Success: Ban Lifted on Proposed Mosque

Target: Keith Ellis, Chairman of the Newton County Board of Commissioners

Goal: Thank Newton County’s board of commissioners for lifting the moratorium that had prevented the construction of a controversial new mosque.

Just weeks ago, news of a proposed mosque in Newton County, Georgia elicited hateful opposition from bigoted citizens. Hundreds of people gathered at a town hall meeting to express their disdain at the idea of a new mosque in their city. Islamophobic insults and threats were hurled as the county’s Muslim population was unfairly placed under attack.

Plans to build the mosque had been put on hold due to a moratorium the county had enforced on the construction of all religious structures. The town hall meeting was an opportunity for citizens to express concerns that they had. While most of the comments were ignorant and hurtful, there were a handful of people who chose to speak in favor of the mosque and defended their Muslim neighbors and their right to freely practice their religion. Thanks to those brave voices, the sensibility of the commissioners, and petitions like this one on ForceChange, plans to build the mosque are now underway.

This is a great victory for Newton County’s Muslim-American population and their allies. Because the city’s commissioners did not let citizens’ bigotry cloud their judgment, Muslims in this county will be able to continue practicing their constitutional right to freedom of religion. Thank the commissioners for doing the right thing by signing this petition.


Dear Chairman Ellis,

I would like to applaud you and your fellow commissioners for lifting the moratorium on Newton County’s newest mosque. At this crucial point in the United States’ sociopolitical history, tensions between different religious and ethnic groups are especially high, and many people choose to let fear and ignorance decide their actions and philosophy. I am very pleased to see that that is not the case in Newton County.

In the face of strong opposition from the people of Newton County, it might have been easier to simply put the mosque’s construction plans on hold indefinitely to avoid any potential backlash; however, what is easy is not always what’s right. Thank you for recognizing that and for protecting the religious freedom of Newton County’s Muslim citizens. Your decision shows that you stand on the side of righteousness and equality rather than ignorance and fear.


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  1. Karolina Socha-Dushko says:

    At the same website, you are advocating against discrimination against black dogs and cats… Are you such hypocrites, or is your ignorance greater than any sane person could imagine? How will you be feeling when dogs and their humans in communities near this mosque start being stoned, beaten, poisoned and threatened? Will you make a petition to the muslims to stop? Will they listen? Are there any limits to this madness?

    • I am from Scotland UK, and have to agree with the comments here. The thought of having muslims living anywhere near me terrifies me. I have watched videos online from Sweden where groups of muslim men are shouting and threatening police officers and actually assaulting them because the refuse to arrest women who are not covered from head to toe. What frightens me even more is the police stand and take it and do nothing about it.

  2. I’m sorry but I will not sign this petition or rejoice in it’s passing. Newton GA is a very small town and to force it’s residents to accept what will amount to a Mega Mosque in their little town is reprehensible. Do you know nothing of what is happening in Britain and Europe? Muslims move in, start building mosques, bring in extra wives and all extended family members, have many babies and the entire town changes. The citizens are overrun with a totally foreign culture unwilling to assimilate and adapt to American culture. You people are nuts to push this kind of thing on America! You don’t know what you are doing and what you have set up our children and grandchildren up for. A future of Sharia Law and forced subjugation. You need to educate yourselves and pull your heads out of your tightly wound far Left asses!

    • This is so true. lm from the UK and this is exactly what is happening.
      This is a big mistake that everyone will regret. But no one is allowed to say anything in case it offends the invaders. Political correctness and all that rubbish.

  3. not a succes—an unmitigated disaster—let them build mosques in their homelands or where there roots r–next they wil be demanding more and more.

  4. So disappointed to hear of this. Why such a large mega mosque in a small city? Planning to take over? Open your eyes to what is happening in Europe!! BIG MISTAKE. I hope they open their doors to everyone like our Christian churches so we know if they are teaching hate against other religions.

  5. Stupid petition.The dumbest petition that I have ever seen.Ban all mosques globally.Muslims DO NOT belong in western countries!

  6. Samra Kovacevic says:

    I feel threatened – But not by this mosque nor any muslim, but by all these awful ignorant comments here who are likely to give me eye cancer. Ugly people with irrelevant “oppinions”… or just a couple o’ stupid haters.

  7. greta taylor says:

    i feel this decision to allow a huge mosque to be built in this town will, sooner or later, turn out to be a huge disaster. i agree with debbie from the u.k. give the muslims an inch and they will take for a mile. already in the u.k. in london, there are sharia areas where sharia law is practised – female mutilation, poligamy, stoning of women who have been accused of adultery or a young woman is raped – only the woman is punished, not the men who committed the rape. gangs of young muslim men patrol the streets at night and attack folks who are drinking beer or liquor and so on and so on. these people will bot and not want to assimilate. they just want to take over the western world and make it one huge muslim state. there saying is: convert or die. make no mistake about it. open your ears and eyes and learn what is happening in germany, sweden, the u.k. and is gradually happening in canada and the u.s.a.

  8. “Plans to build the mosque had been put on hold due to a moratorium the county had enforced on the construction of all religious structures.”

    Then why is there a special dispensation for the mosque to be built? Or is it not really a religious structure but a madrassa to teach radical Islam? Why are the voices of the local folks “hateful” and “bigoted”? Why don’t their concerns matter? Muslims aren’t interested in assimilating; they want you to adapt to their ways. Americans will see their way of life destroyed in another generation at this rate.

  9. What a relief to read so many sensible comments on here actually opposing this idiotic petition! Will you thickos who signed it be equally pleased when your bloody culture is overthrown by these invaders and incomers, as they have sworn to do? And here you are (and here in the UK also) rolling out the bloody welcome mat for them! Thank God these bleeding heart clowns weren’t around during WW1 or WW2..we’d have been over run without a shot being fired!

    • This is so true, these muslims dont appreciate what is done for them, or what is given to them by the west.
      They hate us because we aren’t muslim and we are the infidels, the enemy to be overtaken, and its happening all over.
      But say a word and you are called a racist, when actually its the invaders who do all the hating.
      lts so ifuriating what governments are allowing to happen, but they dont have to live near them, they are safe in their mansions.
      lts us regular people that have to put up with it. Sweden in particular should be a lesson to other countries.

  10. Caroline McCord says:

    Mosques are structures that praise victory in countries that muslims successfully “conquer” and it was recently announced by muslims in the UK that mosques are not required as places of prayer,they actually said that islamic prayers should actually take place outdoors as decreed by their prophet Mohammad and in accordance with Allah.

  11. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Make your vote count this November. This can only get worse.

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