Stop Serving Frogs to Be Eaten Alive

Target: Ambassador of Japan to the United States of America Kenichiro Sasae

Goal: Ban the inhumane practice of serving “live sushi” in Japan.

Bullfrogs are stabbed, skinned, and prepared alive as a delicacy called “live sushi” in certain upscale restaurants in Japan. They are served with their organs exposed on ice with lemon and soy sauce, and their innards are eaten while their limbs flail, their eyes blink, and their hearts still beat. This is called “ikizukuri,” which translates to “prepared alive.”

Although the argument has been made that the squirming and struggling of the frog on the plate is simply the result of neurons firing, the frog’s brain is left intact and functioning, and it is sometimes skinned before it is completely beheaded. Its entire upper body is left intact and put on a plate, where it continues to flail and twitch. This leaves some question as to when the frog can be officially considered dead. Since the dish is literally defined as being “prepared alive,” it stands to reason that this is torture that the frog actually lives to experience.

This practice is inhumane and cruel, and it must be stopped. Urge the Japanese ambassador to use his influence to help put an end to this horrifying practice.


Dear Ambassador Sasae,

The practice of serving ikizukuri, or sashimi that is “prepared alive” as a delicacy is an instance of animal cruelty. The serving of bullfrogs to be eaten alive in upscale restaurants in Japan is inhumane and cannot be allowed to continue. These frogs are tortured, their brains left intact while they are stabbed and skinned. Their organs are eaten while their hearts are still beating, and the upper halves of their bodies squirm on the plate.

These frogs should not be subjected to this type of cruelty in the name of upscale dining. The fact that the bullfrog’s brain remains intact, that it is stabbed and skinned while its body remains in one piece, and that the name of the dish itself means “prepared alive” indicates that the frog does experience at least some if not all of the torture it is subjected to.

The idea of an animal having to watch while its organs are eaten is horrifying and disturbing. Please do not allow this inhumane practice to continue. I urge you to use your influence to denounce this terrible treatment of animals and ban restaurants from serving “live sushi.”


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Photo credit: Bidgee

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  1. And so what even if the squirming and twisting is neurons firing? Who are these monsters who take pleasure or perform cultural ritual by seeing their helpless victim go through this excrutiatingly appalling ordeal with clear conscience and drooling sadistic cannibalistic tongues? They do similar or worse things to fish, snakes and even dogs and cats too in different places in East Asia.
    In the holistic spirit of world civilization, which they too seem to think that they take part in, any culture with so much as one such tradition “acceptable” and “respected” or even tolerated is to be rejected as a whole. No multiple standards, please:enough is enough. You can’t pretend to be an exalted spiritualist here while staying a sadistic barbarian somewhere else: abominable at one spot is abominable everywhere.

  2. Eating a poor helpless frog alive (or any other living creature) is unimaginably cruel and sadistic!
    NO rationalization as a “tradition” is acceptable! It is pathological! The animal is terrified and suffers excruciating pain, and it is watching itself being eaten alive! Even the most stupid “human” knows that. Only the most cruel and evil could subject ANY living being to this horror!
    The Japanese (and any other culture who do this outrageously sickening act) are truly scary people!
    Where does such routine cruelty toward animals come from?!

    These psychopaths are in upscale restaurants?! End this cannibalistic sadism–NOW!

  3. Ariel Valyo, DVM says:

    Why do some people get off and get a sick kind of pleasure from torturing helpless, innocent animals and watching them suffer and die an agonizing death? What does this say about a country that allows this animal abuse to continue? SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on you Japan. I used to think you were civilized.

  4. Ya no siento ningún respeto por Japón .ni Asia..nunca compraré un pasaje para conocer estos inmundos y torturadores países.. No demuestran ningún respeto por la vida!!!! Sólo exterminan, matan ,torturan animales de distintas especies!!!! Granjas de bilis, de pieles ,de perros, es solo una muestra,de su despreciable y maldita cultura..les,deseo lo peor..que mueran intoxicados y con él mismo sufrimiento que ellos le hacen a lis animales!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is sick and I thought China people was so evil so sad I can’t eat meat no kind of meat but it hurt my heart I just hope and pray that this end soon not just with frogs but with cats and dogs everything else sick evil ass people

  6. Disgusting. Maybe these idiots will get some sort of parasitic infection from eating raw flesh and become gravely ill. It would serve them right.

  7. What kind of sick savages eat like this? I thought the Japanese were above this sort of disgusting cuisine. They’re no better than the Chinese and Koreans.

  8. One can only hope that what MC described in his/her post of August 27, 2016 at 6:48 pm will happen!!!

  9. One can only hope that what M.C. describes in his/her post of August 27, 2016 at 6:48 pm actually happens and acts as a deterrent to this torture!

  10. I’ve never seen this ever and I’ve lived in Japan for 15 years. This is a single shop in Japan that is serving frogs as a novelty. Don’t be inaccurate and stoke the internet hate machine by implying that there are thousands of restaurants in Japan serving frog sashimi or that this is a common food choice embraced by Japanese people. It simply isn’t true. This isn’t even a high-end restaurant! It’s a low-end dive in the scummy side of Shinjuku called “Asadachi” that roughly translates to “Morning Erection”. I you want to call out this specific shop, then have at it, but name them. Here are the details.

