Stop Deforestation for the Sake of Solar Farms

Target: Ross Groffman, Executive Director of NextEra Energy Resources and LI Solar Generation

Goal: Stop the destruction of 350 acres of trees to make room for a solar power farm.

Roughly 350 acres of forestland are at risk due to a proposed solar power farm in Long Island, New York. The solar energy project, which would be built on the site of an empty nuclear power plant, would provide power for over 13,000 homes in the area.

Solar energy is cleaner, safer, and more renewable than other forms of energy. It is an energy source that many scientists and environmentalists agree is more rational than coal, oil, and nuclear power. However, in destroying hundreds of acres of wildlife, is this source of energy really any better, or are the negative consequences of their construction neutralizing the positive effects they may have? Deforestation releases an abundance of carbon dioxide in the air, which increases the damaging effects of global warming. It also destroys the habitats of natural plants and wildlife.

In an area such as Long Island, there are plenty of available spaces for the construction of the solar farm that could be used in lieu of the forest area. For example, abundant rooftops of large buildings and commercial spaces would put the solar panels not only out of sight, but would also save the hundreds of acres of trees.

The proposed solar power farm is still under review and its construction may not happen for many years. However, action should be taken to argue for the prevention of the destruction of the forestland before it is too late. Solar energy is vastly important to progressive and renewable energy production in America, yet the importance of forestland and green space cannot be forgotten in the process. Sign the petition to urge LI Solar Generation to  seek solar energy alternatives that would protect the forestland.


Dear Mr. Groffman,

Your company, LI Solar Generation, has recently proposed an immense solar power farm on the site of a defunct nuclear power plant in Long Island, New York. Solar energy is a clean and renewable form of energy production that is much better than sources such as coal, oil, and nuclear power. However, the proposed project would lead to the destruction of 350 acres of trees. This would destroy the habitat of natural species and also increase the effects of global warming.

I urge you and your company to take action to find an alternative route to solar energy that would still allow thousands of people to rely on cleaner energy, while also preserving natural forestland. If hundreds of acres of trees are destroyed for solar energy, the positive effects solar energy has on the environment may be overshadowed.


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Photo credit: Michael Mees

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  1. land first to be protected.

  2. Carol Crowell says:

    Please find the balance in this situation so trees aren’t chopped down as they are very important to maintaining the climate.

  3. Tara Souther says:

    Let me see… cut down trees that trap & use CO2 to make way for solar farms to decrease use of fossil fuels and so decrease CO2. Sure… that makes sense. Meanwhile, the trees are cut using trucks, roads & chainsaws… all of which use fossil fuels to some degree and the cut trees release their CO2 while no longer producing O2, absorbing heat and providing habitat. Think this is called NO NET GAIN.

  4. How long has this nuclear plant been “defunct” for mature trees (How many? We’re not told) to have taken it over? I won’t sign this petition due to lack of pertinent information. Sounds fishy.

    • Rosslyn Osborne says:

      in case you come back to read this site for ‘pertinent’ extra info. This should help answer your questions. I got this from their website…..

      “Under the proposal, a company called LI Solar Generation, LLC, a joint venture between NextEra Energy Resources and National Grid, would construct the facility on the grounds of the defunct Shoreham nuclear power plant.

      The plant was completed in 1984 for $6 billion but never opened because of community opposition over potential safety concerns. The solar project backers are hoping to plug into existing electric energy infrastructure on the Shoreham property, with plans for up to 72 megawatts of solar energy, providing power for more than 13,000 homes.

      A part of the plan mentions replanting trees elsewhere to offset the cutting of the forest but a spokesman for the company did not have details.

      Walter Thomas, who teaches a course on solar energy at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, questioned why it was necessary to eliminate any trees at all.

      “I would think Long Island would have giant rooftops and parking lots in shopping malls that could be used for large solar projects if that’s what’s needed,” Thomas said. “There’s so much acreage available for that stuff.”

  5. Caroline Dinnage says:

    This has to be one of the most stupid things I’ve ever read….really!!! Are they for real, if it wasn’t so serious you’d laugh. There has to be money at the back of this action. It can’t happen because once those trees are destroyed, they’re gone forever….so wrong

  6. Energy production improvements can’t be realized against ature, it’s a nonsense. Federal buildings and other public buildings can receive those equipments

  7. Solar is still in its infant stage. Science must find a way to size panels/energy cells down to the size of a cell phone. Remember the first computer? It took up a huge area, now all is on a tiny chip.

  8. kalpana dangi says:

    This is totally insane. Destroy forests and endangering wildlife to make space for solar panels? What is the idea behind this?

  9. Renate Ingelsheim says:

    See in Europe where we use solar panels on high poles or rooftops. And better breed less humans, then you don’t need more houses and you don’t need solar energy

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