Stop Barbaric Medical Testing on Unwanted Greyhounds

Target: Linda Dessau, Governor of Victoria, Australia

Goal: Ban medical testing on greyhounds and other dogs.

Dogs are reportedly having their hearts removed in barbaric medical experiments performed by the Monash University in Victoria, Australia, on unwanted racing industry greyhounds. Meanwhile, experimenters at the University of Melbourne allegedly saw screws inserted into dogs’ skulls and electrodes inserted into their brains, causing extreme discomfort in all of the dogs and a swollen blood clot in one.

In a recent experiment, 12 dogs were suffocated and had their hearts removed and inserted into other greyhounds, according to rights group Humane Research Australia. While researchers claim that the experiments aimed to “test how well hearts can be preserved before organ transplants when the donor has already died,” some have questioned whether the researchers have learned anything that can be applied to human surgery.

Experimentation on unwanted racing greyhounds is rampant in Australia. In Victoria, nearly 2,000 dogs were used in experiments last year alone. In many of these experiments, the dogs were put down afterward. Some of these experiments were purely cosmetic, including various dental surgeries performed on beagles and greyhounds.

This cruel and unnecessary experimentation must stop immediately. Especially considering the availability of highly specialized simulation software, there is no need to torture innocent animals. Sign the petition below to demand that Victoria save hundreds of dogs from torture and cruel death by banning the performance of medical experiments on animals.


Dear Mrs. Dessau,

Reports have surfaced of researchers performing torturous and unnecessary experiments on racing greyhounds. These include reports of dogs being suffocated and having their hearts taken out, and others subjected to purely cosmetic dental surgeries. Of the nearly 2,000 dogs subjected to these experiments each year, many are put to death afterward. Rights advocates say that many of these experiments have very little benefit to human medical care.

Adding insult to injury, this cruel experimentation takes advantage of dogs that have already spent time enslaved by the racing industry. It is imperative that we stop abusing dogs to this shocking degree by banning these types of unnecessary and barbaric testing. We, the undersigned, demand that Victoria take a stand against the rampant abuse of medical testing animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Renee Tellez

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  1. This disgusting tortue of beautifull gentle intelligent dogs is a disgrace,dont the people carrying out this torture realise we no longer live in 15th century we should no better!

  2. Just how sickening can depraved humans get. you just have to be pond life scum to do this to such sweet natured animals. I hope there black souls rot in hell for eternity

  3. They so lack technology, there is NO EXCUSE EVEN THOUGH THEY STATE IT’S NECESSARY, all I can is don’t send your kids or grandkids to this inept excuse for a teaching institution.

  4. Wendy Burrows says:

    WTF? Are the human race devoid of emotions and sympathy and empathy for animals.

    who would fund such Bullsh*t????

    greyhounds are such gentle giants, and if they have come from an already barbaric background of greyhound racing, then we know they have already suffered enough.
    These poor dogs are exploited around the world, UK, Spain and many other countries that allow the brutal SPORT of greyhound racing and hunting. thankfully it is banned in our country, and we are a third world country, what does that say about Oz??? however they are used for hunting here in SA, and are often kept in terrible conditions by those that abuse them for hunting. usually very ignorant people who know nothing about caring for animals.

    I will contact Monash university locally and vent my spleen and spread the word that MONASH UNIVERSITY is a monstrosity and anyone thinking of sending their kids to a pit like this need to re-think their choice of University.

    I hope the people that perpetrate such hideous crimes against animals meet with a similar fate of terror, fear, pain and death.


  5. This inhumane treatment of the beautiful greyhounds needs to end now. These dogs, when used as hunters, are often killed when the hunt is complete. Greyhounds forced to participate in the deplorable “sport” of dog racing need to be treated with respect and love. A sanctuary and/or adoption are preferable to ending up on a dissection table at the University of Victoria. Please stop the medical testing of greyhounds.

  6. These vile filth bag animal murderering scumbags need to be exterminated! An eye for or an eye enabling a slow painful death!!


  8. This is the work of the devil because it’s so evil – such bad karma to all involved – what gives anyone the right to prey on innocent lives and just goes to show how weak and evil some people are with no disregard for life – animals are here on earth to test our karma – no wonder the world is what it is today because if you tamper with mother nature she will retaliate and what goes around comes around

  9. What do you expect fucking Australia again. Nearly as bad as China. Ban medical testing on greyhounds and other dogs you vile and evil sadistic monsters from hell. Leave the Greyhounds and all innocent animals alone for your inexcusable testing on the innocent.
    Australia is suppose to be a loving animal country, but that’s full of shit.
    Experiments, allegedly conducted by the Monash University in Victoria, Australia,also the University of Melbourne,exploit unwanted racing industry greyhounds and other defenceless and innocent dogs. This must be stopped and banned.
    Just look how Australia allows the continuation of the sadistic and callous Australian Live Animal Export Trade of defenceless and innocent animals exported to countries of hell and terror where these precious Australian animals die in agony by the sadistic and heartless vile monsters in countries who don,t have animal protection laws and murder by the vilest heinous unimaginable torture and suffering that this subhuman filth can commit.
    Absolutely sickening and unforgivable the atrocities the Australian Government allows to continue against the innocent.

  10. Unfortunately every country in the world has institutions that do medical research.
    Billions upon billions of animals tortured and killed every year.
    Once greyhounds are deemed not useful anymore for racing they then have to endure this, or also be shipped to china and be tortured and eaten.
    As for this vile gruesome experimentation, it doesnt matter if they found a cure for every disease going, its still wrong, vivisection should never have been invented in the first place. Thats the dirty diseased human mind for you.

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