Demand Justice for Pit Bull Used as Bait Dog

Target: Greg Taylor, Anderson County Sherriff

 Goal: Stop neglecting animal cruelty cases after abandoned dog used as “bait” was found and rescued.

An abused pit bull was recently found in a Texas county with a known history of animal abuse cases. Most notable was the story of a puppy named Remi who had to be euthanized due to injuries from being set on fire. Recently, Southwest Hills Veterinary Clinic found a pit bull, whom they later named Miracle, on the side of the road in Anderson County. Due to her injuries, it was obvious she had been used as a bait dog.

Bait dogs are typically small or weak dogs who are not aggressive and are tied up and muzzled while other dogs attack them in order to prepare for a fight. When they found Miracle, she was half the weight she was supposed to be and on top of other injuries, needed surgery for a wounded foot. The local humane society has said they don’t see many dogs come through with these signs, but that could be because most bait dogs don’t survive. More needs to be done to investigate Anderson County for dog fight rings and save sweet dogs like Miracle from abuse.

Luckily, Miracle’s story is a happy one. She has recovered, is very loving, and is ready to be adopted–but her abusers are still at large, and there are other cases plaguing the county. While suspects have been arrested after Remi the puppy was found, the case remains unsolved. Residents have reported livestock starving in their pens and yards overrun with cats.

Texas law protects animals by taking them from their owners and criminalizing those who neglect their animals, force them to fight, or otherwise harm them in anyway. Anderson County residents do not feel their sheriff’s department is doing enough. Attain justice for dogs like Miracle by demanding that Anderson County work harder to investigate cases of animal abuse, especially dog fight rings.


Dear Sheriff Taylor,

The recent cases of animal abuse in Anderson County are building a reputation for your jurisdiction as an unsafe place for animals. Pets and livestock are reportedly neglected and overcrowded while law enforcement does little to help.

Dogs, most recently Miracle, who was severely underweight and injured when she was found on the side of the road, are obviously being used as bait dogs for fighting rings in your county. While there have not been a plethora of cases, you must realize that most bait dogs don’t survive and that the few that have been found in Anderson County are clues to a dog fight operation.

Texas law protects these animals from their abusers. We urge you to find those responsible for these crimes and use the law to attain justice for animals like Miracle and Remi. Dog fighting is a severe abuse of animal rights, and it must be stopped. We ask that you increase your animal control efforts to let Anderson County and Texas know that you won’t put up with the abuse.


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Photo credit: Cseszka

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  1. i demand a investigation to the dogs that are used as bait for dog fighting now in anderson county texas. justice to end all dog fighting now.

    • Texas Law obviously doesn’t protect animals.This barbarity belongs in the distant dark ages which it is obvious we haven’t even come out of. It’s time the powers that be banned this and locked the perpetrators up for life. There’s got to be a severe deterrent, let the punishment fit the crime. A curse on all those involved and allow it. Humans, the worse creatures ever created.

    • Robert Buckmann says:

      Agreed~!!!! Let Us Pet Lovers, Open Fire on Dog Fight Promoters and Be Hailed, As the True Hero’s We Should Be~!!!! MAKE IT OPEN SEASON ON DOG FOG ORGANIZERS AND ANYONE THERE~!!!!

  2. bait dogs often have their teeth removed or filed down, as well……cats, kittens, puppies, weaker and smaller dogs of various breeds are ALSO used as “bait animals” in training fighting dogs.

  3. Please do not ignore the suffering and abuse inflicted on helpless animals because ALL LIVES MATTER! Those who ‘look the other way’ are little better than those who commit cruelty and abuse. Please take every action possible to find animal abusers and to send a clear message that animal cruelty will not go unpunished. Thank you.

    • Robert Buckmann says:

      Agreed~!!!! Let Us Pet Lovers, Open Fire on Dog Fight Promoters and Be Hailed, As the True Hero’s We Should Be~!!!! MAKE IT OPEN SEASON ON DOG FOG ORGANIZERS AND ANYONE THERE~!!!!

  4. These monsters do not deserve to draw air. Lock them up for ever so decent people don’t ever need to be near them.

  5. carol davidson says:

    this is so typical

  6. Wendy Morrison says:

    Use these stupid humans instead of Pit Bulls as bait for less STUPID human the better in my opinion than hurting an innocent dog of any breed or other animals too!!

  7. Please take these abusers and place their names publicly on the Animal abuse registry, arrest them and pay the maximum penalty for animal abuse, which will then fund the care costs for the animal. These people are sick. Many animal abusers show signs of this at a very young age, which is why we need to enforce treatment at a very young age. Many animal abusers are child abusers… stop the cycle.

  8. Jeffrey Turner says:

    Same style as that kid who punched the cat and posted it online! Bragging about it. So I agree this animal abusing starts at an early age

  9. Amar Taggarh says:

    To those asshole who think dogfighting is a sport. You are all scumbags. Why not fight yourselves? I know why. You’re all cowards and deserve nothing from the rest of us. What you do deserve for harming innocent animals is a fierce beating till death from animal lovers everywhere. I hope to see you all suffer in the pits of Hell.

  10. Pat Powers-Jaeger says:

    Let’s start REALLY punishing these dirt bags! It’s time we recognize
    that if they would do these dastardly things to an innocent animal,
    they would do it to a person!

    There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for animal abuse and it breaks my heart
    to think about these poor abused dogs – all they want is our love and
    to follow our commands, they really WANT to please us. Start showing
    some compassion for these poor babies – and lets put these barbaric
    people away! NOW!

  11. Give them to the military for use as live targets!


  13. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    Every each century on this planet has a human-animals creatures…. so these need to be eliminated….due to nature’s law…

  14. Kiley Baricevic says:

    I don’t get why this is just so hard to put an end to this if you take every animal these people own and their property and say this is what happens when you fight dogs are you treat your animals bad this would all end they wouldn’t own animals if they knew that their shelter was going to be taken or their cars or their money

  15. Juanita Dibley says:

    Tie those bastards up give them to a pitbull.

  16. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Right now is the perfect time for Police Dept. to revitalize their image by going after abusers of pets.
    This is horrible and can’t be tolerated. Scum like that doesn’t belong in society. Animals deserver better protection.

  17. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Sons of bitches❗️?
    Signed & Shared?

  18. Lilian Caughlin says:

    We demand justice for all the abused animals. Imagine how much that would do to the image of a Police Dept. Can’t buy that kind of PR.

  19. These cowards like to see fights, so why they don’t organize fights like the old roman times: Gladiators fights and the ones who go to see, can be the ones fighting so they have all fun. they fight and see fighting. COWARDS, bastards. I wish i could break every bone on their bodies, perfurated their eyes, cut their pennis and stucked them into their mouths,cuts in their bodies and than put salt,,,,….and so on

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