Free Billy the Elephant from Lonely Confinement at Zoo

Target: L.A. Zoo Director John R. Lewis

Goal: Release Billy the Elephant from his undersized habitat to a rescue sanctuary.

Billy the Elephant’s habitat in L.A. is cramped, not very well supported, and has led to development issues with Billy, as he now shows signs of physical and mental stress along with possible depression. He has been a part of the L.A. zoo since 1989, since he was first taken from his home environment in Malaysia as a baby. After being sold to the Los Angeles Zoo, it was documented that he, along with three female elephants, were chained overnight and regularly trained with electric shocks. During this time, two of the female elephants died from neglect, and the third has since been released to a sanctuary.

Billy doesn’t have any companions to play with and his habitat is far too small for an animal of such great magnitude. Elephants are one of the few animals in the world that can die of a broken heart from loneliness, so it’s time that the L.A. Zoo release Billy to a wildlife sanctuary that cares for other elephants so he can be with companions.

Elephants are very social animals and it’s important for them to be around other elephants so they can maintain healthy physical and mental relationships. However, because Billy has been alone for so many years, there’s no doubt he’s withering away in his enclosure, longing for some relief. At this rate, Billy is at risk of winding up with the same fate as the other elephants at the zoo who are believed to have died prematurely from stressful conditions.

The public has already been outraged enough to file a lawsuit that the L.A. Zoo responded to by promising a bigger, better structure for the elephant. However, the new enclosure is still very small and keeps Billy away from the other elephants at the zoo. Demand that Billy be sent to an appropriate wildlife sanctuary before it is too late.


Dear Director Lewis,

Billy is one of the most remarkable animals in the entire world, with a certain power and grace that only comes from animals of that stature–so why on Earth is he being confined to a cage and kept away from his fellow elephants? The conditions in which Billy lives are absolutely unacceptable for an animal of his size. Billy has been actively showing signs of stress, such as head bobbing and running into walls on purpose.

Even with his new enclosure, Billy still shows these signs of stress and isolation. Moving him to a slightly bigger box was not successful, so it is time to take the next step. Billy needs to be transferred to a wildlife sanctuary where he can graze the grass, exercise and interact with other elephants. It’s time to release Billy and stop subjecting him to such unfair conditions.


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Photo credit: Alex Ristea

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  1. Stella Bella says:

    This petition is going around the world…I live in Australia!
    I must say I was shocked, that such a big name city in one of the most affluent coubtries would allow this at their zoo.
    This is a disgrace. It is giving you bad press and you really need to send this elephant to a sanctuary. Out with being srubborn…time to do the right thing by this elephant

    • I am a lifetime resident if California, I’m appalled!! Los Angeles was one of the first to ban the bullhook. There is a wonderful elephant sanctuary in our state.. more pressure needs to be put on LA Zoo.

    • Noneofyourbusiness says:

      You know what petition is also going around the world and giving you bad press and I what I think is a disgrace? That Australia is implanting dingoes with 1080 poison that will be released into their bodies in 2 yrs!!!… really? That’s the solution to make sure they don’t become a “problem”?? Smh

  2. This majestic creature needs to have the freedom he deserves !!! Allow him to be transferred to a sanctuary !!

  3. Lois Hohenstein says:

    I don’t understand why I can’t sign because you say there is a problem with my email. When I don’t have any problems any other time

  4. enough nonsense. We have shut down circuses, some zoos and can we start putting corrupt individuals behind bars in this country soon PLEASE!!

  5. Shocking a US Zoo would be allowed to do this kind of inadequate zookeeping????.. ..why?

  6. Emily Ryan says:

    John R Lewis –
    Please free Billy , he’s paid his dues , you’ve made money off him , please release him to live the rest of his days free of chains . He’s earned it and deserves it . Thanks Emily

  7. Tamara Harden says:

    I can’t sign it says problem with email

  8. This animal deserves to live out his days at a sanctuary will other elephants. He has given enough to the zoo and needs his freedom.

  9. Do the RIGHT thing !!
    Release Billy to a sanctuary where he can live the rest of his life with dignity and companionship !!!!

  10. Cynthia Dolowy says:

    Replace your greed & selfishness with COMPASSION!!!!!

  11. Susan Canning says:

    This is absolutely disgusting set this elephant free the cruelty is beyond belief, what is wrong with the people today in this world let him go let him go!

  12. l. buziak hari says:


  13. pamela ljungquist says:

    Put him in a sanctuary after all these years the zoo should be held responsible for the cruelty

  14. Dawn Settles says:

    Signed! Free the elephant jerks!

  15. Christine Petersen says:

    It is a tragic situation. Many elephants are chained, abused and kept in isolation . Please release Billy and allow him to live in a sanctuary immediately. Please, animal activists continue your very necessary work.

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