Hold Boy Accountable for Allegedly Stabbing Puppy With Pocketknife

Target: Fred Fletcher, Chattanooga, TN Police Chief

Goal: Charge boy for allegedly stabbing puppy in the face, and implement new measures to halt the growing problem of youth abusing animals.

A boy reportedly stabbed a puppy multiple times in the eye and face with a pocketknife. Authorities say that the poor puppy ran away and wound up at the home of a neighbor who called police. The furry victim had to undergo emergency surgery but still lost the eye that was stabbed. The puppy is now staying at the Humane Educational Society while he recovers.

The stabbing occurred less than a year after another youth from the same county reportedly stomped a racoon to death. The poor animal’s violent murder, committed by a high school student, was filmed on SnapChat, according to police. Investigators for the stabbed puppy are considering whether to file charges against the 10-year-old boy, according to outlets. There’s a possibility that this boy, who’s old enough to know better than to stab animals, won’t face any repercussions.

How many more innocent animals have to become victims of violence and murder before something is done? This problem requires immediate action. These savage acts of animal cruelty cannot go unpunished just because the abuser is underage. Decades of research on the subject shows that animal abuse is often a predictor of other violent acts. Ignoring the source of the problem only increases the victim count and fails the kids who could be taught better skills to handle problems than resorting to abuse. Children who are so damaged that they stab and stomp innocent animals will carry the behavior into adulthood. At that point even more innocent beings will be killed, along with any hope of changing the abuser.

If handing out pamphlets by PETA is the only course of action, then murdered animals and destroyed youth will become the normal. Prevention-oriented education, while important for prevention, will not suffice as a solution. It is critical that serious consequences, intervention, and tools that focus on changing the behavior of children who abuse animals are implemented. Sign this petition to demand that the boy face animal cruelty charges and that authorities implement measures to stop the abuse from continuing.


Dear Chief Fletcher,

A young boy allegedly stabbed his family’s puppy in the face multiple times with a pocketknife, causing the poor animal to require emergency surgery. This incident is reminiscent of the case where a high school student reportedly stomped a racoon to death and filmed it. Both occurred in the same county and the abusers were underage. Clearly this issue requires immediate action.

Extreme animal cruelty such as this is an indicator of a child who needs serious intervention. It’s an undeniable fact that animal abusers are a risk to everyone around them. With so many lives in danger, this is no longer an issue to write off in hopes that the parents can stop it. It’s a public concern. Authorities need to start incorporating appropriate repercussions for the growing problem of animal cruelty committed by underage people.

If extensive measures aren’t taken, these preventable tragedies will increase. As part of your mission to protect the citizens of Tennessee, we urge you to ensure that animal cruelty charges are filed and the abuser is held responsible for his actions, if he is found guilty. Please also consider implementing other measures to halt or decrease this critical issue from continuing to occur.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Teresa Trimm

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  1. Nancy Dunlap says:

    This boy needs psychological help and MUST not be allowed to be near animals! The police should intervene immediately.

  2. this little turd needs death now for animal cruelty now.

  3. This community seems to be creating some sick little monsters. Not only is torturing an innocent animal a heinous act, but any child who shows such cruel, violent behavior towards living things also has a strong tendency for turning that anger towards humans.
    You need to make an example out of these cases before this violence spreads any further.

  4. According to the research done on Criminals who are in jails, 99.09% of the criminals had admitted committing violent abuse against the innocent Animals while they were still young. This Boy who is 10 now is definitely falls into that category. NO BONES ABOUT THAT. He is a boy who is craving for the blood thirst and violence. Forget about his age, if he is Capable of doing such Heinous crime towards an Innocent animal at this age? What would you expect when he turns to be an adult? Punishment must be given according to the crime. Hell with the age. He is a criminal minded boy psycho.

    • I completely agree. Don’t get hung up on the age. He needs to learn consequence now, always be monitored and get psychiatric help.

    • In instances like this one, no mercy must be shown toward that young monster. He is obviously a psychopath and those soulless creatures are unable to experience any emotions for anyone or anything! That is a fact, they are born this way and no therapy will ever change the lack of empathy, remorse, or any other emotion the rest of us naturally possess.

  5. So disgusting. I’m sorry but if a child can do that then he’s inherently evil and no matter what is not going to become a valuable member of society and needs to be locked up, for LIFE. How can a human being do something like that?

  6. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This vile little git should have the same done to him. Decent people are sick to death of obnoxious kids getting away with abuse of animals. Stop this moronic, backward and disgusting behavior now. Treat these kids as adults and punish him severely as what will the twisted brain dead sub human stab next– another child a pensioner a baby? Let this type of behavior go and you are asking for the next serial killer.

  7. Joanne Folkins says:

    Wow. I detest animal abusers and run a rescue, but too many comments here are from people who do not know anything about brain development. Heinous, yes; retributional maiming or death, no because his brain may not have developed enough to understand why he did it. Who was he angry at? Why? Is HE abused? Where did he learn to treat others this way?

    The child needs intervention- socio-economic help, psychological evaluation and help, consequences that involve strongly supervised work at rescues or vet hospitals (he’s 10 so can do only a little bit such as wiping counters, filling water bowls, or sweeping floors), and no animals near him when not doing his community work. Treating him violently will only exacerbate his condition.

    He is not an adult.

  8. Joanne Folkins I agree with some of your statement. The child does need psychiatric help. However he deserves punishment as well. His parents need to be held accountable for his actions also. What is causing this child to behave in this manner? It appears he has learned this behavior somewhere, punishment for him and his parents for lack of parental guidance.

  9. carol davidson says:

    and what about his parents and or care givers!!!????

  10. Make this child an example. He needs to be accountable for his actions.

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