Fire Police Officer with Apparent Nazi Tattoo

Target: Richard Ross Jr., Philadelphia Police Commissioner

Goal: Investigate and, if necessary, fire the police officer who allegedly has a Nazi emblem tattooed on his forearm.

A Philadelphia police officer was photographed while on duty with a tattoo on his forearm that allegedly depicts Nazi insignia. Images of the tattoo have been circulating on social media and generating a storm of controversy.

The photos in question appear to show the Nazi Party’s “parteiadler” logo etched on the left forearm of an officer who has been identified as Ian Hans Lichterman. While a swastika is not visible in the picture, the photo clearly shows an eagle topped by the word “Fatherland,” which is identical to the racist party’s emblem.

While any instance of racism is troubling, it is especially worrisome when committed by an officer who is entrusted to keep the public safe. The Philadelphia Police Department announced that it has begun a review of the photograph. Sign the petition below to demand swift retribution if in fact this officer does have a Nazi logo tattooed on his body.


Dear Mr. Ross,

I am writing to draw your attention to an extremely concerning case involving one of your officers. In a recently published photograph, a Philadelphia police officer can be seen with a tattoo of what appears to be a Nazi symbol. Any allegiance to such a violent and hateful group is cause for alarm, but for a believer to be employed by the city and entrusted with the lives of citizens is simply unacceptable.

This issue demands immediate attention. Please investigate this officer and if he is found to have Nazi imagery tattooed on his body, I urge you to promptly terminate his employment.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ted Canzenese

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  1. It’s his body. He has the right to any tattoo he wants on it. If we start banning personal this and that, where does it end? What if I’m offended by a doctor with piercings and purple hair? What if I’m offended by a football player who wears socks depicting cops as pigs? If you’re offended by the cop’s tattoo, don’t look at it. As long as he does his duty, he’s fine with me. Besides, the swastika has other meanings in history before the Nazis.

    • I agree with you completely!

    • Silvia Podeanu says:

      It’s not about his body… If he is an officer of the law, he should not have such preferences if you know what I mean. How can you trust an oficer of the law with such a tattoo… what can you expect from him other than abuse?

    • The only problem is you can choose which doctor you see or which football player you support but you can’t choose the cop that stops you who has the ability to make immediate life and death decisions on the spot. He could remove the tattoo.

    • entertainedbyidiots says:

      @Czerny A. not a fan of reason, logic, critical thinking, etc., huh?

  2. This petition is anti American. It is an attempt to discriminate against someone unduly. Though I disagree with the Nazi belief system, he has every right to believe as he sees fit. The tattoo may also be from when he was younger and had far different views than he does now. Either way we are being horribly against the American constitution if we discriminate against him over a stupid tattoo. This petition is a blight, not a reasonable plea to change something that needs changed. Shame on you!

    • entertainedbyidiots says:

      @Chazz York hmm, you do know employers are allowed to have certain rules for dress code, grooming, and tattoos? or are all those things anti-american/unconstitutional?

      btw, leos that have tats that could be considered racist, anti-semetic, etc.? ha, yeah, i don’t see how that could be a problem….

  3. , some of your petitions are boardering on really pathetic. Think before putting out petitions

  4. He might have had this tattoo done when he was much younger and foolish, perhaps under duress, peer pressure or even as a joke by friends when he was drunk. We have no idea of the story behind his tattoro and if he has a clean working record and appears to be professional in his conduct then that is how he should be judged.

  5. Catherine Malin says:

    Are you kidding me!?? What’s wrong with you. Leave this be. The city’s got this. Sometimes……you’re just meddling.

  6. L M Saunders says:

    I did not know until just recently that the swastika is actually a peace symbol that originated in India…hard to believe but it’s true. The nazis adopted it as their own and turned it into something that depicts evil and horror.
    My friend of Indian descent wanted a swastika tattoo – not out of rebellion or paying allegiance to the nazi party but to acknowledge his heritage. It can be easy to jump to conclusions therefore I will not be signing this petition. Amen.

  7. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Holy cow talking about stirring the pot. Nazis promoted hate and did abhorrent things to their own non Jewish people. Race discrimination was just one factor. To have a Tattoo like that is a real concern. It doesn’t belong in this society. A Police Officer is supposed to be neutral. Displaying such a tattoo shows his preferences and he is not allowed in any other way to do that. So a message like that is like a body billboard and he needs to go. How did he ever pass all the tests… Just remember all Nazi fans: that system turned on their own followers most often for no reason.

  8. entertainedbyidiots says:

    this guy likes to dress up as a nazi soldier, has “Panzerhund0311” as a username, and is/was a member of blood and honour. but yeah, that tattoo has no significance other than it shows some german pride….sheesh.

  9. I am not sure what is this Police man’s motivation for showing a Swastika sign on him. How ever, I thought that every public service officer must adhere to some sort of Ministerial or Departmental code of conduct & dress code etc before becoming a full & complete employee. Since he is mainly to protect and serve the Nation, may be it is better Not have such tattoos showing off on him.

  10. This petition is so sick. An simple eagle is NOT a Nazi. Stupid!

  11. The Philly cop and neo-Nazi, Ian Hans Lichterman in Nazi uniform:
    Ties to Blood and Honour and a second sybole on the right arm tied to “American Legion, sympathetic to Fascism”.

    Just giving facts…

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