Tell Republicans to UN-ENDORSE Donald Trump


Target: Republican officeholders and candidates

Goal: Get leading Republicans to prove that they don’t approve of Donald Trump’s bigotry and appealing to white nationalists by un-endorsing Trump and making it clear they will not vote for him.

Republican officeholders and candidates have repeatedly been sent scrambling to distance themselves from their presidential candidate – after he failed to denounce white supremacists like former KKK leader David Duke … after he picked a fight with the Muslim parents of a fallen US Army captain … after he doubled down on his pledge to hold mass deportations for millions of immigrants… and the list goes on.

But very few of them have shown the moral strength to disavow Trump as their candidate and UN-ENDORSE him.

Crossing the lines of basic human decency is part of what defines Donald Trump, and he won’t stop doing it any time soon.

Republican leaders say that Trump’s actions don’t represent their party. Well, here’s their chance to PROVE IT.

Sign the petition: Tell Republican officeholders and candidates the time has come to UN-ENDORSE Donald Trump!


Dear Republican officeholders and candidates:

Your party’s candidate has crossed the line too many times. You cannot continue to denounce Donald Trump’s attacks on Americans and American values while continuing to support his candidacy for president of the United States.

We, the undersigned, demand that you UN-ENDORSE Donald Trump for president and disavow him as your candidate.

[Your Name Here]

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  1. I am so tired of the reverse bigotry in the US. The minorities (which they are not small in number anymore) have been given AMPLE opportunity and breaks and money for school.. they are given opportunity for the exact same schools and educations… they are given preference in being hired… … and they for the most part do NOT take advantage of these perks and would rather complain and ask for assistance! All the while increasing their numbers and expecting those who work for a living to feed their families through paying taxes. This is NOT a color thing… this is a work ethic thing!
    I am glad that someone is finally standing up for the people who work for a living!!! Go Trump!
    I will not sign this silly pathetic petition!

  2. Andy Whiteman says:

    It is too close to the election to unendose Trump.

  3. By saying the word “bigotry” and evoking the KKK, the hope is to arouse all the ugliness associations therein. It’s cheap and obvious, and I won’t buy it. There are many forms of bigotry and subtle ways to use it to oppress. Twisting Trump’s rhetoric into a political platform is a poor attempt to goad the zombie electorate into a lynch mob. Instead of being indignant at perceived bigotry in words, why not judge the actions and consequences of our so-called leaders and see true bigotry in action?


  5. I am voting for Trump. Take your stupid petition and stuff it.

  6. Too far in the game for this. If the Republicans thought they could have done better, then they should have. But they couldn’t. Trump has hit too many buttons – the right buttons BTW – and that’s why he’s where he is.
    This is BS smoke-and-mirrors to take focus away from the Clinton Crime Family. Not signed.

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