Stop Brutal Slaughter of Endangered Gray Wolves

Target: Washington Governor Jay Inslee

Goal: Cancel plans to exterminate a pack of 11 endangered gray wolves.

A pack of 11 endangered gray wolves is slated for extermination simply for behaving as nature intended. Washington state wildlife officials have received authorization to kill these vulnerable animals after complaints that they have been preying on local cattle.

Washington state contains only 19 confirmed gray wolf packs, with 90 wolves in total roaming the area. Killing these endangered animals would reduce the already fragile population by over 12 percent and severely hinder the wolves’ ability to stave off extinction and replenish their dangerously low numbers.

Officials first targeted the wolves when dead cows and calves started to turn up in Ferry County, which is home to a pack consisting of six adults and five cubs. A course of “lethal removal action” was agreed upon after only seven calves were found dead or injured, according to reports.

If Washington truly wants gray wolves to thrive, state authorities must devise a more complex plan than simply killing them when they become a nuisance. Sign the petition below and demand that these wolves be spared from a needless death.


Dear Governor Inslee,

I am writing to express my grave concern over the impending massacre of a gray wolf pack in Ferry County. Comprised of 11 wolves (six adults and five cubs), the pack is slated to be killed because of their repeated attacks on local livestock.

While I appreciate the need to protect farmers’ interests, an endangered animal should not be exterminated for acting as nature intended. These creatures are hunters, and are finding food the only way they know how. Wiping out over 12 percent of the wolves’ population simply because they are a nuisance is barbaric. Please devise a more humane solution and spare these animals from a needless death.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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  1. must end the killings of nature the earth needs now washington.

  2. FROM one of the best of the groups that works to save wildlife/ wild places:

    “Kierán Suckling, Center for Biological Diversity” wrote:

    Center for Biological Diversity

    Profanity Peak Wolves

    Help Protect America’s Wolves With a Gift Today
    Insane news — Washington state’s Ferry County commissioners just passed a resolution to take matters into their own hands and have their local sheriff kill the Profanity Peak wolf pack. It’s a hysterical move that’s a clear violation of the law, but these wolf-hating local officials don’t care. In the words of one commissioner: “The sheriff has that power and that obligation as much as he would with a wild dog.”

    If they follow this unhinged course of action, they’ll soon find out that the Center for Biological Diversity is prepared to take them to court and shut them down. We need your support to fight these battles — it’s never cheap. Please, help us with a donation to the Wolf Defense Fund.

    The sheriff of Ferry County is going to have to wait in line if he wants to kill the wolves up near Profanity Peak — the state of Washington is already doing the job for him. Not content with their success in gunning down two wolves with a helicopter sniper last week, including one new mother, they’re bent on seeking out and destroying the rest of this wolf family. Four other adults and five pups are now in their crosshairs.

    To stop this wanton killing of wolves, you can contribute to the Wolf Defense Fund today.

    This isn’t the only current attack on wolves. Oregon recently removed them from the state’s endangered species list, despite the fact that last year saw more illegal wolf poaching than any previous year. And up in Alaska the famed East Fork pack at Denali National Park — which has been monitored by biologists since 1939 — was recently declared extinct, its members picked off one by one when they wandered outside the park’s invisible boundaries.

    And the killing of this wolf family is just the latest chapter in a war on wolves that America has been fighting for more than a century. When some of our country’s last remaining wolves received protection under the Endangered Species Act in the 1970s, they had a chance to return to their ancient homes. But the backlash has been fierce, and the Center is fighting for wolves on a dozen different fronts — going to court to keep the Southwest’s lobos from disappearing, offering rewards for illegal poaching in the Northwest and northern Rockies, and fending off attacks from anti-wolf politicians in Congress who would make it legal to shoot a wolf on sight anywhere in America.

    We need your help in this battle for the future of wolves. With more than a quarter-century of experience, the Center’s lawyers, scientists and activists are the most effective wolf advocates in America. We work every day to secure a future for these beautiful animals.

    Please — make a gift to the Wolf Defense Fund.

    For the wild,
    Kierán Suckling

    Kierán Suckling
    Executive Director
    Center for Biological Diversity

  3. Where are the riders? This is an ugly act on the part of the ranchers. You’re too greedy to fence the herd away from the wolves. They have a right to live here, too.? How do you sleep at night? I will switch to lab grown chicken from now on.

  4. Deborah GUTHRIE says:


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