Justice for Bulldog Forced into Tiny Crate and Left in Hot Sun


Target: Jessica R. Cooper, Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the person who forced a bulldog into a small crate and left her in the hot sun.

A bulldog was forced into a crate so small that she could not move. The crate was left in the hot sun and the dog had no access to water. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Sarah cried out in pain when rescuers at the Southfield Almost Home animal shelter pried open the small crate. The 55-pound bulldog was so tightly packed into the crate, fit for a Chihuahua or a small cat, that she urinated and defecated on herself. Now free, Sarah is unable to walk and cannot feel her back legs.

The person responsible for this abuse is currently at large. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear Prosecutor Cooper,

A bulldog suffered horrifically when she was stuffed into a small crate and left in the hot sun. Shelter employees had to break open the crate in order to save her. Take a stand against animal abuse and seek the maximum penalty in this case.

Sarah, the 2-year-old bulldog, suffered serious damage after she was forced into a crate fit for a Chihuahua. She cannot walk and can no longer feel her back legs. Her cries of pain continue, despite finally being free from the crate. Shelter employees are doing all they can to help her, but the person responsible for this abuse is still at large.

We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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  1. Rhona LaBruzzo says:

    Horrid people. I pray that you find these disgusting people and charge them with everything you can. I hope they end up paying all the medical bills and a sweet retirement for this poor 2 year old. Praying that they ROT IN HELL and that Sarah gets feeling back in her rear paws.

  2. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Please arrest this monster, and prosecute to the FULLEST extent of the law. This is cruel and sick!!!! I pray the poor dog will be able to walk again !!!!

  3. Amar Taggarh says:

    Animal abuse makes me sick. I would like to remind those of you affected by it that there is a special place in the Circles of Hell for scumbags like these.


    • I agree. I put a cancer curse on this low life scum. May they suffer untold agony for the rest of their miserable lives. It’s time the Law made the punishment fit the crime. Come on you law makers, show some guts.

  5. Prosecutor Cooper, people are fed up with animal neglect/abuse. As elected officials the judge MUST PROSECUTE, no excuses! No more fines, warnings. We demand these BE PROSECUTED!

    Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant ASSHOLES, which should be caged for their whole lives! Or not?

  7. Sharon Schellong says:

    These acts of hatred, are frightening!! Why don’t these
    savages, if they have any consciences, get on their knees
    and beg our Dear Lord, to learn to love as strongly as
    they hate? Isn’t it sad, to picture these same people,
    as sweet, innocent babies,when born? Our world needs
    prayers, prayers, prayers. Lord, hear our our prayers.

  8. Hopefully this pathetic human being is found and thrown into a tiny cell with no windows, no toilet, and even better, starvation would be great. THROW AWAY THE KEY!!!!!

  9. I put a cancer curse on this low life scum. May they suffer untold agony for the rest of their miserable lives. It’s time the Law made the punishment fit the crime. Come on you law makers, show some guts.

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Time for this guy to have some karma visit❗️Another candidate to rot in hell❗️😠
    Signed & Shared. 😡

  11. Find this POS and stuff him in a metal box and leave him in the sun. His screams will be music to my ears.

  12. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    I’m pleased the dog was found and still alive, but what worries me the most, is that she still can not feel her hind legs and is still crying in pain.
    I hope the perpetrator didn’t drop the cage from the back of a car or something, and damaged her spine permanently.
    Prayers happening that she is fixable, and finds a beautiful forever loving home. She has youth on her side.
    This criminal needs to be found quickly and dealt with severely, and to the maximum.

  13. This person is either so stupid or such a pshycopath he/she should be put away immediately and shouldnt be walking free on the streets any more.

  14. “The only difference between a dog, cat, horse and dolphin and a cow, chicken, pig and turkey is perception. One is no more valuable than another. And yet in this culture, we hold the former animals in high esteem and the latter we brutalize for food. All animals are deserving of respect and freedom from violence. The way to respect others is veganism.”


  15. Cynthia Gannon says:

    It makes you wonder where these losers crawl out from. You shut one down and up pops another . Maybe laws are too lax or they should be drafted. Military discipline might do it for them.

  16. How is this dog doing now?

  17. how is the dog?

  18. Every pet owner should be registered!

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