SeaWorld Beluga Has Lost All Her Babies and Must be Retired to Sanctuary

Target: Joel Manby, CEO of SeaWorld

Goal: Release Martha, a beluga whale that has lost all her children, to an accredited sanctuary.

Martha is a beluga whale that was stolen from the wild and taken to SeaWorld San Antonio where she has been imprisoned since 1988. Over the years, she has been used in SeaWorld’s cruel and unnatural breeding program. Out of the five calves she has given birth to, four have died and one was taken from her to be shipped around the nation.

Martha’s most recent calf was born in June. Before the calf was on this earth for a single day, her and her mother were on display to the public. The calf was born a month premature and passed away just three weeks after her birth.

It appears that SeaWorld does not care about its animals but only profit. Sign this petition and demand that SeaWorld retire Martha to an accredited sanctuary where she will no longer be forced to breed only to lose another child.


Dear Mr. Manby,

Recently Martha, a beluga whale in SeaWorld San Antonio, gave birth to a calf a month premature. Instead of giving the new mother and baby some peace and quiet, you put them both on display to the public just 12 hours after birth. Then just a short three weeks later, the calf passed away.

This is not the first time this has happened to Martha. Four out of her five babies have died, and the only surviving calf was taken from her to be shipped around the nation for public entertainment. Forcing Martha to breed only to lose every child is unusually cruel and inhumane.

Please consider sending Martha to an accredited sanctuary where she can find the peace and happiness she so desperately needs. Martha has not only been imprisoned for nearly 30 years, but she has suffered more psychologically than we could even imagine. It is time to stop focusing on profit but rather the well-being of these amazing animals.


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Photo credit: Tony Fox

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  1. Will not go to Sea World again! They are cruel and only care about money! FREE MARTHA!!! Let her go to a sanctuary

  2. Seaworld, why are we still having to do this? Sort your act out

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with all of the other comments.
    This is why I would never visit Sea World – and why I tell my grandchildren they should never view caged animals as a form of ‘entertainment’. Human ignorance and arrogance.



    • You’re right Stephanie. We need to tell everyone we know to BOYCOTT SEAWORLD as an amusement park and as an investment as SeaWorld could care less about the health the animals they hold captive. They and their stockholders only care about the bottom line! SeaWorld does not even own these animals since SeaWorld stole them from the wild.

  5. If everyone protest by not going to SeaWorld, they would soon react.

    I, for one, will not go until they display compassion.

  6. seaworld should be shut down altogether. go beyond boycotting it, SHUT THE BLOODY PLACE DOWN.

    • maxine sheehan says:

      Jackie I so agree with you. These hell holes need to be closed permanently. And this poor old lady definitely needs to be retired to a sanctuary. The owners of Seaworld, and all other Aquariums re money grubbing bastards.

  7. Why can’t SeaWorld just be shut down? All the terrible things that have gone on there and they just keep happening. It’s such a horrible money game.

  8. They need to bring LEGAL PERSONHOOD for all companion animals, working animals and wild animals. This is the first step. Once they have this in lae it follows that all such places will have to be shut down. The next step will be declaring legal personhood for food animals. This will not allow industrial and intensive farming to go on and they will have to move to humane farming as the priority and IGA (inert gas apoxia) as the preferred slaughter method that causes no distress. Legal pesonhood for animals would involve a status similar to humans but not exactly since all animals would always be our dependants and some animals remain food sources. Wen in vitro/lab meat becomes commercially viable then all animal slaughter for food will have the potential to be given up.

  9. Sea World is a living HELL for marine animals! NO ONE should visit (especially pay money) to see these intelligent creatures SUFFER so much! It is like solitary confinement for prisoners–except that these precious whales are NOT CRIMINALS!

    I HATE SEA WORLD! This is a cruel greedy money-making pit, operated by sadistic sociopaths!

    The minimal moral action Sea World could take is to send pathetically miserable depressed Martha to a decent loving sanctuary–After all the physical and psychological damage they have done and continue to inflict!

  10. People at large: BOYCOTT SEAWORLD – that means do not go there to encourage Joel Manby, CEO of SeaWorld, to SLAUGHTER BELUGAS and fatten-up his bank accounts. BOYCOTT SeaWorld and let’s watch them go banckrupt 🙂

  11. Sea world show biz…an entertainment water-circus exploiting sentient beings for the bottom line, cash. Outdated and cruel. No more entertainment at something else’s expense (trapped in a breeding program, synthetic, deprived of the fulfillment of natural motherhood and the wide open space of oceanic habitat…never mind to mention other numerous, unspeakable miseries at Sea World). We have other forms of “entertainment” available today, entertainment that more closely reflects a higher level of awareness and consciousness. This type of “entertainment” is on it’s way out.
    Isn’t it time to free poor Martha into a sanctuary; it’s the least that could be done after all her years of confined servitude and psychological deprivation.


  13. This is cruel Sea World. Is money so important over doing what is right for the animals. I will never go to Sea World or any other place that has captive animals. Ripping her only surviving calf if beyond cruel. They have feeling as well & this is heartbreaking. I can not imagine not having any feelings for the animals. We are supposed to care for the animals of this world not cause them harm & distress. Shame on you. Where is your heart?

  14. So man destroyed her life. How sad that this is what she got.

  15. Karen Remnant says:

    Free her and every other creature they keep imprisoned in this awful, evil place!

  16. SeaWorld YOU ARE NOT GOD and NEVER HAVE BEEN !!!

  17. There are simply no words to describe how angry SeaWorld’s appalling treatment of this beautiful, defenceless and important creature makes me. She and all the other creatures imprisoned in this hellhole.
    They lead miserable and lonely lives, tortured for ‘entertainment’.
    This must end. Free Martha and her fellow captives to accredited sanctuaries. SHUT SEAWORLD DOWN.

  18. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared with sadness❗️? ?

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