Dog Whose Throat Was Slit After Being Tortured Deserves Justice


Target: Allen Campbell, Bastrop Police Chief

Goal: Pursue the maximum penalties for men who reportedly tortured a dog before slitting its throat on video.

A dog was reportedly tortured by two men who put him on the back of a horse before later slitting the poor animal’s throat. A social media video, which shows the dog being tortured and stabbed repeatedly, was reportedly filmed at a horse kill pen. One of the men apparently wraps a rope around the dog’s neck. A man is then shown riding a horse with the dog hanging off the back choking. Then one of the men is apparently seen slitting the dog’s throat with a knife, after which the dog bleeds to death.

One of the men can be heard bragging that “Michael Vick has nothing on me.” Someone else in the video yells words of encouragement as the man continues to slit the dog’s throat.

Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler have since been charged with one count each of aggravated animal cruelty. As the video appears to show, these men seem to get pleasure from destroying an innocent animal in the most savage ways imaginable. Anyone who enjoys torturing and killing animals is sadistic and poses a serious threat to the lives of others. Please add your signature to this petition to help bring this poor dog justice by demanding the most severe penalty possible for the dog’s killers.


Dear Chief Campbell,

Two men reportedly tortured a dog and slit his throat at a kill pen where horses go before being slaughtered. A video shows the dog struggling to stay atop of a horse’s back before being savagely and repeatedly stabbed.

The people accused of torturing and killing this dog seem to be sadistic and a danger to society. We urge you to do everything possible to ensure that this poor animal receives justice and that these two men are fully investigated and prosecuted.


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  1. Cynthia Gannon says:

    These sociopaths were looking for notoriety by posting on FB. Well you got what you want buddies. It’s showtime and everybody knows who you are.

  2. Horrible sick ,demented ,cowardly and disgusting people… I cannot put into words the sadness and feelings I have after reading this ,I can only cry and hope God almighty renders his vengeance on them.They are truly evil and they ALL not just the coward that slit this beautiful creatures throat but All of them deserve to be threw into a trash compacter and crushed slowly , very slowly so it can last to death !

  3. Rose Chludzinski says:

    Sadistic sicko EVIL MONSTERS–PROSECUTE THESE MONSTERS TO THE FULLEST EXTENT. So disturbing they should be banned forever from being near or owning any living being. Send this to the FBI these monsters will be the next child/adult killers. How many would love to do the same to them????

  4. michelle colhoun says:

    What fuels these scumbags to do this well just pure hate and they feed on hate sent back to them. Well you have my deepest anger!scumbags!I hope for Justice!

  5. Nancy Carmony says:

    All I got to say is GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY !!!

  6. silv RICAPITO says:

    I would love to do the same to them

  7. Kristin Peterson says:

    A eye for a eye is how it should be!
    Everyone involved, even the idiot screaming words of encouragement in the background should all have their throats slit and hung from a tree.
    Why waste tax payer dollars on such useless, evil, scumbag pieces of shit that are a waste to society and a serious threat to every living being when they could and honestly should have to suffer the same fate that poor helplessness innocent dog did. Monsters like that don’t deserve to live and walk the streets with the rest of civilized society. If they can do something so vile, evil, and sick to a innocent helplessness dog they can and will do it to a helpless innocent child.

    If we do a eye for a eye and people have to suffer the same fate as their victims watch how fast crime rates drop, senseless killings come to a end, evil deranged people will change real quickly knowing they will suffer the same awful cruel fate their victims did, and people will finally get their damn minds right.

    Too many sicko evil nutjobs walking the streets these days thinking they can harm anyone they want and do whatever they want.
    My heart breaks for that poor innocent dog to suffer such a cruel, evil, and painful death at the hands of those evil waste of space and air scumbags.

  8. Hang these animal abusers.

  9. Susan Sheehan says:

    This story made me sick to my stomach. How can anyone torture a poor defenseless dog like that. They have to be sick and have to be shown that this will not be tolerated!

  10. I trust that Chief Campbell will do what is morally right and set the stage for the fullest means possible in which to secure a prosecution of these two men which would ultimately result in the maximum jail term being given. These forms of sadistic abuse from which adult perpetrators derive so much shared fun through engineered torture and ultimate death of animals HAS to be curtailed if society is to be anywhere near known as being in touch with its decent people and civilised.

    • Depending on where Chief Campbell is located in the USA, a lot of so-called “Chiefs” are in charge of animal control. They put their “employees” in charge of the animal shelter. If they all enjoy animal abuse, they will sanction “each other” and carry on with their sick twisted treatment of animals.

  11. Seriously the law must get tough with these psychopaths. Do not let them multiply, drive them to extinction please!


  13. SERGE KANNON says:

    I just don’t feel safe for my children with psychopaths like these people in free society. They need to be locked up and forgotten.

  14. An Eye for an Eye! Hope someone will ensure that!

  15. Vile, disgusting nothings. They WILL pay, believe in Karma or not, it just doesn’t matter. Such wicked cruelty has to be punished and WILL BE.

  16. simon rickman simon rickman says:

    Fucking morons



  18. Hope they will end up the same way!

  19. Ava Jean Lawler-Lunn says:

    I have had my twitter account suspended for sending tweets about animal abuse. Has this happened to anyone else?

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