    • Ilene Coman says:

      Sorry, I don’t believe that there is just one restaurant in Japan that serves the horrific eating of frogs while alive. And though I can’t read Japanese, the website and reviews do not look like its a dive. It looks like a reputable restaurant. What I want to know is how many restaurants serve live frogs to be eaten while they’re alert, breathing, thinking, feeling pain and why they aren ‘t being closed down or at least picketed. And why this isn’t covered by international news to pressure them to stop the insanity. Its not racist to say that hundreds of thousands of dogs tortured until they finally die and are eaten in the Asian countries of China, So. Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and in the Phillipines and to a lesser degree but still occurring in Middle East countries like Pakistan. In China and So. Korea they have annual days long Festivals where thousands of dogs piled into cages from top to bottom of dogs where they are kept without food, water, or able to move until its their turns to be killed in the most heinous ways as the others watch. People go to the Yulin Festival in China and the big one near Seoul, So. Korea for the dog meat. Dogs(and cats) are boiled alive, skinned alive, feet chopped off, set on fire alive in all those countries I mentioned all year long. Many who partake in the horrors and the people who eat dogmeat believe that the meat is better and will make them more virile and give them better luck if the dogs experience incredible pain right before they’re killed. Its legal in most of those countries. I can’t even begin to tell you what they do to all those beautiful dogs before they are finally dead. Its been documented over and over again and it continues as we speak. Why do people allow this to go on in those countries and why don’t a huge number of citizens work on stopping this! I haven’t seen Japan included in this but back to the frogs eaten alive while they are conscious, alert, experiencing pain. It is savage to do do this to any creature. I saw the video of the beautiful frog on the woman’s plate with half of its body gone as it looks out, blinking its eyes, and then twisting its body in distress, it rights its head and body to look out again. Maybe it was seeing if it could escape but of course it couldn’t get off the plate as so much of its body was cut in pieces and being eaten by the pretty woman eating the pieces, soaking each piece in soy sauce, and expressing how good it tastes. If people in one restaurant serves frogs alive like that, you know there are others in Japan. Just because you don’t know of other restaurants in Japan, doesn’t mean that there aren’t. While many people wouldn’t equate treatment of dogs with that of frogs, my reaction to seeing both tortured for their meat is the same. Nausea and anger that humans who are supposed to be so intelligent and caring for others we share the Earth with, can be so heinous, sadistic, and inhumane. There is something terribly wrong with the human race when some think the torturing and horrors these animals experience while still alive is ok because they are “food”. What happens to frogs in restaurants in Japan angers and disgusts me as much as what they do to dogs and cats in these countries. Its despicable!! A letter to Japan’s leader is very appropriate to pressure the practice of serving live frogs to be eaten in their country. By the way, So. Korean Yoon Green has a drive to boycott the 2018 Winter Olympics in Seoul, to pressure the govt. to close the dogmeat markets and restaurants and the annual dogmeat festival there. He leads regular protests where the dogmeat markets and restaurants there. There aren’t a lot of people on the protests but they use a megaphone to express their feelings as they walk by the storefronts of those businesses, some with dogs in cages waiting their turn to be killed and eaten. Yoon also uses Facebook to get the word out internationally about Asian countries where this happens to dogs and cats and encouraging people to share the knowledge , sign petitions, and get publicity about the issue and boycott of the 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea.
      What goes on in Asia to dogs and cats is wrong and what restaurants in Japan, like the one you cited, do to live frogs is so wrong and abhorrent! It needs to stop!!!

  11. what else can these fxcking bastards do to animals, sick and evil nearly as bad a china, hate them scum

  12. must end this cruel way to eat alive frogs now japan.

  13. Would you want to be eaten alive? You are heartless

  14. Janis Hargreaves says:

    What is wrong with these useless yellow bastards, is there nothing they wont torture, abuse and eat. Why do people even go to these savages countries and spend money there, they don’t even act like humans. They are still inhumane filthy savages, what is wrong with the supposed leaders of these countries, they travel around pretending they are human and we should trade with such useless savages and pretend they are like us (like hell.

  15. Barbara horton says:

    All the Asian countries eat anything that is alive or dead after being tortured and killed.Saw a woman trimming hedges thst found a bird nest .She stopped what she was doing and ate the baby birds right out of the nest. She was Asian.

  16. This is absolutely disgusting! Why do Asian torture the animals they deem good enough to eat? Are they sadists? Sure sounds like it. This has to stop. No one should eat a live animal; nor should anyone eat companion animals such as dogs and cats.

  17. Travel to Asia should be boycotted by everyone until its starts showing compassion to those which are vulnerable and dependant on its mercy. This is a shocking disrespect for life and an abhorrent indifference to animal suffering.

  18. Darlene Reynolds says:

    Frogs feel pain. I would not defend anyone who has done this being treated the same way.

    I refuse to buy any products made, assembled, or imported from Asia.

    What is wrong with these sadists?

  19. Crystal Dunlap says:

    I refuse to hate but it’s heartbreaking and almost scary to see that they even have the will to do this to torture something with a smile on your face. It makes you wonder how far they will really go. I don’t like it I don’t like it at all. I seen a video about this and the Frog was still alive is Isis going to the only thing cut up with his bottom half and I watched this lady eat him I couldn’t believe it this world needs to start over.

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