Horse Allegedly Beaten to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Kathleen Granahan Kane, Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Goal: Give man harsh legal sentence for allegedly abusing horse so badly that it had to be euthanized.

A horse was allegedly beaten because it was too tired to continue pulling two men and a large load of watermelon. It is important that the man accused of beating this horse is given a suitable punishment under law if it is found that he committed this heinous crime.

A witness stated that she saw the man, who has only been identified by police as a wagon operator, kicking the exhausted animal in the abdomen and head repeatedly after it collapsed from total exhaustion. She further stated that the man picked up the horse’s head and let it carelessly fall to the ground several times. Although authorities tried to revive the horse by showering it with 1,000 gallons of water, the horse was apparently so sick that it needed to be euthanized.

The alleged perpetrator has been brought up on charges, but animal abusers are often let off with a slap on the wrist. Demand this man receive a lengthy jail sentence and that he further no longer be allowed to own horses if he is found guilty. Treating an animal abuser like someone who committed a minor parking violation is simply unacceptable.


Dear Attorney General Kane,

A horse was apparently beaten because it became too tired to continue pulling two men in a wagon filled with watermelon. The man accused of committing this crime needs to be given a harsh legal sentence if it is found that he committed such an inexcusable act.

Unfortunately, authorities were not able to bring the animal back to a healthy state even after dousing it with 1,000 gallons of water. Such efforts were likely unsuccessful because the horse was reportedly kicked many times in the head and abdomen after it fell over from exhaustion. The man also allegedly picked up the horse’s head several times and slammed it back on the ground.

According to the SPCA, committing this offense is equal to committing a mere parking violation, which clearly implies that this man will likely not be given a severe punishment under law if he is found guilty. I therefore urge you to do everything in your power to ensure that this man is given a lengthy jail sentence and to also ensure that he is not allowed to own horses in the future if he is found guilty of having abused this helpless animal. People who are callous enough to abuse animals deserve to be punished accordingly.


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Photo credit: Otrs

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  1. If our laws are not taken seriously, then abuse (of any kind) will not diminish. Start throwing the book at abusers.

  2. louis gauci says:

    Pennsylvania’s laws do not cover such abuses on animals. SHAMEFUL! Legislatures what are you waiting for to strengthen animal welfare laws in Pennesylvania? UNSPEAKABLE!

  3. Robin Lindberg says:

    I SWEAR that if I ever find out I’m going to die early and have nothing to lose I will purposely seek people out such as the a$$hole that beat this horse and I will make sure they will never harm another animal or person ever again. I wish I could afford to dedicate my life to a cause like that right at this very moment.

  4. these turds who beat this horse = hell awaits your shitty souls now.

  5. Stop

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