Help Me World !!! Please Help Me find Marney and Charlie !

Target: Freedom of Information Commissioner,

These documents contain the answer from the Department of Freedom of Information with regard to my request that the files on my granddaughter Charlie, and my daughter Marney, be granted access by myself.

In June 2012, I lost contact with my granddaughter Charlie Dickerson and her mother, my daughter, Marney Dickerson.
And as far as I am concerned, both have been missing persons since 2012, although when I attempted to have my daughter and granddaughter registered as missing persons in 2013, I was told that I “have no case”, by the police.

Everywhere I have been, searched, asked … has drawn a blank. Doors closed, phones and texts unanswered, or doors closed, and a blank refusal to acknowledge anything at all regarding their disappearance … from everyone I have met, spoken to, asked for any word of or from … my own daughter and granddaughter. Every photo and record I had ever had of Charlie, or had recorded on my phone or ipad, has disappeared through the consistent theft of phones, ipad, and anything else including printed photos.

My birth family will neither acknowledge their disappearance, nor answer phones, texts oranything else without much trouble about it, and will not answer any text asking if they could send me any photos of Charlie or Marney that they themselves have, and I know that they do have photos themselves. Closed doors, and nothing but silence or loud blaring lies.

Earlier this year, during a call to Human Services to ask if they had records or information concerning my granddaughter Charlie, and the possibility that she had been fostered into the welfare sector for some reason, the only answer given after a search, was a quiet, “This file has been closed”. Spoken as if read from the computer screen.
I asked if this meant that Charlie had died, been injured, fostered somewhere (and in which case where was her mother)?
For me, this was the first word that I had received that records regarding Charlie existed, apart from the hospital records also early this year, that gave a February 2014 admission for Charlie, and no information re that admission or anything else.
In fact this was the first acknowledgement that I had received since 2012, that Charlie and Marney existed, and that there were official records of what had happened to my own family.
I simply have never been acknowledged or notified in any way concerning anything at all regarding my daughter and granddaughter, since losing contact with them in mid-2012.

After applying to the Department of Freedom of Information for access to the files regarding Charlie and Marney, the following documents are their answer so far:

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