Stop Sponsoring Trophy Hunter Who Allegedly Killed Bear in Cruel Manner

Target: Kevin Plank, CEO of Under Armour

Goal: Refuse further sponsorship to Josh Bowmar for reportedly baiting and cruelly spearing a bear just to brag about it.

Trophy hunter and former NCAA javelin athlete Josh Bowmar reportedly killed an Alberta black bear and bragged about it for a video he posted online. He’s seen using bait to attract the innocent bear and then shot his homemade spear into the animal’s side.

After the senseless killing, Bowmar brags to the camera that “he’s going down. I drilled him perfect.” Graphic images of the bear’s intestines are shown hanging from branches.

The bear wasn’t even found until the next day because, according to Bowmar, it was late and would’ve been dangerous to chase the bear. He defended his actions, claiming that it was humane and that he didn’t care enough to go find the bear that was still alive and possibly suffering.

Bear baiting isn’t illegal in Northern Alberta, where this occurred, but that doesn’t change how cruel and and despicably self-serving this act was. In fact, so many people were outraged by the level of cruelty and heartlessness that they’re calling to make spearing-hunting illegal.

Josh Bowmar’s narcissistic behavior in the video reflects negatively on his sponsors, and he should have to take responsibility and face consequences for his actions. Please add your signature to this petition to tell the company Under Armour that sponsors him to refuse to sponsor and support him after this.


Dear Mr. Plank,

Josh Bowmar reportedly baited and speared a bear on camera, then bragged incessantly about it. The bear flees with the spear in its side and isn’t found until the following day because it’s too dangerous to go after it, according to Bowmar. So the helpless animal was left to suffer to death just for his ego boost.

This is cruelty to animals, and Mr. Bowmar’s narcissistic behavior reflects negatively on you, a brand that sponsors him. People who lure innocent animals to their deaths then proudly kill them should be ousted, not supported. We strongly encourage you to refuse further sponsorship to Josh Bowmar after his display of cruelty to innocent, wild animals.


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Photo credit: Victor

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  1. How sad that this athlete does not have compassion or a lick of sense! This guy is dumpkopf!!! What a total jerk! I ski plenty with my family but we will not buy another piece of under armor until they stop supporting pshycho irresponsible sick murdering bored asshats like this dumpkopf!!

    • Will you also please consider dropping membership in Facebook and other social media that SHOWS these photos and video of the killing and abuse of animals?

      THIS is as important, if not more important, than not buying Under Armour products, in my opinion. The CONSTANT viewing of animal abuse and killing on social media sites desensitizes kids and teens, and causes mentally unbalanced people to think it is a GOOD thing to do…….

      • Nancy Wiggins says:

        You’re right Lausanne. It probably does desensitized and encourage more animal abuse. We need a way to tell Facebook that we are dropping them and why. It will be difficult to give up FB, but worth it.

  2. Ban this disgusting human from ever entering Canada again. His type is not welcome in this country. There’s are plenty of of good Americans but this isn’t one of them and he can stay in his own country waving his moronic Trump banner feeding his ego with his psychotic Trump friends.

  3. Vladimir Tarlo says:

    These barbaric savage Josh Bowmar and his cruel wife must be sent to jail for life.

  4. Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant ASSHOLES, which should be caged for their whole lives! Or not?

    Beat him to death, this asshole and before let him pay redemption

  5. Dina Strange says:

    He is disgusting. Killing an innocent bear, and showing off with his act of cruel murder. I will not buy any product that supports or sponsors that monster and his company. I hope others will follow.

    • ALSO, keep in mind Facebook and other social media which SHOW the video of the bear killing, and to many people make it seem like a positive thing…..are a huge part of the problem.

  6. It would be magnificient to receive notification that this vile,ugly animal murdering POS is found dead and decapitated as he deserves.An eye for an eye.

  7. WOW….Josh Bowmar you are a great hunter yea right….You are nothing but a huge sadistic, ego filled inhumane and narcissistic hunter who takes pleasure in painfully and inhumanely killing wildlife.

    Yow were too afraid to take this poor bear out of his misery after you fatally wounded him which would be the honorable thing to do. Great, you are a wimp hunter and I hope the bear gives you night mares forever after what pain and horror that you put him through.

  8. ALSO, the fact that the video of this senseless killing was shown (probably is still being shown) on Facebook and other social media, is part of the problem…..would half the killing and abuse of all sorts of animals even occur if the perpetrator could not then show the “world” his macho prowess on social media?

    THIS desensitizes young kids and teens to animal suffering, makes it seem NORMAL to them; and though there have been petition after petition particularly to Facebook to ban such videos and photos, they WILL NOT do it. THEY are as much at fault as the killers in my opinion.

  9. Amanda Goodman says:

    This man is a sadistic murderer and should be put in jail for this heinous and cruel act!!!

  10. April Ricci says:

    The only way to help prevent these barbaric acts is to hit people in their pocketbooks.
    Call, email and post to Under Armour and let them know you’ll stop buying their products if they sponsor this sociopath.
    Spread the word that when customers give their money to Bowmar Fitness, their money supports this malice and cruelty.
    And call, email and post to John and Jenn Rivet’s company, Livin The Dream Productions (the hunting company who arranged the hunt) and ask them why they’re accepting sociopaths as clients.
    I’m sick and tired of these cruel acts, and fear they inspire other sick people to one up them.

  11. Linda goby says:

    He’s probably buddies with walter Palmer. .another useless waste of skin..


    • Nancy Wiggins says:

      Yeah! I like that – “Hunt each other and leave the animals alone”. Much more sporting. But they’really probably too much of wimps to fight someone with equal weapons. They’re serial killers, who would rather kill innocents who don’t have a chance.

  13. Darrell white says:

    Whether one chooses to hunt is up to them. I leave that decision with you. What I do strongly disagree with any hunter doing is holding a kill up to the camera or cheering at the animals fate. This behaviour is not honorable. A life has been taken. To display this death and to find happiness in it is incorrect behaviour. Natives to not do this. Do not hold so much as a fish up to a camera. It is a sign of great disrespect for life.


  15. This disgusting peice of wasted excuse of a human needs to stand trial. He is the worst that mankind can breed. Pure scum.

  16. wendala gibson says:

    Bowmar and his girlfriend are both to blame for this shameless killing buy luring a innocent Black bear to it death. Brave hunter has to lure animals to kill. Bad enough these bear are hunted for their bladders highly required by China. STOP THE INSANITY!!!
    Oh! Stupid enough to post on social media. They are banning spearing hunting laws in Alberta to stop this senseless killing. Let’s pray for the wild animals. A real Dirty Bag.

  17. UNDER ARMOUR is a morally righteous company. My sons will continue to purchase clothing.

  18. Daniela Bress says:

    When will we finally stop supporting sociopaths and start to get rid of vicious, dangerous and worthless human molecules – no matter what age?

    With more than seven billion people we can NOT afford to share vital resources with our human trash, any longer!

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