Man Who Bit Cat’s Head Should be Banned From Owning Animals

Target: Dev Kapadia, Prosecuting Attorney of Dunfermline

Goal: Pursue a lifetime ban from owning animals for man who struck a cat, then bit her so hard she had to be put to sleep.

A man was caught on film repeatedly hitting a 2-year-old cat, then biting the poor animal’s head. The cat, named Pippa, died as a result of the stomach-turning injuries this monster inflicted upon her. According to reports, this was not an isolated incident, as he’d been abusing the pet for months. His partner decided to secretly film what was happening behind closed doors. Craig Mills can be seen slapping poor Pippa, then forcing half the cat’s head into his mouth and biting down. “Who are you hissing at,” the monster yells before biting her. Pippa was so terrified that she cried, tried escaping, and urinated out of distress, said the prosecutor.

Craig Mills confessed and was sentenced to jail for the crime, but despite posing a serious threat to animals (and very possibly humans, too) Mills is still free to own animals in the future. Even the director of the animal charity organization, OneKind, stated he was disappointed that the judge didn’t issue a ban of any kind regarding Mills’ rights to have animals in the future. This epic injustice must be corrected in order to protect future animals from becoming victims, which is extremely likely to happen. Please sign this petition to demand that Mills be given a lifetime ban from owning animals.


Dear Sheriff McSherry,

A cat had to be put down after a man, who’d abused her for months, struck her repeatedly and bit her head. The horrific incident, which was captured on video, shows an outrageous amount of violence.

Unfortunately, the maximum penalty given to the abuser isn’t enough to bring this poor cat justice and he’ll still be free to own animals in the future. We urge you to correct this tragic injustice and protect other animals from becoming victims by giving this man a lifetime ban from owning animals.


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  2. Why is this beast not in jail? and his name, address and picture on the front of every newspaper so everyone knows what he is.Why did his partner film his abuse instead of stopping it? It’s the usual slap on the wrists instead of dealing with this sick depraved piece of scum in a more ” appropriate” way.

  3. I hope the public give him the punishment he deserves find his address and pay him a visit!

  4. Cecily Colloby says:

    Peter Fenney, you are so right. A visit from a few members of the public is the only way this monster is ever going to get what he deserves. We all know the courts will be as spineless as ever in their dealing with him and he’ll keep abusing helpless animals. His so called “partner” should be punished as well for allowing this to go on.

  5. There must be justice for this innocent little cat who suffered so terribly in the hands of this scumbag. This perpetrator must be jailed for a very, very long time and given a lifetime ban from owning ANY creature. This low life must pay for the despicable and sick cruelty he inflicted on this helpless, vulnerable and voiceless cat.


  7. This man should suffer corporal punishment…put in jail a long time & given hefty fines.

  8. These people who do this brutal stuff to animals need f***king need same thing done to them when are these judges going to deal properly with these mongrels . Judges are spinelees arseholes.

  9. Does that man /guy dare to do the same to a lion . Does he dare to abuse a man of his own size? i wonder

  10. Men are fucking lunatics.

  11. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Definitely true, we are euthanizing the wrong species. Dump him over the Indian ocean to look for the lost airplane. Definitely no place for this cretin to be amongst decent citizens. Why didn’t the room mate do something. He should have called police right at the first sign. Lock him up in a mental institution for life.

  12. The judges in our country don’t know what they are doing!! They let these crazies back into society knowing they WILL ABUSE THESE ANIMALS AGAIN. Send petition to prosecuting attorney! This guy WILL get more animals and do the same or worse, a proven fact!

  13. Kill this lowlife animal torturing monster and make sure he suffers in agony the same as innocent and defenceless Pippa.
    Rest in peace Pippa. This monsters’s day will come and he will
    know what an agonising death is all about
    Die you lowlife piece of subhuman filth and and slowly.

  14. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    OK, where is the right pole to hang up this dirty human’s creature which doesn’t deserve to live on this planet…
    His father’s sperm did a big damage into this world when was droped out…

  15. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    FCK this piece of sh!t up big time❗️?
    We need the Walking Dead Negan + Lucille(his barb wire baseball bat) to be today’s lesson for craig mills❗️?
    Signed & Shared.

  16. Not good enough!
    These types are too often excused with mental instabilities. Rarely we hear that the great majority, like this piece of trash, are rotten by birth – demon seeds that never should have been born. Condemn him to life-long hard labor!

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