Opioid control effects

Target: CDC, State of California and Obama Administration,

Most people are unaware of the 1.1 billion dollars that has been allocated from the Obama administration in an effort to limit and stop the usage of opioid prescription’s taken place and with the invisible campaign we are taught that it is a horrible drug that produces pain and is used by abusers. Most are referring to a book that was released claiming it actually causes pain. For those of us that have severe auto immune and other disorders, this miracle medicine causes less side effects and gives a better quality of life for people like me that also have severe allergic reactions to other medicines. A lot of anti depressants actually cause more of a “high” feeling and more impaired judgement then opioids do for a lot of people. 14 states recently received supplemental funding for signing up for the anti opioid act, California was one of them and we were really wanting to move there for a better climate that is more conducive to pain than cold winters. Any pain management company that chooses to give pain medicine in the state of California is automatically investigated, sent demanding letters, and eventually shut down with a loss of their license. It is not right that people that have stolen medicine, abused it, or maybe got addicted to it when they did not need it, should make it where people who genuinely need it and have a better quality of life can not have it. The worst part is, this anti opioid movement is in a test phase with 14 states but is now starting to move through out the US. I do not want to be forced to take marijuana, anti depressants that I am allergic to, or medicines that do not work for pain management. I am tired of seeing pharmacists, outside doctors and the spread through the nation of people that look down on people who do need opioid medicines to function as if they are drug addicts. It is an unfair label and a backwards position to be in. And I want to let those who are part of this new reformation know how this is effecting those who truly do have horrifying pain that sometimes makes life unbearable know that life is hard enough with chronic pain and the last thing people in this situation need is to be labeled, degraded and have the life saving medicine they need taken away. It is not right that the doctors that are compassionate to the needs of patients with these problems would be scrutinized and looked down upon. President Obama and those in this fight, please find ballance to the control and find mercy on people that need life saving medicine. The money being pushed in to this movement needs to come with a ballance to making room to still perscribe opioids and making those that have to take them not feel ashamed. Please stop harrasing doctors and pain management clinics who have proven the clients pain to have the flexability to perscribe what they consider necissary to help the patients. To learn more information on the movement you can go to the CDC’s website at http://www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/states/state_prevention.html

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