Stop Freshwater Animals from Being Killed by Religious Cult

Target: Stephen Lo, Police Commissioner of Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Goal: Stop people from continuing to kill freshwater animals by releasing them into saltwater as a cult offering.

Large numbers of animals are dying after reportedly being used as a cult offering where they were released into the sea in Hong Kong. Among the dead animals included nearly a dozen sea bass and red-eared slider turtles. The SPCA members say that 250 of the 300 rescued red-eared sliders are in critical condition, but they’re trying to nurse them back to health. The veterinarian said that some of the turtles had abrasions and were bleeding from being dumped into the sea like a sack of garbage. Since these are not saltwater animals, relocating them to the sea only harms and kills them.

Reports say this is the fourth time this incident has occurred just this month. One witness said that she saw a group accompanied by a Taoist priest throw a bag full of poor turtles into the sea. The reason for the animal offerings? They believe it’ll bring them good karma, according to outlets. It seems they don’t care that their senseless actions are killing animals by the dozens.

This relentless group must be stopped before more animals are unnecessarily and selfishly killed. According to the SPCA, putting freshwater turtles in the sea could be a violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance and if convicted, one could be fined and receive up to three years in jail. If the police started penalizing these people, the animals wouldn’t be dumped in the sea and left for dead. Please add your signature to the petition below to demand that police take action to protect these helpless animals and stop the unnecessary deaths.


Dear Mr. Lo,

Hundreds of marine animals, including red-eared slider turtles, are being killed as people continue to dump them into the sea. This careless act is reportedly being committed by religious groups that use the poor animals as an offering in order to receive good karma. Unfortunately, throwing bags full of freshwater animals into the sea is only killing them as they don’t belong in salt water.

The SPCA members are having to rescue these poor animals and take them for veterinary care. The veterinarian has said that of the 300 rescued red-eared sliders, 250 are in critical condition. Additionally, nearly a dozen sea bass have been found dead. We urge you to take a stand against this careless, selfish act of animal cruelty and start penalizing people who are found guilty of dumping these helpless creatures.


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Photo credit: Ryan Dingman

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    So they’re hoping to “recieve good karma” for their cruelty, are they???I sincerely hope karma DOES get these idiots and not in the way they hope.Why don’t they just sacrifice each other???

  2. these people are shit now. to do this to the wildlife.

  3. Only One dangerous BREED “humans”..they kill animals like they are nothing…You people are killing GOD’s reap what you sow !! the bible

  4. Kudos to Cecily Colloby — no further words needed!

  5. OK, let’s say I belong to a religion that says I should kill people who harm animals–can I get away with it (I wish I could!)

  6. cheryla coskie says:

    Ahimsa is the sanskrit word for NO HARM. The ancient religions of this world hold ahimsa as the main principle. To harm animals and get “goodess” out of it is superstition at its worst. Scarifice our attachments and suffering and NEVER a living being. Stop this useless and harmful practice. All beings want to be happy and fre.

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