Demand State Stop Killing Wolves

Target: Donny Martorello, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Goal: Stop Washington state from killing gray wolves before they go entirely extinct.

Two gray wolves were recently killed by state officials despite the fact that there are only 90 gray wolves left in Washington state. Gray wolves used to be one of the most widely distributed animals and now they are almost extinct in the U.S.

Washington officials stated the reason for this slaughter is to “protect livestock from repeated depredation by wolves.” However, a recent study shows that this can actually backfire and can cause an increase in the likelihood of an attack on livestock. There are other preventative measures that can stop predators from eating livestock, and these methods should be researched more.

Sign this petition and demand Washington state stop killing gray wolves.


Dear Mr. Martorello,

Recently, Washington state killed two of the 90 remaining gray wolves left in the state. Washington says it is committed to wolf recovery, but this action states otherwise.

The reason for the killing is to protect livestock from wolf attacks. However, a recent study shows that this method can actually backfire and increase chances of attacks on livestock. There are many other better methods for protecting livestock, including improving barriers, that should be researched more.

Gray wolves were once one of the most widely distributed animals, and now they are virtually extinct. It is time we take a stand to help this species thrive rather than killing them off without second thought.


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  1. Why are those in power trying to un-do all the hard work since The Endangered Species Act of 1973. Wolves, and other animals, were brought back from the brink. Who’s decision is it to send them back?

  2. washington needs to end the killings of the great wolves that matter now.

  3. It makes no sense. The wolves belong there. They are wild and it is their land. We don’t need cattle. We are supposed be eating a plant based diet for our health and the planets health and for some reason the cattle ranchers think we need to cater to them. How much do they pay us for ruining ours and the wolves land. I will never understand why they deem the cattles lives mean more than the wolves lives. Humanity just keeps taking steps backwards.

  4. Andrea Smith says:

    Here’s a novel idea, stop invading the wolves’ habitat…Oh, I’m sorry, that makes too much sense for you, wolves need a place to live too.

  5. Store the killing of this family group. 6 have been killed already this week. Ranchers need to stop running their cattle in the hills where the wolf pack live. Ranchers don’t care about wildlife. All they want is more Money and more Cattle.

  6. michael guest says:

    Not so fast! They have the wrong idea. After the recent killing of the Profanity Peak wolf pack, you are being unfair. Wolves play vital roles in the ecosystems. Killing them is not the answer. How disappointing that was. Makes me upset. The wolves are in danger of being back to the brink of near extinction. That’s unacceptable. I insist that you stop killing the wolves and let them live and roam in peace, not war. They deserve better. Keep them protected!

  7. Pat Parran says:

    Wildlife belongs in the wild. Cattle do not! Ranchers are responsible for protecting their animals, at which they are clearly negligent. Their only concern is financial.

    Wolves belong in these ecosystems raising their families, yet ranchers herd their cattle in the natural wild habitats. There is NO justification for killing wolves because they harm cattle that don’t belong in the area!

    Why is F&W killing innocent wildlife who they are supposed to conserve and protect? Why are they helping negligent greedy ranchers protect their “investments”, at the expense of wolves?
    Not only are these agents guilty of poor judgement, but also of not doing their jobs, being cruel to wildlife and could it be cozy corruption?


  8. It is already WELL KNOWN that a carcass which has a nausea making chemical in it when eaten by wolves will put them off of eating the carcass species for life! Maybe each new generation of wolves needs to learn this! Just find out what the chemical was and dump a few treated carcasses around every year in each packs territory n theyll all leave the protected species alone!

  9. It is CLEAR here that the numbers of wolves are being PREVENTED from recovering. Therefore there is genuine deadlock here. We need a change in public attitudes to make wildlife a priority over livestock. Farmers who dont prioritise wildlife are unsuited on practical grounds for a life farming. They should not be allowed to farm. The health of our ecosystems is more important than the greed and callous attitudes of farmers.

  10. Sacrificing of wolves and other wildlife being led by politicians both State of Federal for the sake of big business which wants public lands for research and development to make more big money is a disgrace to our great nation. Congress wants to keep big business happy, of course, because it is in the pocket of big business. Start working for the will of the people and the betterment of this nation instead of your own greed.

  11. Congress get out of the pocket of big business which wants lands for research and development and do job for which you were elected; i.e., will of the people. STOP THE GREED.

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