Save Abandoned Research Chimpanzees

Target: Dr. Christopher D. Hillyer, President and Chief Executive Officer of the NYBC.

Goal: Financially support dozens of abandoned chimpanzees after their use in medical testing.

More than 60 chimpanzees have been left forgotten and starving on the islands of Liberia after years of being used for medical research. For over 30 years, these chimps were used in the blood center’s hepatitis research that was conducted in a Liberian lab through a partnership with the Liberian government. However, over a decade ago, the research was completed and the chimps were left to roam. For 10 years, the blood center supported the animals that had worked for them.

However, in 2015, the blood center ended its financial funding of the chimps. This left only the Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research to care for the animals. It is a costly endeavor, about $20,000 a month, which the institute cannot manage alone.

The islands on which the chimps now live are not able to sustain natural food sources and do not offer drinkable water, and the animals are not accustomed to finding food on their own. After 30 years in captivity and being subjected to medical research, these chimps have been left to fend for themselves.

The NYBC has the assets available to care for the animals that were forced to give up more than half of their lives for experimentation and research. Sign the petition to demand that the blood center take responsibility for the chimpanzees.


Dear Dr. Hillyer,

Beginning in the 1970s, the NYBC began a 30-year research program on hepatitis using chimpanzees as experimentation subjects. The animals were subjected to numerous studies and drugs, sometimes with damaging consequences. When the research ended and the animals retired, they were left to roam and were supported for more than a decade by your organization.

However, your organization has since cut off funding for these chimps that have done so much for it. The islands the chimps inhabit do not offer much food or water and the Liberian Institute for Biological Research, with whom you once had a strong partnership, has been forced to foot the bill of more than $20,000 a month to support the animals you have abandoned.

For 30 years, all these animals knew was experimentation while depending on the care of others. Now they have been forgotten. With a revenue of more than $300 million a year, your organization seems more than capable of supporting these struggling animals. I ask that you take action to care for the chimpanzees that are now living out the final years of their lives in duress.


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Photo credit: Aaron Logan

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  1. So you use them and now you abuse – Nice one !!!!

  2. Some wonderful comments above and I agree totally with all that was said. The fact is – these beautiful, dear, sweet animals – can live to be over 60 !!!!!!!!! They so need help now – oh, I wish I was over the top rich……… It is such a sad situation – tears whelming………

  3. new york blood center needs to be shut down for abandoning the animals now.

  4. NYBC is a disgrace to our society and to humanity! Abandoning 60 chimps that were used and abused for 3 decades, committing to a lifetime of retirement care, but then deserting them on islands where food and water are inaccessible.
    This organization is run by cruel sociopaths!
    They have sufficient assets and income to honor their promise to these helpless innocent animals. The just chose not to–because their greed is more important!

  5. Daniela Bress says:

    Goodness gracious, will mankind ever learn?

    Guess not.

    More and more “medical research”, more and more pills, gadgetries and more and more desperate tries to catch up with the growing number of our self-made diseases.
    As long as we’re not willing to realize that WE are the reason and WE have to change our life-despising attitude and way of existing OUR descendants will NOT have any chance to survive our SELF-EXTERMINATION.
    Not one single animal and plant species on this planet earth ever needed the human society BUT WE need all of them, the ecological balance to be able to survive the next 70 years, let alone longer than this.

    But our destructive, ignorant, selfish, short-sighted, greedy and useless community is too blind to see; we’re not “only” torturing single animals and exterminating entire species, not “only” destroying” THE environment – NO, we’re degenerating into a useless species that’s poisoning and destroying itself and its’ own habitat – for our pathological GREED!

    Nitrates in groundwater, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones, neurotoxic and carcinogenic substances in our food, toxic Children’s toys, hazardous chemical compounds in flooring, automobiles, detergents, baby food, cosmetics, wall coverings, furniture, electrical appliances, clothing, building materials, cookware, etc. , excessive destruction of climate-relevant rainforests, polluted air, contaminated soil, poisoned waters, nuclear waste that will remain dangerous for several hundred thousand years, …
    Not possible to find the end to this list of human “intelligence”. Our society has become so used to take advantage of every living being around that it lost every connection to life itself, even its’ own – circuses, fur farms, laboratories, pet abuse, factory farming, marine parks, zoos, trophy hunting, advertising, kill-shelters, … we utilize life for our purposes: financial profit, pseudo-safety, vanity, entertainment, etc. and just dispose it like trash when of no use any longer.

    Too many examples to mention them all here, so just one; every person eating meat, believing “only” animals are harmed, doesn’t WANT to know about the huge amount of water that is needed during the “production process”, doesn’t want to know where the forage is coming from, how much forest had been destroyed, doesn’t want to know about the death of hundreds of thousands of children every year of the local people of South America, Indonesia, Africa, doesn’t want to know about droughts, floor eruptions, floods, destruction of economic infrastructure, famines, etc. as consequences of the excessive meat consumption. It’s just o.k. to eat meat, no matter how many children you are killing, they’re far away – where the forage for your later lunch is planted – that’s the way it just is IN THE HUMAN WORLD !

    We claim to be superior and intelligent, well, then I prefer to be called the most stupid individual that’s ever existed, I’m extremely disgusted by my own species!

    These precious souls deserve so much more than YOUR damn greed, ALL involved in their torture have made their profit with their stolen lives and it’s YOUR duty to make sure that their remaining lives will be as compfortable as possible!

  6. The NYBC should not be so ungrateful. They should continue to fund for the chimps and ensure that they are properly rewarded and looked after for the blood sacrifices they have made for the world for over 30 years.

  7. New York Blood Centre, you should be utterly ashamed… what a disgrace! You have used and abused chimpanzees for 30 years. They have suffered and sacrificed for your institution for years. We know these animals are highly intelligent and sentient beings. You took their very life blood from them, now you have abandoned all responsibility… have you done the same to your family? THESE ANIMALS ARE VULNERABLE, ABANDONED, HELPLESS!! IT IS YOUR DUTY… AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FEED THEM.

  8. I want one of em for me ?

  9. Apparently, there was no exit strategy, or plan B, for these animals….what a surprise! If they were used all those many years, by NYBC, they are responsible for their welfare and care, after their release.

    • Barbara H. Vinson says:

      Agreed! The very least they could do is ensure that the chimps are sent to a sanctuary, where they can enjoy what’s left of their laboratory lives. God, it galls me that animals are USED for the benefit of humans, a sick species lacking compassion, caring, or responsibility for animals and, most of the time, themselves.

  10. Lilian Caughlin says:

    I hope these jerks never find peace. Hound them till they cry uncle. Human Garbage.

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  12. carol davidson says:

    I agree with Wendy!!!

    Stop & pursue this deformity  –  instantly!
    Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant ASSHOLES, which should be caged for their whole lives! Or not?


  14. Barbara H. Vinson says:

    Well said! People–some people–feel they can abuse animals all they want. It is despicable. What makes me mad as hell is that very little is done about it proportionately speaking. Damn them, for that’s what they’re headed for.

  15. simon rickman simon rickman says:

    In this 21st century they STILL experiment on animals. What is it they still don’t know after all these years? Morons

  16. simon rickman simon rickman says:

    I mean, hey, it’s not as if the human race is worthy of saving, on present evidence anyway.

  17. Typical! Users & Abusers! And the world bows to such horrible morons!

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