Stop Removing Dogs’ Hearts for Cruel Experiments

Target: Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia

Goal: Ban the use of greyhounds in medical experimentation.

Despite a recent ban on greyhound racing, it seems that Australia’s greyhounds aren’t faring too well. Many of these gentle creatures, having already survived stressful and traumatic lives as a racing hound, are now being subjected to experiments that critics call cruel and unnecessary.

Most recently, Monash University revealed that some of their scientists were using greyhounds for heart transplant research. These so-called experiments involved suffocating a dozen greyhounds, removing their hearts and then inserting them into other dogs. The university claims that the experiments are meant to test the heart’s capacity for preservation and transplant when the donor has recently died. However, glaring differences between canine and human physiology and biology make the extrapolation of any data gathered in these experiments highly unlikely. With next to nothing to gain from these experiments, the loss of these dogs’ lives seems all the more tragic.

Greyhounds are graceful, loyal, and gentle dogs who often make wonderful companions. They deserve the chance to be rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted, not killed for the sake of defunct science experiments that tell us nothing about human medicine. These dogs need to be protected from pain and torture in science labs. Demand that the Australian government take action to prohibit the use of greyhounds in medical experiments.


Dear Prime Minister,

Greyhound racing was banned in Australia because it was recognized as an incredibly cruel sport that subjected innocent animals to physical and mental trauma. It makes little sense, then, that these same innocent dogs are being exploited and killed for scientific experiments.

A dozen greyhounds were killed–twice–at Monash University for heart transplant research. The dogs were suffocated to death, then had their hearts surgically removed and inserted into other dogs. What can possibly be learned from their deaths? What information can be applied to our knowledge of heart transplant surgery that we do not already know? The answer is, not enough to justify killing 12 innocent dogs.

While it is a travesty that any animal, regardless of species, should have to die in the name of science, it is especially insulting to use former racing hounds for these cruel experiments. To have saved these dogs from racing, only to doom them to die in a lab, is highly unethical and should not be permitted under Australian law. After the lives these animals have endured, they deserve nothing less than to be rehabilitated and relocated to loving, permanent homes. That is why I must urge the Australian government to propose legislation protecting all former racing greyhounds from being used in any medical or scientific experiments. It is simply the right thing to do.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Renee Tellez

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  1. Greyhound racing vs Greyhound medical experiment = BOTH EQUALLY CRUEL! Please, these gentle creatures are not garbage so stop exploiting them time after time! They deserve a chance to be adopted by people who love them, to be happy. Do not permit them or any other animals to be used in any medical or scientific experiments.

  2. This is truly wicked and disgusting, you call yourselves a civilised race….what a disgusting joke that is. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. Still its your Karma, whether you choose to believe it or not, doesn’t matter. Reap as you sew. Shameful cruelty NEVER escapes punishment

  3. OMG Australia, are you now showing your true colors? Not caring about the animals you export over long distances to disgusting Asian nations that mistreat them, and now this? You should be ashamed of yourselves!!! But so should the US that performs all sorts of experiments on poor defenseless animals!!! HUMANITY SUCKS!

  4. outlaw these cruel experiments on the great dogs and save great lives.

  5. carol davidson says:

    this for the “greater” good is SHIT!!!

  6. kwong tsz leung says:

    That is terrible. So Wrong !

  7. Joanne Folkins says:

    OMG! Immoral doesn’t cover it. Sociopathic? Psycopathic? Definitely callous and disgusting.

  8. satku murugiah says:

    What kind of experiments require animal subjects when it is so called for human benefit?

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