Cats Violently Beaten and Drowned Deserve Justice

Target: Charles Donoghue, Watertown, NY Police Chief

Goal: Seek harsh punishment for man who allegedly killed cats and kept their bodies in a freezer.

A man reportedly killed two cats and then placed their bodies in plastic bags and kept them in a freezer. After drowning the first cat, 33-year-old Jesse Young allegedly killed a second one less than two months later. Young is accused of striking the second cat so hard that the poor animal went into convulsions. He then grabbed the cat by the neck and twisted until it the cat’s neck snapped. Both of the pets belonged to a roommate of his.

The extent of violence and suffering that these helpless creatures had to endure is overwhelming. It sounds as though this man was making a habit of viciously murdering small animals. It’s a well-known fact that people who are capable of committing sadistic, violent acts against animals are extremely dangerous and more likely to harm humans as well.

Young has been charged with two counts of aggravated animal cruelty and is set to appear in court soon. If an appropriate punishment isn’t set for these sickening crimes, the murder count will undoubtedly increase and more animals will suffer tragic deaths. Authorities must adhere to the zero tolerance policy when it comes to penalizing this alleged animal murderer, or the crimes will continue. Please sign your name on the petition below to demand that Jesse Young is put behind bars for as long as the law will allow, if he is found guilty.


Dear Chief Donoghue,

Two cats were reportedly murdered on different occasions by a man who broke the neck of one and drowned the other. He then put their lifeless bodies in plastic bags and kept them in a freezer, according to police. One of the cats was struck so hard that the innocent animal went into convulsions before Jesse Young allegedly broke the cat’s neck with his own hands. Both animals belonged to his roommate.

It appears that Jesse Young was not only making a habit out of murdering cats but also violently torturing them. The suffering and fear that these innocent creatures must have felt is unimaginable. We urge you to protect the animals and people of your community by making sure that this man is punished to the most severe extent possible, if he is found guilty.


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Photo credit: ERiKA

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  1. This torturing subhuman MUST BE severely punished! He is a danger to all animals and humans, alike. Only a sadistic psychopath would be so cruel! Jesse Young is a barbaric criminal. He should be in prison for a long time–away from other innocent living creatures!

  2. Rebecca Martello says:

    Animal welfare laws must be enforced with the maximum penalty allowable by law. This is the ONLY way to send the message that animal abuse will not be tolerated. No living being deserves to mistreated, abused, and killed. Punish this man severely and prohibit him from owning or being near animals AND children. Because if he’s not stopped…they could be next.

  3. Shelli Schmidt says:

    Probably has the bodies of humans stuffed somewhere in his walls also..This type of animal abuse is a classic start to graduating to killing humans.

  4. Um … uh … Where the hell was this roommate during these crimes ? Anybody f-d with my cats amd they’d never find their body. Same should go for this POS.

    Jesse Young is a cat serial torturer and killer, and needs to be put away from any living creature for the rest of his miserable life. So do it.

  5. please don’t take this lightly. if you do, you will see it again and again and again and again and again and again and………………………………………………. you will be no better than the abuser.. worse even because you could have done something to stop future abuses and you didn’t.

  6. charles hall says:

    I really hate how there is never any follow up on these petitions.

  7. Officer Donoghue, our community is in danger, get these monsters off our streets! JUDGE MUST PROSECUTE, NOT JUST A WARNING AS MOST JUDGES DON’T PROSECUTE ANIMAL ABUSE, SO PATHETIC AND SUCH A DANGER TO US!!


    FBI studies show that animal abusers those who abuse,torture, and kill animals move on to do the same to humans. MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF THIS MONSTER….Jail him for 2-3 years, fine him a huge amount, BAN HIM FRO EVER HAVING OR BEING AROUND ANIMALS, demand he get a psychiatric help as he is a real sicko.

    I would hate to have to live anywhere near this monster especially if I had any children or pets. STOP THIS MONSTER NOW!!


  9. death to this cat killer now.

  10. Jesse Young is a coward for targeting defenseless animals. His psychotic mind belongs in prison for the rest of his miserable life!


  12. You did not say the city did you? I’ve given a few black cats to a group that does adoption that told me my little ones for good homes, one had long hair just like this one, where is this man? His whereabouts should always be known. I’ve been feeding kitties and momma, a lovely calico.I just found a food tasting smelling rat poison. The next morning many more packets torn open. It’s called First Strike soft pack bait. Some assholes have set out to kill these beautiful babies. I just saw one scared kitten and mom.if anyone can help me find a way to catch there devils text me. 2135000248.I was soon to take them to the vet, unsure if they’re sick, dead. Looking for them.there monsters do this with arrogance and like they own the planet, they should not be treated nice. They should pay in a thousand ways. You cant have pets and live with just anybody. Its our responsibility to protect them

  13. This guy was on his way to torturing and killing humans. Psycho killers usually get their start with small animals. He’s a little old to have just gotten started, I think his past should be investigated thoroughly. This roommate is suspect as well. Your cat is dead in your freezer for 2 months but you haven’t noticed?!?

  14. carol davidson says:

    I bet a lot of runaways come through this area, too.

  15. Martyna Dulny says:

    oh my god, pathology.

  16. matt smith says:

    The intent of this letter is well-meaning, but the target is wrong. Police did their job. They charged and arrested this guy. The target of the letter should be the Jefferson County Court judge whose job it is to sentence the perp, (who got a year in the county jail for this), btw.

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