Free Elephant Attacked by Cage-Mates at Zoo

Target: Dr. Dwight Lawson, Director of Oklahoma City Zoo

Goal: Release Bamboo the elephant to a wildlife sanctuary.

A sweet, 49-year-old elephant by the name of Bamboo was uprooted from her home at the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo last year and transferred cross-country to the Oklahoma Zoo. This decision was protested and activists recommended Bamboo be moved to a wildlife sanctuary instead. However, the Seattle Zoo carried out its plan and transferred Bamboo to a strange new home across the country in hopes she would be the zoo’s new matriarch elephant, along with a younger elephant by the name of Chai.

Within the last year of her being at the new zoo, one of the elephants that was already in the pen died of a virus reportedly passed on by Chai. Chai herself had fallen ill and passed away, and Bamboo has been apparently attacked and bullied by other elephants in the exhibit. It’s time for the Oklahoma Zoo relocate Bamboo to a wildlife sanctuary for her to live out her natural life.

The Oklahoma Zoo has stated, “Bamboo is doing great. Though she is not the matriarch of the herd, she is integrating well with the other elephants. She is not being harassed or bullied.”


Dear Dr. Lawson,

Bamboo the elephant is a gentle giant, a beautiful and docile creature who only wants to live out her life in peace, not on display to be gawked at, and definitely not bullied by other elephants. Her initial transfer over to your zoo was very heavily protested by activists who were paying close attention. Unfortunately, it appears their efforts failed because Bamboo wound up at your zoo, and is apparently unhappier than ever.

Elephants are some of the most emotional creatures on this planet and one of the only known to die of a broken heart. When reports of them being tormented come out, we need to take these claims very seriously, considering the complex emotional state that exists in elephants. Bamboo seems to be unhappy at the Oklahoma Zoo and is in need of rescue. It’s time for you to prioritize animals over profit margins and allow Bamboo to be transferred to a wildlife sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her natural life in peace.


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Photo Credit: Cara_VSAngel

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  1. Barbara Robinson says:

    Send this animal to Ark2000 in San Andreas CA they have a beautiful sanctuary there for elephants

  2. margaret boehning says:

    I can’t for the life of me wonder why there are still zoo’s in this country. This is the most abhorrent treatment I have ever seen of one of the kindest, most intelligent mammals on this planet. For all of you who willingly or not conspired, and continue to let this happen to this wonderful being, you are being down right criminal, and have a responsibility to these, and other “specimen’s” you have in this zoo, to do what you can to make the rest of their lives the best you can and if not, they should be given to sanctuary’s. You all deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the animal cruelty laws on the books today. Reprehensible, ugly, cruel and sick humans you are. And you took money for this. Unbelievable.

  3. This a shit storm. You people need to wake up.

  4. Sharon Gulkis says:

    A zoo is a place where the care of these precious animals are entrusted into your care and you are suppose to keep them healthy and out of danger. This elephant needs care. She is in danger. It is your obligation to send her to a shelter where she will be cared for properly and live the rest of her life in peace. DO THE HUMANE AND RIGHT THING FOR HER.

  5. Carolyn Olson says:

    How can I submit a signed petition if you won’t take my email address?? You keep telling me it is already registered. Of course it is….It is mine.

  6. Lisa Lingle-fielding says:

    I think people are heartless and these animals are so intelligent and loving. USE YOUR BLEEPING BRAINS FOR ONCE!!!!!! Free this beautiful bamboo. She looks heartbroken!!!!!! I HATE this world and what humans have become!!!

  7. Molly McIntyre says:

    How can I sign this petition when you say my email is already registered. Of Course it is, I’m signed in and also sign other petitions on this site. You must have some kind of programming error. Please see to it so I can sign this and other petitions!

  8. I think this is a hoax – notice it is a blind petition and there is no personal and direction contact information?

    I hope it is a hoax I am sad now just knowing if this is a hoax there are many more that aren’t.

    We as humans are horrid when it comes to love sometimes.

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