Justice for Dog Locked in Chemical-Filled Closet and Killed

Target: Eric J. Smith, Prosecuting Attorney for Macomb County

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the groomer who reportedly locked a dog in a utility closet with chemicals, leading to his death.

A dog suffered painful chemical burns after his groomer reportedly placed him in a utility closet. He died shortly after the exposure. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Max was barking too much, reports state. To silence him, his groomer reportedly locked him in a utility closet with gallons of harmful chemicals. The seven-year-old Cocker Spaniel and poodle mix suffered chemical burns so severe that his hair fell out and he was foaming at the mouth. Max died shortly after the exposure.

This is the second allegation of negligent dog death brought against Shaggy Dog Puppies and Supplies in Shelby Township. They have since discontinued their grooming service. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear Mr. Smith,

A groomer reportedly locked a dog in a utility closet, causing him to die from severe chemical burns. The seven-year-old Cocker Spaniel and poodle mix was in perfect health prior to the exposure. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.

Max’s owners arrived at Shaggy Dog Puppies and Supplies and found him wrapped in blankets and foaming at the mouth. He’d suffered chemical burns so severe that his hair was falling out. The groomer reportedly locked Max in a utility closet with chemicals because he was barking. Max died from his injuries.

This negligence cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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Photo credit: MonMar

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  1. Sandra Diaz says:

    Unbelibable people so ignorant and unprofessional can be working in an animal store!! They should check better who they hire, besides, his temper is not proper to care for animals or kids, anybody who cant stand a baby crynig or a dog barking and takes that idiotic decisión should be taken apart of them!! Put him in jail!And they still charge for that kind of service??

  2. must kill this dog killer now. it is only right thing to do for justice for max the great dog.

  3. Justice for this poor dog, now!

  4. Go to fucking bastard burning into eternal hell

  5. Margaret Melnick says:

    I read this is the second time this dog grooming place has caused a dogs death. The first time I heard a dog was left under a hot dryer to long. The groomer should be charged with animal cruelty but so should the owner of this Company. They should have rules in place that if not followed exactly ends that persons employment. If they had done this and done background checks this should not have happened. Then the part that blew my mind was a paper that headlines read Accidentally died. This was no accident this was deliberate. Why is the groomers name not mentioned in the articles?

  6. KARMA GET THIS BASTARD SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The groomer is guilty of cruel stupidity!

    Where is Shaggy Dog finding its groomers?! What is the groomer’s name? It should be publicized. This is NO accident. You don’t lock a dog in a closet with gallons of toxic chemicals! Any moron knows that, but the groomer just wanted to silence the dog.

    Both the groomer and owner MUST be charged with severe penalties for animal cruelty. Two dogs were killed. Max died a horrible terrifying death, (as did another dog) because of a sadistic groomer and sociopathic business owner!

  8. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Eric – You are in a position to hand down some justice for this innocent dog whose life was taken unnecessarily and I hope you take the opportunity to do so. Until people like this are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, torture and murder against the Animal Kingdom will continue. The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth and they deserve our respect and protection. Life is life and this innocent creature was murdered. Please do the job you were hired to do and throw the book at the person responsible for this crime…

  9. Complete calloused negligence on behalf of this groomer. Where the hell were the coworkers or other clientele why didn’t anyone else intercede on behalf of this poor dog? If you can’t handle a barking dog in a proper positive manner which comes with the territory of working with animals then you should choose a different career; NOT maim & murder an innocent animal.

  10. OMG……………..This story is just terrible and Max deserves justice. The cruel,inhumane groomer needs to be fired, jailed, banned from having or being around any animal and made to pay a huge fine and all of Max’s medical bills

    I hope the owners get a top notch attorney and changes are made as to what standards these groomers must pass to get a job and that a huge donation is made in Max’s name. This will not bring your baby back but it will help others animals in need.


  11. This is not “negligence”! This is an intentional act of cruel which killed the dog after much suffering. Do the same to this so-called groomer. Prison is too good for him.

  12. Idiocy should never be excused! Hard labor & life in prison! What a useless piece of excrement!

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