Ban Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Target: Representative Joseph Pitts, Chairman of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Health

Goal: End cruel cosmetic testing on animals with a country-wide ban on the practice and sale of products tested on animals.

A ban on cosmetic testing on animals was introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives by Representative Martha McSally of Arizona. Not only would the bill ban testing on animals, it would also ban the sale and transportation of such products within the United States. More than 30 nations have taken action to ban cosmetic testing on animals. However, several developed nations, including Canada and the United States, have yet to put an end to this outdated and cruel practice.

During cosmetic testing, small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice are exposed to ingredients found in cosmetics like lipstick, shampoo, and nail polish. To test a product’s skin and eye irritation, products are rubbed on animals, while others may be force-fed to animals in order to test for everything from birth defects to causes of death.

There are countless alternatives to animal testing. Companies can produce products with safe materials instead of testing new materials on animals. They can also use science’s technical advancements to replace the use of animals with more modern and cruelty-free options, like artificial skin that replaces the need for animal skin.

Representative McSally’s proposed legislation would put an end to cosmetic testing on defenseless animals. Countless nations have already taken steps to end this inhumane practice. It is America’s turn to ban animal testing. Sign the petition to voice your support for Representative McSally’s bill, which is currently sitting in the House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Health, where is has remained for over a year.


Dear Representative Pitts,

Over a year ago, Representative Martha McSally introduced a law that would ban the testing of cosmetics on animals in addition to banning any sale or transportation of such cosmetics. If this bill was made into a law, America would join more than 30 other nations on a growing list of countries banning animal testing.

Millions of defenseless animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice would be spared from cruelty such as purposeful skin and eye irritation and death. In this scientifically advanced age, there is no reason animals should still be used in laboratories to test nail polish and lipstick.

However, the bill has remained inactive in your Subcommittee on Health. I ask you and the other members of the committee to take action on this bill so that is has a better chance of becoming law and so that this cruel and outdated practice can be brought to an end.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Thye Chuah

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  2. There is absolutely NO need for ANYTHING to be tested on animals. STOP!!!!
    We need to stop buying products that are tested on animals. It is possible to source out these cruelty free products. People need educating but most of all we need to STOP ALL ANIMAL TESTING. IT IS WRONG IN EVERY WAY.

  3. 150% support for Representative Martha McSally’s proposed legislation banning the outdated practice of cosmetic testing on helpless animals, especially as technology has come up with advanced alternatives like “artificial skin”, replacing the need for animal use. Many helpless living things will be spared unnecessary torture, cruelty and death (in addition, there is
    constant contoversy over animal suppliers in relation to abusive and unethical practice). She is a courageous woman and the world needs more like her, willing to stand for something in the face of adversity and lack of awareness re: the subject, lack of education or lack of concern. She represents the intelligent future; no doubt she has much public support.
    Action on this bill would result in a greater chance of it’s becoming law, a growing objective, and something long overdue.

  4. It’s not necessary to test on animals for cosmetics. There’s enough of the stuff on this plant for people to wear.
    Animals don’t wear cosmetics. So they should test on human’s.

  5. I am always checking that things are not tested on animals – it would be great not needing to do this. Testing on animals does not protect humans, anyone can still react to animal tested products.

  6. Representative Joseph Pitts, Chairman of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Health & all “decision makers!!!”:
    HOW WOULD YOU like having chemical products rubbed in your eyes, forced fed with this poison and have this rubbed on your skin so Jane Doe look like she’s got long eyelashes?????????? I KNOW that all of you are happy you were not born rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice confined in your torture back rooms, I mean “laboratory”. Take care of business and BAN COSMETIC TESTING ON ANIMALS. Thank you.

  7. Zornitsa Ivanova says:

    Ban now and forever all tests on verterable animals snd fishes and other sensitive animals .Experiments on them is a crime must be bannef.

  8. Animal research is dated, draconian! Activists contact sponsors to eliminate funds!

  9. My family does not and will not purchase any merchandise that has been animal tested. We live in the 21st century, not the dark ages. Any company that is torturing helpless animals for the sake of profit should be closed down IMMEDIATELY and their CEOs prosecuted for animal cruelty !!!!!

    • Maria Mahyorova says:

      Yeah. I don’t buy anything tested on animals too. But I’m pretty tired to tell everyone who doesn’t know, WHAT they are paying for… It’s a crime and must not be on the shelvess.

  10. I’ve said it a hundred times, science and technology always finds ways to progress, take away animal testing and they will progress without it.
    It is a redundant and pointless process

    • Maria Mahyorova says:

      There are ways, already. There are companies who don’t teast on animals, and no one will say e.g. Oriflame is bad or dangerous. In fact it is much more safe than, say, P&G

  11. Have you ever asked yourself, what it takes, to want to become proficient in such practices, to sell your body and soul to the devil hurting and killing innocent creatures for research. Heartless overeducated soulless Homo sapiens, it makes me cringe to know such people excist among us. If you are that smart and educated, might it not be better, to find a attractive and compassione way to do your dirty deeds.

  12. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  13. Maria Mahyorova says:

    It’s more than timely! It’s already sort of late.

  14. This cause true and deep suffering, why do we do this for something so superficial. Please end it!
    We must have the moral courage to do what is right!

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