Stop supporting these elitist ranchers barbaric life style. The government is in their pocket and will not protect the wildlife.


  10. Each meat-eater contributes to this insanity! Public Land is not to be used exclusively by one branch of society. This is undemocratic!

  11. STEPHANIE TAUB says:


  12. Ranchers think they own the land, but they don’t, it belongs to the wildlife. Leave the wolves alone you greedy bastards!

  13. I heard a news story today (on CBC Radio here in Canada) about how farmers are protecting their cattle from lions in Africa. They usually have to shoot them & they don’t want to. Someone recognized that lions always approach their prey from behind as they do not want to be seen. So…they painted “eyes” on the rumps of all their cattle & NO MORE KILLS from lions! None! Maybe this tactic would work with wolves… Worth a try!

  14. Government subsidized ranchers assume the risk when they allow their cattle to graze on Public Lands. To slaughter wolves when they attack cattle that are intentionally grazing in the wolves’ territory is ludicrous! Remove the cattle from the Public Lands or at the very least require ranchers to sign waivers regarding being compensated for loss of cattle. The remaining wolves should not be slaughtered. If necessary, the wolves should be sent to the sanctuary that has agreed to take them.

  15. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  16. Mandy Burrell says:

    Signed & shared in the UK, I do not want to see these beautiful wolves murdered because the Ranchers want to use public land to graze cattle. Here in the UK the dairy and meat farmers keep their livestock in fenced fields for grazing. When they use any public land the livestock is again fenced in so the livestock can not go anywhere near the wildlife and distroy any habitat. So I say if the UK farmers can do this, so why can not the USA ranchers.

  17. Our natural environment, our public lands, NEEDS its diverse wildlife — wolves are an integral part of our eco-system — LEAVE THE WOLVES ALONE — the cattle ranchers MUST find another way — cattle ranchers do NOT have the RIGHT to encroach on our public lands — our planet needs its eco-systems without which we are all doomed — the cattle ranchers are the ones to be punished & fined! — Keep your cattle on your own private land — our wildlife NEEDS its home, its natural habitat — DO NOT TAKE AWAY THEIR HOME — WHERE ARE OUR WOLVES TO GO !! — WHERE DOES OUR WILDLIFE GO !!

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