Stop Dissecting Pregnant Cats in Anatomy Classes

Target: Lucy Kluckhorn Jones, Ombudsperson, Professor of Biology

Goal: Stop dissecting pregnant cats in favor of more humane teaching methods.

Santa Monica College is dissecting pregnant cats in science classes as an outdated and ineffective teaching method. Dissection is an unfortunate reality on many college campuses.

Dissection is a cruel and unnecessary way to teach anatomy and physiology and many studies show that students lose interest in science when forced to dissect. All medical schools in the U.S. and Canada have banned dissection and its time for the remaining schools to do the same.

These pregnant cats are no different than the cats in your home. They have unique personalities and enjoy human company. Sign this petition to demand the college stop dissecting pregnant cats.


Dear Professor Jones,

I was horrified to hear that Santa Monica College uses pregnant cats for dissections. Dissections are terribly inhumane and there are many sound alternatives.

Dissection is a cruel and unnecessary way to teach students in today’s world. There are now many humane options available and it is disheartening to see your college is not taking advantage of today’s technology. All medical schools in the U.S. and Canada have banned dissection and it is time your college do the same.

These pregnant cats that are being cut open are no different than the cats in your family’s home. Cats have unique personalities and enjoy the company of humans. Please consider ending the use of pregnant cats for dissections immediately.


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  1. Deborah Baynes says:

    Barbarism is reaching new heights. There is absolutely no respect or value put on these creatures’ lives. Beyond disgusting practice at so called institutions of learning

  2. rosemary weston says:

    you are not saying that they are dissecting live animals, are you???

    i never wanted to dissect any of the animals we were required to dissect in biology class even though they were soaked in formaldahyde and didn’t seem like they were real. the nursing students were the only ones who did cats. and we had to watch the professor deciphalate a frog… i plan to donate my body to science, but it is my choice…

  3. Jennifer Halahan says:

    Disgusting, barbaric, out dated, and a waste of tuition and salary to this so called professor. I’d demand a refund of my tuition if I took this class. What goes through his mind to think this is a good idea???

  4. You bunch of primitive bloody Neanderthals. Slicing and dicing into any living being you see fit? How dare you! You’re not God!!! stop this disection of Innocence.

  5. This is disgraceful, inhuman and friggin’ medieval. What is WRONG with these people?

  6. Even ISIS wouldn’t do this.

  7. Carol Whitfield says:

    Who is this psychopath allowed to teach in school and force this upon impressionable kids? I still have night mares of that ugly cows eye they made me dissect and it was dead. I call for her immediate removal from any and all classrooms. Where is this nut job getting these pregnant cats? They should be held responsible, too!


  9. Carol Whitfield says:

    Even though I fail to see the similarity between a cat’s internal structures and a humans, I just got a return call from the College and these are not living animals at any point in time when they have them. They are also not always pregnant. The students are not required to dissect the cat themselves but are required to watch.

    • Marjolein Eweg says:

      Hi Carol,

      Would you know how they obtain these dead cats? I.e. are they euthanised for this very purpose or were their bodies donated after having passed of natural causes or after euthanisation resulting solely from the cat’s poor wellbeing?

      Would be very interesting to know.

      Kind regards,
      Marjolein Eweg

      • These animals are gathered by suppliers, and stuffed to the max into gas chambers, and sold to a-holes who feel this is a valid way to learn. Because, after all, “they’re only cats”. Nothing natural about tis.

  10. Kiley Baricevic says:

    Wtf? Are we still in the dark ages?

  11. FREE PUBLICITY FOR the Santa Monica College, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A. LUCY KLUCKHORN JONES, Ombudsperson, Professor of Biology, (310) 434-3986; ​​Dr. DOLORES RAVELING, INTERIM ASSOCIATE DEAN,

    THIS IS 2016. Haven’t you “EDUCATED” people heard of today’s technology????????? What you’re doing is slaughtering LIVE pregnant cats. SHAME ON YOU ALL.
    p.s. FUTURE Santa Monica Collese students: Be prepared to cut open live pregnant cats.

  12. Rhona LaBruzzo says:

    Lucy Kluckhorn Jones-you fricken homely wanna be human here’s a suprise. Life sometimes sucks and you are making it worse. Are you bartering, talking to yourself, trying to make yourself right? Then you are also sick and can’t help yourself. Use your bucks and get professional help.

  13. Carol Crowell says:

    Dissection is an outdated practice. We should be more progressive as a society in today’s world.

  14. no comments

  15. Nadine brundage says:

    Why is this still being done????? This is the year 2016, get with it.idiots.

  16. Burke and Hare were two men in Edinburgh, Scotland, who murdered people to sell their bodies to Dr Knox.s anatomy school, for disecction. Burke was found guilty and sentenced to hang. He was then disected in the same medical college he sold his victims to.
    Now, that’s KARMA.

  17. Everyone is entitled to their point of view, but it disturbs me to see that some agree with this outdated, barbaric practice. These cats are taken from pounds, or snatched off the street by “suppliers”. They are then jammed into gas chambers – as full as they can be – and killed, in terror and pain. This is where our anatomy specimens come from. Most people do not know this.
    Now you do.

    If a person has a modicum of compassion, they must know this is WRONG! There are much better ways to get knowledge.

  18. Lilian Caughlin says:

    What century are you living in…
    We have advanced considerably. It has to stop. Animals deserve better.

  19. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Time to get our dissecting scalpels out & whiddle on rheir asses so they can see how it feels❗️?
    Signed & Shared.?

  20. STILL NOT PRESENTED? I think this petition site is getting info via false pretences.

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