Justice for Dog Slaughtered With Ax

Target: Joel Abelove, Rensselaer County’s District Attorney

Goal: Sentence alleged ax-wielding dog killer with the harshest possible punishment if he is found guilty.

A man has been charged with animal cruelty for allegedly slaughtering a family’s dog with an ax and then burying the dog in their backyard in Cossayuna, New York. The dog belonged to a relative who he was staying with at the time. The alleged killer, Jason C. Jenkins, has not yet given a reason for this alleged cruelty, but no reason could possibly justify murdering an innocent animal.

The four-year-old dog was discovered by her family in a freshly dug grave, an undoubtedly traumatizing sight that they will never be able to forget. This young dog, who must’ve brought so much joy and love to this family, deserves justice for this unforgivable crime. If found guilty, it is imperative that Jenkins receive the maximum sentence for his crime.

Although he was arrested for violating the animal protection law known as Buster’s Law, this law has shown a disappointingly low conviction rate of animal abusers–just 17 percent. It is imperative that if the allegations against Jenkins are true, that he does not join the scores of other criminals who have abused and killed innocent animals and gotten away with it. Demand that the state serve justice to the family of this slain dog by pursuing the harshest possible penalty for Jenkins.


Dear District Attorney Abelove,

A Rensselaer family’s world was forever turned upside-down they came home and found their beloved dog buried in their backyard. More horrific than the dog’s premature death was how she was apparently killed–by being struck in the head and neck repeatedly with an ax.

The man accused of committing this crime, Jason C. Jenkins, was actually a relative of this family, making his accused acts even more brutal and heartless. Jenkins has not offered a motive for allegedly slaughtering this innocent dog with an ax, hence his charges of aggravated animal cruelty.

I am reaching out to the District Attorney’s office in the hopes that, if guilty, Jenkins will not be part of the vast majority of accused animal abusers who have avoided a felony conviction under Buster’s Law. This law is meant to ensure the safety of New York State’s beloved companion animals and deter would-be abusers from causing them harm, yet it has produced a disappointingly low rate of felony convictions.

I sincerely hope that Jenkins will serve the maximum sentence of two years if he is found guilty of this horrendous crime. Please do whatever is in your power to make sure that this grief-stricken family finds justice for their slain dog.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Dallas Floer Photography

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  1. immediate bullet to the head of jason jenkins now for killing a great family member now.

  2. Lock this insane mad man up for ever. Decent people should not have to be anywhere near him

  3. carol davidson says:


  4. barbara chapman says:

    I think I would have found another use for the axe.

  5. Catherine Dugan says:

    There’s nothing to say…except, chop off his head!!!

  6. This is heart breaking. I feel so bad for this family and this poor dog. This person would never be a part of my family again ever!!! Again, he needs his name placed on a public animal abuse registry, maximum penalties, both financial and jail time. This man is obviously very sick and needs a therapy.

  7. He is one sick person. A total POS. Would someone please do something about the leniency theses sick animal abusers get for once follow the laws we have on the books and pray just maybe it might help alleviate the endless cycle of animal abuse. Over and over and over I’m signing these petitions to do with animal abuse enough is enough throw the book at these pieces of crap that do these unimaginable atrocities two animals.

  8. Wendy Burrows says:

    time to lock this nutjob away, or better still just euthanize the piece of sh*t.

  9. Elizabeth Meszaros says:

    Someone like that is a sociopath and a danger to animals & people. He deserves to get axed & left in a shallow grave. Even that is too good for him. He doesn’t deserve to walk this earth. I cry for that poor family.

  10. Amar Taggarh says:

    Can we pass a law that allows animal lovers to hunt and hurt animal abusers without being charged with a crime? Watch how the rate of animal abuse drops of this ever came to pass. Animal lovers are a passionate bunch and they should be protected for exposing and retaliating against animal abusers.

  11. This dog murdering POS must be wiped off the planet by means of an axe.

  12. Kill, killer, Jason C. Jenkins,immediately. Please someone finish this monster off. Making sure he dies in agony.
    This psychopathic animal torturing monsters will continue torturing defenceless and innocent animals to death if this lowlife filth is not eradicated from this Planet. .

  13. This MONSTER’S address is 11 Viall Ave
    Mechanicville, NY 12118-1032

  14. Juanita Dibley says:

    Kill that F***ing bastard with a axe.

  15. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Time for some WWF smackdown on this piece of sh!t❗️? Whoop his ass til he can’t walk❗️? Signed & Shared.

  16. Gail Lindley says:

    This is a very sick person. What if a person dose something this person dose not like? Hope he was kicked out of the house on his ass.

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