Lift Discriminatory Pit Bull Ban

Target: Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal

Goal: Allow pit bulls to remain in the city of Montreal.

Montreal is planning on outlawing pit bulls within the city limits at the end of this year. Mayor Denis Coderre stated that all dogs resembling American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers and American pit bull terriers will be included in the ban.

This impending ban has already put people in a panic. Shelters, in and out of the city, are becoming overburdened with dogs. Many dogs are being left on the side of the road due to surrender fees, and some people are moving out of the city.

Banning pit bulls is discriminatory, unfair, and wrong. Sign this petition and demand the mayor of Montreal reconsider the pit bull ban.


Dear Mayor Coderre,

You have made mention of banning all dogs resembling American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers and American pit bulls within the city of Montreal only because of their breed. This potential ban is unfair and wrong.

Many people are in a state of panic because of this impending ban. Shelters in and out of Montreal are becoming even more crowded than they already are due to families forced to surrender their loving, family dogs. Many people have even dropped their dogs off at the side of the road due to surrender fees.

The ban is causing more problems than it would solve. Please reconsider banning pit bulls from the city. These dogs should not face extra hardships just because of their breed.


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Photo credit: Hugo A. Quintero

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  1. Iam fed up with countries and cities who are uneducated and allow antequated stupid dog breed discrimination.Boycott stupid vile Montreal.The year is 2016 and not 1800.

  2. end the ban on the pitbulls now.

  3. Monica Lopez says:

    I love all dogs

  4. Robert George says:

    These city officials are ignorant, I’m from Missouri, and recently got a pit bull pup. I was always scared of them, now I love them! Jax, my pit, is the most loving dog I have ever had. People need to educate themselves. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Good luck citizens of Montreal, I hope they reverse there decision for all the pit Bulls who need love and a home, just as much as any other dog.

  5. Excellent news…I pray British Columbia eliminates these extremely dangerous animals from our communities next…no more maulings…protect our children…for the love of God!!!!

  6. I think it is a shame they attack this breed of wonderful dogs.I own 4 of them I couldn’t ask for better companionship I wish people would stop judging the dog and reaize it is the stupid humans fault.It is all on how you raise them, any dog

  7. Only the unintelligent people who read all the horrible things that have happened just the same ine years it has been dobermans then german shepards then chows because of the publicity of these breads makes breaders out of control it is them that sell or give without the background of these people that are the problems the handlers that get them after is the problem. I have 4 pitts myself very friendly make sure from first born that they are surrounded by everything and everyone that they will encounter during their lives and train them to be calm of all situations and if i have to i will keep the puppies. Forever if that person interested in the puppy does not pass my background check which is hard to do so it takes visited the home the will be living questioned friends family neighbors and past of how they treated past pets even checking w their veterans then you also have to check up on these dogs and their new owners so that is why my owners have to sign a contract before taking ownership or they do not get the puppy

  8. My neighbors have raised their pit bull since she was a puppy in their very loving home. They have 3 young children who also love the dog very much. I have thought of her as a sweet pup. Two weeks ago, she managed to get out of their fenced yard and killed another neighbors chicken. Two days after that, she went into a frenzy when she saw another neighbor walking a dog. With her owner looking on in horror, she leaped the fence and attacked the other dog. Owner was able to pull her off before she did too much harm.

  9. Robert Thomas says:

    Ahh ignorance, gotta love it.

    Sure, let’s ignore that PitBulls are statistically 5x times more likely to cause serious injury. They are <50% of deaths by dog.

    Really people get a clue!

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