Save Lives by Lowering the Price of EpiPens

Target: Heather Bresch, Mylan CEO

Goal: Lower the cost of life-saving EpiPens after a 450% increase in their price and a 671% increase in Mylan executives’ salaries.

The cost of EpiPens is currently more than $600, an increase of 450% percent since 2004. Meanwhile executives at the company behind EpiPen, Mylan, have seen a more than 670% increase in their salaries. Heather Bresch, Mylan CEO, has seen her salary increase from $2.4 million to $18.9 million. By increasing the price of EpiPens, executives have given themselves a major pay raise and have left millions of families with no other option but to pay hundreds of dollars for something that may save the lives of their loved ones.

What makes this practice so unethical is that Mylan’s EpiPen is the only device on the market that can save people suffering from fatal allergic reactions. While there is a generic version of the device, doctors do not recommend it due to dosage discrepancies and most professionals are only trained in the use of EpiPen. Mylan executives have taken advantage of this scenario, increasing the price and knowing fully well that consumers have no other option. In addition, the cost of the actual medication within the pen is only about one dollar. Mylan is making a tremendous profit as a result.

Members of Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, have already demanded a bipartisan investigation into the price hike by Mylan. However, Mylan has placed blame on the “insurance landscape” for the high cost of EpiPens. Sign the petition to demand that Mylan executives take full responsibility for the price hike, lower the cost of the life-saving medication, and cut the salaries they earned at the hands of struggling American families.


Dear Ms. Bresch,

Your company, Mylan, is the sole company behind the life-saving EpiPen. Millions of families depend on your product in order to save the lives of loved ones suffering from fatal allergic reactions. However, your company has made the price of the medicine unmanageable. Something that was only $112 years ago is now more than $600. Meanwhile, your salary has risen 671%, to $18.9 million.

You and your company have taken advantage of millions of consumers. Knowing that your product is the only one they can turn to, you have raised its price to unmanageable levels and have given yourself a raise in the process. There is no reason for the EpiPen, the dosage of which only costs one dollar to your company, to cost more than $600 to consumers.

This is not only an unethical situation, but a dangerous one. If families cannot afford the EpiPen, they may resort to means of creating their own devices, or forgoing the medicine altogether. I demand that you take action to lower the cost of this medicine so that families can afford this life-saving device, even if that means giving yourselves pay cuts in the process.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Greg Friese

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  1. Just last night, my son went to his pharmacy to renew his EpiPen prescription. He was told the price would be $600 for the double pen package. He had to walk away from the store, empty handed. Working two jobs, he could not afford the price of the pens. In the past, he has been hospitalized 4 times for anaphylaxis.

    Heather Bresch made over $19,000,000 dollars last year. Can she even relate to my son’s situation? Hopefully, no one dies because of this woman and her greed. This price hike needs to be rolled back immediately. One dollar’s worth of epinephrine in an auto-injector should not cost hundreds of dollars.

    My son called last night asking if it could use one expired EpiPen that he still has. Please have miss Bresch answer this question.

  2. I saw that little dude who was investigated a while back for another drug gouging scandal. This dude is gonna be the unluckiest sob out there, he is all GREED! He said wheel my I phone cost 700.00 so why shouldn’t this pen cost 600 for two. A bargain right! His poor mom must be cringing in horror at he entitled little brat. Or maybe she proud? Not many good parents out there who could teach compassion and understand. These are life saving drugs and apparently they only want those who can afford to pay to live. SICK little weasel, who raised this greedy little moron!

  3. Lacey Hubbard says:

    This level of greed is shameful!!! $600 for $2 worth of product!?! Even including packaging the original price of $50 (approx.) each was shameful! It is disgusting that companies are allowed to get away with this (God knows you can’t rely on companies to do the right thing on their own).
    I am ashamed to live in this country, where greedy companies take advantage of people like this.
    Oh yeah, the %50 percent off (for a select few) is still ridiculous!!!
    There should be laws limiting the markup for lifesaving medications.

  4. Kristin Peterson says:

    I can only hope Heather Bresch loses a loved one, due to not being able to afford a life saving med that they need to live. Maybe then she can pull her greedy, rich, stuck up head out of her greedy ass.
    The cost of our medications needed to live is outrageous when to be quite honest pills cost mere pennies to less then $2 dollars to make and the EPI pen 2pack can be made for less then $3bucks.
    Even at $50 for a 2pack of EPI pens was highway robbery.
    Its sad as shit that their greed has ate up their human compassion and they rather just let you die off if you can’t afford the meds needed to survive rather then keeping them a reasonable price. The generic at $300 for a 2pack is still entirely way too much for a lot of people.
    Its completely sickening these companies rather be greedy and put the almighty dollar over human life. Corrupt billion dollar companies like this is what makes our country so shitty, no compassion for human life. All they give two shits about is making extremely over priced profits for a product that cost them nothing to make.

    These pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, and banks are the biggest part of the reason our economy is still struggling and as shitty as it is.

    Its all about greed and a damn dollar.

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